KEF Q650C Center Channel Speaker Review

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The Center channel speaker is one of the essential components of a home theater system setup since it offers the users a significant part of the on-screen dialogue from a TV.

Many center channel speakers are available on the market, making it difficult to choose. If you don’t know where to start, consider the KEF Q650C! In this article, I will discuss the KEF Q650C center channel speaker review. 

KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker (Each, Black)

Mounting Type: Floor Standing | Brand: KEF | Speaker Type: Center Channel | Maximum Output: 110dB | Dimension: 8.42 inches x 24.76 inches x 11.96 inches

The KEF Q650C Center Channel Speaker Reviews

he KEF Q650C Speaker belongs to the KEF's Q Series
The KEF Q650C Speaker belongs to the KEF’s Q Series

Brief Description

The KEF Q650C Speaker belongs to the Q Series of KEF, which has won an award. This model has an improved Uni-Q Driver Array to make treble frequencies smoother.

The Q650c speaker significantly benefits from the closed box midrange cabinet, helping increase clarity and offering a cleaner and punchier bass.

This center channel speaker has a central 6.5″ Uni-Q Driver Array,  two 6.5″ bass drivers, and magnetic grilles sold separately.

There is almost nothing to complain about the KEF Q650C.
There is almost nothing to complain about the KEF Q650C.

What’s the box

Gere’s what I got when opening the box:

  • For Self-adhesive rubber feet.
  • Center-channel loudspeaker.
  • Warranty Information.
  • Owners Manual.

In my personal opinion, the design of this speaker grille is sleeker and more elegant than ever, thanks to hidden fixings and no grille plugs. 

This model comes in Satin Black, Satin White, and Walnut with a classic design and minimalist style. When purchasing this product, users will typically benefit from the five years of parts warranty and five years of labor. That makes me somewhat more secure when choosing the KEF Q650C.

This speaker features four Self-adhesive rubber feet that help it stay firmly on any surface that you want to put it on. These rubber feet will limit the movement of the speaker. Also, it compensates for the non-flat surface and limits the contact surface area of my speaker. They also isolate the vibrations within certain frequency ranges.

Dimensions And Weight 

The KEF Q650C speaker features a passive radiator-type cabinet.
The KEF Q650C speaker features a passive radiator-type cabinet.

The KEF Q650C features a Passive Radiator type cabinet. The weight of each speaker is 13.64kg / 30lbs. Its external dimensions (Height – Width – Depth) are 8 5/16 – 24 13/16 –  11 15/16 inches (or 212.0 – 631.0 – 304.0mm ).

Is the Q650S One of the Easy Drive Speakers?

Z8 Ohms is quite much the standard impedance amongst amplifiers and stereo speakers. The KEF Q650c speaker isn’t considered one of the difficult-to-drive speakers from a nominal Impedance perspective.

With its sensitivity level of only 87 dB, the Q650c can be a difficult-to-drive model when it comes to the Sensitivity perspective.

So ensure to pick an amplifier with a high output if you favor listening to your favorite music at a high volume level.

Impedance & Sensitivity

KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker

The nominal impedance level of this center channel speaker is eight ohms, which can reduce to 4.2 ohms and features a sensitivity of 87 dB.

Even though the Q650c’s nominal impedance is eight ohms, this speaker’s minimum impedance level is 4.2 ohms KEF.

Hence, while picking an amplifier, I recommend checking if the unit you’re considering can deliver this impedance level.

The Crossover Frequency of The KEF Q650C Speaker

The crossover frequency of this speaker is set to 2500Hz, the threshold frequency where the higher frequency signals over that level are transmitted to the tweeter, while the lower signals are transmitted to the woofer by the crossover component.

Sound Test

KEF Q650c Center Channel Speaker

Uni-Q Technology For the Natural Sound Stage

The Q650C speaker uses this famous technology to produce a natural sound stage. It involves positioning the treble part in the canter of the main woofer, making a single-point source for sound across the frequency range. 

Crystal Clean Bass

Low-frequency drivers and an updated suspension deliver a pristinely clean bass even at high volumes.

The enhanced cone structure ensures improved midrange clarity, while an updated rear suspension and surround improve the Auxillary Bass Radiator to deliver better bass and impressive control.

Low Distortion

The woofer unit is made of rigid yet lightweight aluminum. It is fast to linear and responds in its response, giving life-like dynamics and minimizing distortion levels.

The Q650C uses great technologies of KEF to offer attention to detail which I have not typically seen in models at this level.

The Z-Flex woofer surround provides excellent cone control, enabling it to blend well with the treble part for a more consistent and even sound.

Pros And Cons Of The KEF Q650C

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  • Improved treble.
  • Natural sound stage.
  • Crystal clean bass.
  • Low distortion.
  • Undistorted sound.


  • Speaker cables aren’t included.


Is the Center Channel Speaker Necessary?

A center channel speaker is considered the most important speaker in a surround sound setup as it does most of the work.

Most of the conversation and action in a movie happens center and front on the screen, which means that the center channel is the one reproducing it.

What Does a Center Channel Speaker Mean?

This type of speaker sits between the left and right front speakers. In a home system, the center channel speaker is positioned to generate sound effects from the screen.

What Products Does KEF’s Q Series Include?

KEF’s Q Series consists of high-quality products at competitive prices. These include:

  • Q150 HiFi Speaker.
  • Q250c HiFi Speaker.
  • Q350 HiFi Speaker.
  • Q550 HiFi Speaker.
  • Q650c HiFi Speaker.
  • Q750 HiFi Speaker.
  • Q950 HiFi Speaker.
  • Q50a HiFi Speaker.
  • Q Series Grille Accessories.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, I have helped you better understand the KEF Q650C, one of the best center channel speakers I have tested and used. The KEF Q650C is an excellent speaker with a full and detailed sound. It fits well in the room, and I couldn’t ask more from a center speaker. It is perfect for me!

Now is the time for you to consider whether to invest in this speaker. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for your time!

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