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How to Control Your Mac From iPhone/iPad with These Apps

Getting remote access to devices is now becoming a norm, all thanks to those wonderful apps that make this task possible for us. You can now live in one ...

How to Get Access to The Hidden Library Folder on Your Mac

The library folder on your Mac is hidden by default because it contains specific files that Apple believes should not be handled by its users. These are ...

How to Add a Shortcut to a Website in the Dock on Your Mac

If there's a particular website you visit often and you prefer not to manually enter its address every time you want to visit, you can simply bookmark it in ...

How To Turn On Airdrop on Mac To Transfer Files

The AirDrop feature, which Apple initiated on iPads and iPhones functioning on iOS 7, had its inception on Apple's MacBook much prior. Nonetheless, the ...

How to Use Fn Key as the Regular Fn Keys on Your Mac

The upper row on your keyboard, which comprises different keys labeled as "F1, F2," etc., are known as function keys because they trigger numerous functions on ...

How to Assign a Keyboard Shortcut For Snipping Tool

The screenshot program provided by Microsoft perfectly suits the needs of Windows users. The Windows Snipping Tool allows you to effortlessly capture a ...

How to Get Post Notifications For a Specific User From Instagram

Do you have a favorite account on Instagram and wish to receive notifications for every post they make? If that's the case, Instagram has a feature precisely ...

How to Create Custom Vibrations for Calls and Messages on iPhone

Your iPhone has two methods of alerting you to incoming calls or text messages. It either emits a tone when your phone is in the general mode or vibrates to ...

How to Enable the Character Counter in Messages on iPhone

Your iPhone's Messages app enables you to send standard text messages through your mobile carrier, as well as use the iMessage service to communicate with ...

How To Customize The Send To Menu In Windows 10

I'm guessing you're a fan of technology. It's quite obvious, but given that you're browsing this site, it's safe to say you're fond of tech. If you're anything ...

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