IObit MacBooster 8 Review: Everything You Need To Know

As a fan of Macbook products, you have undoubtedly heard of the IObit MacBooster software name. It not only helps to clean up the system, optimizes the operation of the device, but also effectively increases performance.

In particular, the version that people are most interested in today is the IObit MacBooster 8 compatible with Macbook OS X 10.9 and above. To better understand how this version works, let’s explore our IObit MacBooster 8 review!

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IObit MacBooster 8 Review

Intending to bring you helpful information about the IObit MacBooster 8 software, we have compiled many reviews about it. These contents are from many different angles.


IObit MacBooster

First, when evaluating any software, it is certainly not possible to ignore the interface, a factor that has a significant impact on user experience and satisfaction.

The interface of this software is user-friendly because it is easy to observe and easy to understand and use. In particular, the sub-components are presented visually, making you feel like you won’t need the manual and can still operate accurately and efficiently.

Turbo Boost

IObit MacBooster

Next, Tab turbo boost, hard disk optimization, and disk permissions or storage optimization are the issues that people often care about with these types of software.

Specifically, when it comes to disk optimization, it helps you free up space by clearing cache and temporary files.

As for the optimization of disk permissions, the software will help you to monitor the optimal permissions of the licensed one to put on your device. And finally, when you perform storage optimization, the capacity of the default apps changes to speed up the device.

System Junk & Virus Scan

IObit MacBooster

True to its function, this software helps to optimize Macbook overall, so it allows you to clean and remove unnecessary files, software, and applications to free up space.

Besides, this application also provides the ability to effectively protect the device from junk software or malicious files containing Viruses. As a result, your device is always safe and running smoothly.


IObit MacBooster

Especially, in case you want to uninstall specific applications, this version is an optimal choice. This one helps you detect unnecessary applications and send you suggestions to remove them to optimize the device.

After scanning, this software will send you a list of apps that can be uninstalled. If you click select, it will help you perform this operation quickly. 

Keep in mind; it’s still up to you to decide whether to uninstall and specifically which apps you should uninstall.

Duplicate Finder

IObit MacBooster

This version also allows you to detect existing or duplicate files and applications on the device. When detected, it will request you to delete and optimize device space.

As a result, you will no longer have the headache of downloading the same file many times, reducing the amount of memory and making the computer slower.

Startup Optimization

IObit MacBooster

Another great feature that you can find in IObit Macbooster 8 software is the ability to optimize startup. That is, you can check and select the applications and services that you do not want to open at startup time.

As a result, you can save startup time and speed up your device more efficiently.


IObit MacBooster

Perhaps, security and privacy features are an issue that people still wonder about when deciding to download new software. Yet, with MacBooster, you don’t have to worry about this because it has high privacy and security features.

It provides adequate security as all information about your browsing history, recently opened files, and application history can be deleted quickly. Therefore, no one can access your system and spy on you.


IObit MacBooster

Regarding the cost, the manufacturer also offers a free trial version within 14 days so you can experience the basic features of the product.

Moreover, intending to meet the diverse needs of customers, MacBooster has created and provided many versions with different prices. As a result, you can choose the version that suits your needs and budget. 

With the standard version for a single-use device, the price is currently $39.95 per year. You will need to pay about 59.95 per year with the premium version for three devices. And finally, if you invest around $89.95 one-time, you’ll get the premium version for three machines.

IObit MacBooster 8 on My Mac


Besides, to help people better understand the function and operation of the IObit MacBooster 8 application, please refer to the following information immediately. We have compiled some frequently asked questions about it that you may be interested in yourself.

Is it safe to use?

The first issue that people often consider when deciding to download and use IObit MacBooster 8 is the level of safety for your device or not? You can rest assured because it is a legitimate version and does not contain malicious components.

You do not need to worry about information security because it always ensures your privacy using this software. Moreover, Apple itself has also recognized and confirmed it to be the most effective and safe for users.

Check this video for details!

Does it work with all versions?

In addition, another problem that people are wondering is whether this optimal version can work on all versions of the Macbook? Basically, this premium version usually works seamlessly with Mac OS X 10.9 or later devices.

At the same time, your device also needs to have 70 MB or more free disk space to install and run this application.

Can I try it for free?

In particular, people are also quite concerned about the cost of using this software and often want to know if it is possible to try it for free? 

You can experience the accessible version of this powerful Macbook optimizer. However, the free trial is limited to system scanning and testing only. It means, if you want to clean, check for unnecessary files or delete for optimal, you will have to pay the cost.


Thus, it can be that IObit MacBooster 8 is an ideal application to help you optimize the operation of your laptop.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of this software with the information that we have just shared about the topic: “IObit MacBooster 8 Review.”

With a secure app that offers so many great features, we’re sure you need it for your device. Download the app now and experience its features!

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