The 50+ Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome

Shortcuts are the easiest ways to quickly navigate on your computer. They do not only increase the efficiency of a task but also help you to finish a task earlier than expected. Microsoft and Apple has several shortcuts for their respective operating systems. However, now-a-days, people spend most of the time while surfing the internet, so, if they know about the shortcuts of different web browsers, it will make easier to surf the internet.

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one of the best web browser which is available on approximately every platform such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux and obviously cloud based operating system, Google Chrome OS. So, we have compiled a list of all the shortcuts for the Google Chrome, these shortcuts have been taken from the Google help page and we have tried all of them. So, they should work on all devices.

Top 50+ Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome

shortcuts for the Google Chrome

For Mac user, you just replace Ctrl to Command


  • Ctrl+P: Print the current web page through Chrome Print Dialog
  • Ctrl+P+Shift: Print current webpage using Windows Print Dialog
  • Ctrl+S: Save the webpage you are browsing currently
  • Alt+F: For opening Wrench Menu
  • Ctrl+H: Opening the History tab
  • Ctrl+J: Opening the Downloads tab
  • Ctrl + F or Ctrl + F3: Searching content or text on a webpage. Press enter to see all matched results.
  • Shift + Enter with text found on webpage: Go to next or previous match found.
  • Ctrl + G + Shift or Ctrl + G with text found on webpage: Go to next or previous match found.
  • Esc (Focusing on search box): For Closing Search box


  • Ctrl+ B + Shift: Hide or show the Bookmarks bar.
  • Ctrl+ O + Shift: For Opening Bookmark Manager
  • Ctrl+D: Adding current webpage in the Bookmarks.
  • Ctrl+D + Shift: Make a new folder and save all the currently opened pages as bookmarks in it.
  • Alt+D, then F6: Move to bookmark toolbar. You may then use arrow keys and enter to access them
  • Alt+F, then B: For opening Bookmark Manager


  • Ctrl+L or Alt + D: Move to address bar and highlight URL of the current webpage (only if available).
  • Ctrl+K or Ctrl + E: For entering search query in address bar
  • Home or End (in address bar): Automatically jumps to either the start (Home) or end (End) of the address bar.
  • Ctrl+A (focusing in address bar): Selecting entire text of address in address bar.
  • Ctrl+Enter after entering name of site: For adding ‘www.’ at the beginning and ‘.com.’ at the end of input address. Then open the web address in current tab.
  • Alt+Enter after typing name of site: Automatically opens the website in the background for the site name you typed (by adding ‘www’ and ‘.com’)
  • Type item for searching then press Enter: Make a search using the search engine based on the typed keyword.


  • F6: Select webpage when in the address bar or select address bar when on webpage.
  • Arrow Up: Scrolls up the active website.
  • Arrow Down: Scrolls down the active website.
  • Page Up or Space: Jumps up a page.
  • Page Down or Shift + Space: Jumps down a page.
  • Ctrl and +: Increases the zoom of the active webpage.
  • Ctrl and –: Decreases the zoom of the active webpage.
  • Ctrl+0: Stop zooming in and return to normal text size.
  • Ctrl+U: Views the source code.
  • F11: Toggle full screen.


  • Home +Alt: For jumping to Homepage
  • Alt + Arrow Right or Alt + Arrow Left: For jumping to previous or next web page
  • F5 + R or Ctrl+R: Reload or refreshing current web page
  • Shift+F5 or Ctrl + F5: Reload or refreshing active web page along with cache overriding
  • Esc: Stop a web page from loading
  • Ctrl+N To opens a new window
  • Ctrl+T: To open a new tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+N: Open a new incognito tab.
  • Ctrl+O + select file after that: Opening a file from computer in Chrome
  • Ctrl + click a link: Open link in new background tab
  • Ctrl+Shift + click a link: Opening a link in a new tab and switching to the new tab immediately.
  • Shift + click a link: Open link in new window
  • Ctrl+Shift+T: Reopen a tab that you’ve last closed.
  • Esc + drag a tab: Return a tab to its position originally
  • Ctrl+(1-8): Move a tab to the given position number (1-8) on the tab strip.
  • Ctrl+9: Move a tab to the last position
  • Backspace + left arrow or Alt + left arrow: For going to the last page in the browsing history for a tab.
  • Shift + Backspace, or Alt + right arrow: Going to the next page in your Chrome browsing history for a tab.
  • Ctrl+Q: Exit Google Chrome.
  • Shift + Tab or Tab: Jump to previous or next link
  • Alt + Enter: Download link
  • Shift + F10: Open context menu
  • Ctrl + A: Selects all the contents of the active webpage.

Out of all of these shortcuts, which one helped you the most and which will you like the most, let us know in the comments section below.

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