How to Extract Audio from Videos: Top 9 Useful Programs from Sound Extraction

During a film or video, the visuals or images on display may not always captivate you. Frequently, it’s the background melody or fleeting chorus that draws us in. As you’re watching, a sudden yearning to locate this song and include it in your iTunes or your preferred music platform often arises.

Hence, the need for the skill of extracting pieces of music from videos is a crucial one in both everyday life and, perhaps, the field where your profession belongs. On this account, we will dwell on the most effective software that allows users to extract music from videos without fuss and deep technical knowledge. Read further to find out how to use each of them for your benefit, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Most Valued Audio Extractors Out There: Best Desktop Programs Fit for Sound Extraction

1. Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

How to Extract Audio from Videos

The feature-packed program holds various functions but apart from recording audio, editing, and converting videos of different formats, it also can extract audio from films. Its main benefit is that you can get an output in any desired format and that no additional fees are demanded. Besides, you are not limited to a desktop version that requires downloading and can carry out your editing online.

2. Wondershare Filmora 9

How to Extract Audio from Videos

Filmora is a wide and spacious environment for all creators. The range of its functions goes beyond simple video editing and includes many tools to perfect your audio – background noise removal, audio mixers and equalizers, keyframe, and allowing to get a fade effect and play with the sound speed. So, how do you extract audio here?

First, you will need to import the video into the program. Then, find ‘Detach audio from the video’ on the menu and export the audio to save it in a chosen format.

3. MiniTool Movie Maker

How to Extract Audio from Videos

This is a cool space for unleashing your creativity concerning creating visuals such as videos, cartoons, converting those videos, inserting titles, captions, and credits into films, and, surely, detaching audio from videos. It is amazingly quick, rich in innovative features, and beginner-friendly, so don’t worry if you are downloading it and still have o audio editing experience.

Online Programs for Audio Extraction from Video Files

Honestly saying, we don’t always want a new program on our desktop. Too much information to store on your desktop at home, too much to see when you are out of the editing. So, instead of classical software for PC, online programs can be used just as successfully. Here is what impressed us the most:


Initially designed for changing formats of videos, Online Video Converter developed by Movavi cannot be viewed as just another online video processing tool. It is also fit for mobile devices letting users convert any video or audio as well as extract soundtracks from videos. It is incredibly user-friendly, doesn’t need much knowledge and skill for using.

2. Beecut Online Audio Extractor

How to Extract Audio from Videos

This program exists in both desktop and online versions, so its additional plus is flexibility. As an online tool, it allows working with all video formats available and makes it real to separate music from the video just in one click. The slider lets you choose the place on the timeline to get audio from. Another surprise is extracting sounds from YouTube videos.


How to Extract Audio from Videos

For the fans of minimalism, this no-download program will be just perfect. An endless range of audio formats to transform videos into and to save the extracted pieces of music will make it your favorite tool among online sound extractors of this type. It even has the iPhone ringtone as a format in which you could save the extracted audio. What would you say to that?

Most Worthy Applications for Extracting Audio On iOS and/or Android

1. Video to MP3 Converter and Compressor by VidCompact

How to Extract Audio from Videos

The application makes a good solution for those doing all your editing business on smartphones. As a video converter, trimmer, and audio editor, this app is outstanding as it possesses all the features of a full-scale computer program. As a result, you get good audio detached from a video that sounds clean in the output. Adjusting the frequency, using equalizers, trimming, and cutting tracks – you can do it all on your mobile phone. Formats are variable too. The only minus is that it’s just for Android-based devices.

2. Shortcuts

How to Extract Audio from Videos

If you’re among older iPhone users, you might know this app under its previous name, Workflow. And while we don’t need it for planning up but rather for getting audio files, it can come in handy when the only instrument you have around is an iPhone. The app allows you to be working either with the iCloud storage or with videos in the camera roll and instantly saving the extracted audio among other documents.

3. Audio Extractor

One couldn’t imagine a simpler app with a simpler interface. This is, at first glance, an unprofessional and free app for Android smartphones or tablets that has nothing special. But once you go deeper, you will see how easily it enables you to change the sound in videos, extract audio from any video files, do it impressively fast, and save the audio with no watermark.

To recap, we hold hopes that this short guide will help you pick the software to successfully extract audio from videos without spending extra time or effort on it

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