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Nowadays when the internet is an important resource in all organizations it needs to be dedicated to certain attention to computer security and computer security mechanisms. In doing so, the firewall, clear browsing history, antivirus programs, physical protection, optimal passwords, and encryption have a great role because they protect the computer system from many malicious internet users. In addition to the firewall, delete browsing history, antivirus programs, physical protection, optimal passwords, and encryption in the paper are shown, and many other safety mechanisms and safe recommendations for use of the internet.

To prevent intrusion into the computer as efficiently as possible it is necessary to ensure his physical protection, i.e. the room where it is located. If they are on the premises computers on which important data is stored, and the premises should be additionally protected by video surveillance, smart cards, biometrics features, or in some other way. Computer crime is never nor will ever be completely suppressed, but it is recommended to act preventively. Care should be taken to whom they are sent and where the data is published. To prevent loss of data recommendation is to save the document to standard mode.

Encrypted Chat Services | Keeper Password Manager

The importance of the role of the password manager

If you use a password manager that creates unique passwords, you can ensure that if one website is hacked, the stolen password will not allow hackers to access your accounts on other websites. A good password manager, like Keeper Password Manager, can help you manage all your login information, making it easy to create and use unique passwords. Several monitoring tools, for example, Keeper dark web protection, or Encrypted Chat Services, can alert you to which of your passwords is in the wild on a dark part of the Internet and give you enough time to prevent damage by changing all your passwords. This program not only remembers credentials but also manages them: it helps the owner generate a new password, changes data if it notices an attempt to hack, analyzes the complexity and reliability of passwords, ensures that passwords from two different accounts are not the same. Availability for any device.

When creating passwords generally on the Internet, each user should access them with full care. It should create strong and complex passwords with different combinations of special characters, lowercase, and uppercase letters. Any relaxation can have big consequences.

Data protection on the Internet

Data protection is implemented to prevent data theft or unauthorized manipulation of data. There are two reasons why they protect themselves from electronic data: (1) due to the possibility of loss and (2) from the unauthorized use of an unreliable person who has malicious targets. In different organizations to prevent data loss data stored on various media also have certain protections against erasure.

On devices for data storage can only be destroyed physically if they are protected from deletion. Manner and implementation of protection of classified and unclassified data are prescribed by law which regulates the field of information security.

Simple Setup For Keeper Password Manager

When we are talking about data protection, it is necessary to emphasize that officials and employees of certain institutions must abide by the data confidentiality law. If we are talking about electronic protection data on documents, the document can be protected by setting a password, standardized by naming folders and naming documents within folders, and the proper organization of documents in maps. The increasing use of data from the Internet raised the issue of databases and their protection content, i.e. the rights of their authors.

It’s the Internet that brought the possibility of collecting large quantities of data from various fields of human activity, such as what is the law, sports, economics, informatics, transport, culture, construction, education, etc. The Internet has brought until the establishment of invisible surveillance assistance devices capable of intercepting the transmission of all data in communication. To intercept data via the Internet is not enough to be connected to a computer network, it is already necessary to have the appropriate tool with which it will be possible to see packets transmitted to the certain communication channel, from the sender to the recipient.

Clear browsing history

When browsing the web, the internet browser stores information about the sites that are also visited via the web browser (e.g. our name and address). Internet The browser stores the following types of data: temporary internet files, cookies, history sites we visited, the information we entered on web pages, or in the address bar and stored web passwords.

Data & Browser Security in 2020

Sometimes it is useful to have historical data on your computer because that’s how the web works and can browse at higher speeds. Also, information that is entered frequently does not have to be newly entered. Data should be deleted if e.g. uses a public computer on which they do not want to leave personal data. Browsing and correspondence history can be deleted by deleting the data back two weeks, one month, three months, and all the data that are recorded in history.

Data protection by physical procedures

The basis of physical security is media protection for data storage and communication equipment. Physical security includes all defensive measures whose purpose is to protect computer infrastructure and data. Physical security is an integral part of any defense computer infrastructure and data. In research cybercrime should think about the following: if the criminal activity was committed in a computer center, without breaking input passwords from the outside, means that physical security was compromised or breached physical protection measures or that they did not exist at all.

It is necessary to determine exactly how the physical was breached computer environment security. If the perpetrator bypassed technically sophisticated protection systems, then necessarily seek the help of experts for a particular area. If you severely damage your computer and storage media is very likely data on the media will also be lost. Nowadays in most cases, the data and programs are much larger values ​​than the computers themselves (i.e., infrastructure).

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