Klipsch RP-160m vs. RP-600m: Which Is The Better Speaker?

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The Klipsch RP-160 and RP-600m are two high-end bookshelf speakers developed and produced by the reputable audio brand Klipsch. They have many similar features, so picking a better device may be challenging. 

If you wonder which is the better device, don’t skip this post. I will compare the Rp-160 and RP-600 regarding their hardware, features, and real-life experience. 

You can easily decide which speaker is more optimal for your purposes and preferences based on the information provided. Let’s get right into the details!

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An Overview Of The Klipsch RP-160

Klipsch RP-160M Bookshelf Speaker – Ebony (Pair)

Connectivity Technology: Wired | Speaker Type: Outdoor/Surround | Brand: Klipsch | Mounting Type: Shelf Mount

RP-160 is a bookshelf speaker produced by Klipsch. It is a medium-size speaker of 22,5 centimeters in height and up to 400W in maximum power. Due to its high power, the speaker delivers robust and immersive sound quality. 

The speaker possesses a compact and light design, suitable for placing on the shelf and putting in small spaces. With one bass speaker and one treble, it gives accurate and satisfying audio quality for watching movies and listening to music. 

If you want a closer look into the design and features of Klipsch RP-160, consider watching the video below.

An Overview Of The Klipsch RP-600M

Klipsch RP-600M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers – Pair (Ebony)

Connectivity Technology: Wired | Speaker Type: Bookshelf, Woofer | Brand: Klipsch | Recommended Uses For Product: For Surround Sound Systems

RP-600M is another high-quality bookshelf speaker with a height of 39,9 centimeters. With high maximum power, it can produce loud audio with a robust and strong bass sound. 

At first glance, the speaker possesses a classy and durable design with the MDF wood cabin. The duo speakers on the front give a modern and high-quality look, suitable for rooms with classy interiors and furniture. 

The Differences Between Klipsch RP-160 and RP-600M


Klipsch RP-160

Klipsch RP-600M


Hard Dome

Hybrid Tractrix Horn

Base Design 



Cabinet material

MDF wood with polymer veneer

MDF wood with satin baffles and hand-sanded finish

Drivers material 

Titanium LTS tweeter

Cerametallic Cone woofer

Titanium LTS tweeter

Cerametallic Cone woofer


(H x W x D)

16.67 inches x 8.81 inches x 12.86 inches 

15.69 inches x 7.95 inches x 11.85 inches 




Drivers size 

1-inch tweeter

6,5-inch woofer

1-inch tweeter

6,5-inch woofer


400 watts

400 watts

Frequency response

45Hz-22KHz+/- 3dB

45Hz-22KHz+/- 3dB

Crossover frequency




Binding posts, bi-amp, bi-wire

Binding posts, bi-amp, bi-wire

Additional features

Tractrix Port and 90×90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn

Rear-Firing Tractrix® port and Bass Reflex


Klipsch RP-160m vs. RP-600m 1
The RP-600m Back Design

It is easy to conclude that the RP-600 offers a more classy and modern design. It features beautiful mirror-sanded finishes, which are eye-catching and scratch-resistant. 

About the size, the RP-160 is slightly bigger and heavier. Their compact and medium sizes are both perfect for mounting on a stand or placing on a shelf. 

Though the two devices have the MDF wood cabinet, the RP-600m has more beautiful and classy finishes. If you prefer a more expensive and modern look, it is an ideal option. 


Klipsch RP-160m vs. RP-600m 1
The RP-160m Back Design

There are not many differences in the performance of the two speakers. They have the same 400 watts in maximum power and frequency response of 45 Hz. 

The RP-160 and RP-600 both produce excellent audio quality in high and low frequencies. The audio is loud and crisp, bringing you a satisfying experience when watching movies and listening to songs. 

Also, they both have a duo of one tweeter and speaker. I have tried both of them for the regular tasks, and they give practically the same audio quality.

However, I can easily notice that the mid-range audio from the two speakers is not so great when playing rock songs. The main setback is the lack of emphasis on mid-range frequencies. 

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Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

To conclude, the two speakers possess beautiful designs and excellent audio quality. There isn’t much difference in their performance, as they have the same power, frequency, and drivers. 

The core difference lies in the finish and overall design of the two speakers. While the RP-160m comes with a vintage and traditional look, the RP-600m features a more modern design with classy finishes. 

You can pick one speaker based on your preferences and the interior of the room. Skip the sound quality and opt for the device that matches the furniture. Thank you for reading!

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