How to Change Font Size on an iPhone, iPad, iOS

Changing font size and style on iPhone, the users hardly ever comfortable regular message size and style, most of are often looking for the method of change text size and style in Message, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Notes and other text applications.

iOS of iPhone providing options to change text size and style as of user’s requirement. For that, you don’t have to install another application to change font size and style. The users are regularly working in power saving mode, so normal text font size so hard to view for older users.

iOS updates with fantastic options to easily available text consists of change font size or sets a bold font. When it comes to modifying system fonts rather than ever before if your iPhone is working iOS you can get some methods. If you not sure how to change font size on iPhone, iPad? Check now.

How to Change Font Size on iOS

iOS 6

Launch the Settings and tap on “General” from the menu option. At the “General, tap on “Accessibility.” (It’s at the bottom.)

change font size

Tap on the “Large Text” menu option.

You see the font size options: OFF (It sets the default), 20pt, 24pt, 32pt, 40pt, 48pt, and 56pt.

Now, let tap on a font size that you want, and then open the message app, you can see the font size has been changed.

iOS 7

In iOS 7, go to Settings >> Tap on General >> Tap on Text Size. Then, Drag the slider to change the font size bigger or smaller.

iOS 8, 9, 10, 11

In iOS, go to Settings >> Tap on Display and Brightness >> Tap on Text Size.

Then, Drag the slider to adjust the general the font size bigger or smaller.

Make the font size bigger

If you want to make larger text than what the general Text Size option default, you also do that! Here’s tutorial. Launch the Settings >> Tap on General >> Tap on Accessibility >> Larger Text in iOS 8, 9, 10 (or Larger Type in iOS 7).

Larger Text on iOS 8

Larger Type on iOS 7

Turn On Larger Accessibility Sizes (or Larger Dynamic Type in iOS 7) for bigger font options. Then, then Drag the slider left or right to change font size which you want.

Turn on or change other Accessibility settings

Launch the Settings >> General >> Tap on Accessibility to make the Text bold, increase or decrease the Contrast, or adjust the Colors on your screen.

change font size iOS

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