Soundbar Vs Soundbase: Which Speaker Brings Better Sound Experience? 

If you want to enhance the audio quality of your television, soundbases and soundbars are the ideal choices. But how do you decide between the two?

These speakers can produce high-quality sound although the soundbases perform a little better. However, when it comes to price and ease of setup, the soundbars win.

This article will give you a side-by-side comparison between the soundbar vs. soundbase. Let’s read on and determine your favorite! 

What Is A Soundbar? 

A soundbar is a thin, long speaker system that can improve the sound quality of your flat-screen television.

This gadget is cost-effective. It’s getting close to meeting the high sound quality of standard surround sound systems, especially with external speaker sets.

Many soundbars have DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD processing, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Most soundbars feature separate subwoofers because the bar’s speakers can’t produce deep bass.

The soundbar works to improve sound quality 
The soundbar works to improve sound quality

What Is A Soundbase? 

A soundbase is a small loudspeaker shell that supports a television. This accessory provides superb sound quality than the TV’s inbuilt speakers while being inexpensive and straightforward to set up.

Bigger speaker drivers, greater built-in amplification, and the flexibility to employ a bass driver are all standard features of the soundbase.

Furthermore, because there is no need for an extra subwoofer, the soundbase may be smaller.

Soundbar vs Soundbase 3
The soundbase can hold a TV

Differences Between Soundbar vs. Soundbase 

These two gadgets are two separate things. We’ll go through the differences between them.


The soundbar is a thin and long speaker in the shape of a bar. It usually has three or even more speakers, as well as subwoofers.

Newer versions have a Bluetooth subwoofer that is simple to install and operate.

A soundbase, on the other hand, is flat. It looks like a digital television decoder in appearance. This design allows the device to be placed beneath a television.


One factor to consider when deciding which speaker is better is their configuration. 

The configuration on soundbases is often 2.1 or 3.1. They feature a subwoofer and a left/right speaker. Sometimes they come with a subwoofer with a left, right, and center channel speaker.

On the other hand, soundbars usually have three to five inbuilt speakers. Some of the most recent versions on the market, on the other hand, have up to eight internal speakers.

The soundbars can improve audio clarity in any home theater system when used with ordinary loudspeakers. 

These devices can feature a built-in subwoofer with internal bass enhancement technology.

Both speakers have great configuration 
Both speakers have great configuration

Sound quality

Sound quality is also an essential factor to consider. We all want a superior listening experience while buying speakers. 

A soundbase isn’t as large as a soundbar, but it does have a lot of inside space. Bigger inbuilt speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers are available in a soundbase with higher capacity.

So, you can expect more efficient sound without external television speakers.

On the other hand, a soundbar can produce greater room-filling surround sound due to a larger sound environment. However, the bass drivers are frequently underwhelming.

Soundbars usually require an external subwoofer for solid bass, while there are various options for greater built-in subwoofers. 


You can only place the soundbases in some specific spots. They can sit in a cabinet or on the TV stand. 

Soundbars are more adaptable since you can mount them on the wall. It significantly benefits individuals who have limited space.


When deciding between the speakers, price is always an issue to consider.

Soundbases are slightly more expensive than soundbars since fewer companies manufacture them.

In general, a high-end soundbase can perform better than a low-end soundbar, and vice versa.

It’s best to set a budget and evaluate similar-priced products. Depending on the manufacturer and overall performances, prices might range from $100 to $500.

Soundbar is a cost-effective choice 
Soundbar is a cost-effective choice


It’s worth mentioning that these speakers have different compatibilities and styles. They include various extra features, like Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with smart home technologies, and more.

They also offer several wired network options, such as analog, HDMI, optical, and RCA, which may determine your buying decision.

The difference is that some soundbars already have wireless broadcasting capabilities. Link other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-compatible devices to enjoy easy accessibility to your music collection in different areas.

You can learn how to connect a soundbar to a TV with multiple ports from this video below:

We have compared these speakers in some aspects. Now, let’s summarize their differences. 

Soundbar Soundbase 
Design Thin and long Flat and wide
Configuration Three to eight internal speakers 2.1 and 3.1 speaker system
Sound quality Good Excellent
Placement Placed almost everywhere Limited options for placements
Price Depending on the brand and quality, but soundbases are more expensive.
Compatibility  More diverse Multiple options

Pros And Cons Of Soundbar And Soundbase 

Every modern device has both benefits and drawbacks. It would help to consider both sides before concluding which one is better. 



  • Simple to set up
  • More versatile for placing
  • Best for small space
  • Advanced technology
  • Ability to handle low and high frequencies


  • Must have external speakers for louder and better sound
  • Extra parts required



  • No need for an A/V receiver
  • No need for external speakers
  • Excellent sound quality


  • More expensive

What Should You Choose?

Since each option has pros and cons, it all comes down to your preference to choose which is more suitable. 

The following ideas can help you make up your mind quicker. 

When to choose the soundbar?

This speaker is best in these cases: 

  • You need something moveable to work with different devices in your home.
  • Your home theater setup is tight. 
  • You are looking for a high-quality speaker at an affordable price. 

When to choose the soundbase?

A soundbase comes into play when:

  • You have mounted your TV on the wall. 
  • You don’t want to pay for extra speakers or devices.
  • You expect excellent sound quality. 

Final Words 

Some people like a surround sound system, so they choose soundbars. Meanwhile, others want a sharper and cleaner tone from the soundbases. 

Your preference and budget will ultimately identify the optimal option for you. If you need any further information about the speakers, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading!

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