Top 10 Best 100w USB-C Chargers For MacBook

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Gallium nitride (GaN) is a semiconductor material with many potential applications in electronics. It has been shown to have higher electron mobility than other semiconductor materials, making it a good choice for high-power devices. 

Apple has created a new 140W GaN charger, their first charger using this material. This new charger can provide power faster and more efficiently than other chargers. This charger is an excellent option for devices that need a lot of energy, such as the new MacBook Pro 16-inch models. In this post, we’ve gathered the best 100W USB-C GaN chargers that are currently available.

Anker 737 GaNPrime 120W USB C Charger

Anker 737 GaNPrime 120W USB C Charger – PPS 3-Port Fast Compact Foldable Wall Charger

Brand: Anker – Model Number: A2148 – Connectivity: 2x USB C, 1x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

The Anker 737 GaNPrime is an exceptional charger with many features that set it apart from other chargers. It comes with two USB-C ports and one USB-A port that allows you to charge your phone, tablet, and notebook simultaneously. Anker’s proprietary technology constantly checks the temperature of your devices and adjusts the power output to prevent overheating.

Thanks to Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ 4.0 technology, the GaNPrime can easily detect the power demands of your connected devices and adjust the power output accordingly. The GaNPrime utilizes Gallium Nitride (GaN) instead of traditional silicon, making it more energy-efficient. Despite its powerful capabilities, the GaNPrime is surprisingly compact and lightweight. It can easily fit into your bag or pocket, making it ideal for travel.

Apple 140W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 140W USB-C Power Adapter

Brand: Apple – Model Number: ‎MLYU3AM/A – Connectivity: 1x USB C – Compatible: Mobile & Macbook

The 140W USB-C Power Adapter is designed to provide a fast charging experience to your devices. It can deliver up to 140 watts of power, ensuring your devices are charged quickly and efficiently. Apple recommends pairing this power adapter with your 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021 or later) using a USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable or USB-C Charge Cable.

The power adapter has built-in safety features to protect your devices from overcharging, overheating, and short circuits and with its sleek design also makes it a stylish addition to your workspace.

Anker 100W USB C 736 Charger

Anker 100W USB C Charger Block (GaN II), 3 Port Fast Compact Wall Charger

Brand: Anker – Model Number: A2145 – Connectivity: 2x USB C, 1x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

Anker is proud to introduce the 736 Charger, a GaN II-powered 100W USB-C charger that simultaneously charges three devices. Winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award, this sleek and compact charger is 34% smaller than Apple’s original 96W MacBook power brick and is powered by next-generation Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for faster charging speeds. 

With dimensions of 2.64 in x 1.24 in x 2.24 and a worry-free 18-month warranty, the 736 Charger is perfect for travel or everyday use. The 736 Charger offers a variety of charging options, including single-port USB-C (100W max), dual-port USB-C (60W max + 40W max), and triple-port USB-C (45W max). 

The single port can charge a MacBook Pro or other devices that use USB-C for power, while the dual and triple ports can charge two and three devices at once, respectively. With so many options, the 736 Charger is perfect for any situation. 

UGREEN Nexode 100W USB C Wall Charger

UGREEN 100W USB C Charger, Nexode 4-Port GaN Foldable Compact Wall Charger Power Adapter

Brand: UGREEN – Model Number: CD226 – Connectivity: 3x USB C, 1x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

UGREEN’s design is exceptionally well-thought-out. The charger itself is small and compact, making it perfect for travel. But the fundamental standout feature is the foldable prong. This makes the charger even more compact and allows you to tuck it away quickly. 

The UGREEN Nexode 100W USB-C Wall Charger is compatible with all USB-A and USB-C devices. This makes it an excellent option for anyone with a variety of devices. It takes 30 minutes to charge an iPhone 13 from 0 to 60%. And it can fully charge a MacBook Pro 16″ 2021 in 1.5 hours. The size and weight of the charger are 2.72 x 2.72 x 1.3 inches and 235 grams/8.29 ounces. 

Nekteck 100W USB C Charger

Nekteck Mac Book Pro Charger [GaN Tech] , Foldable 100W USB C Charger, Fast Charging Compatible 

Brand: Nekteck – Model Number: PD100U-1TGA – Connectivity: 1x USB C- Compatible: Mobile & Macbook

The Nekteck 100W USB C Charger has GaN Technology that allows for up to 90% efficiency, making it one of the most potent and fast chargers on the market. The device has a unique foldable plug design that makes it easy to take with you on the go. 

Its ultra-compact size makes it 40% smaller than the MacBook Pro 16″, making it easy to take wherever you go. And don’t worry about safety – this charger is also certified by USB-IF, so you can be sure it is safe and reliable. Plus, it comes with a 2M USB-C to C cable for your convenience.

The Nekteck 100W USB-C Charger is perfect for quickly charging your MacBook 16-inch. In just 1.9 hours, this charger can provide a full charge to your laptop. And thanks to the charger’s 12-month worry-free warranty, you can rest assured that you’re covered if something goes wrong. 

EHO USB C Wall Charger 100W PD 3.0 PPS 4-Port

EHO USB C Wall Charger, 100W PD 3.0 PPS 4-Port GaN III Fast Charger Type C Charging Station

Brand: EHO – Model Number: P310A – Connectivity: 3x USB C, 1x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

With the EHO USB C Wall Charger 100W PD 3.0, you can quickly charge all your devices simultaneously without searching for multiple outlets. This charger has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port to charge four devices simultaneously. 

The best part is that it supports many protocols, including PD3.0, QC2.0, QC3.0, BC1., Samsung 2.0A, Apple 2.4A, and FCP. Plus, it has LED indicators to let you know when your device is charging and fully charging. The EHO USB-C Wall Charger 100W PD 3.0 has two USB-C ports to charge two devices simultaneously. 65W and 30W of power are delivered to each port, for a total of 95W. 

When using USB-A and USB-C ports, the power is split between the two devices, with 65W going to the USB-C port and 18W going to the USB-A port. This charger also has a travel-friendly design and a foldable plug, so you can easily take it on the go. Plus, it has been certified by CE, FCC, and ETL, so you can be sure it’s safe to use.

Aergiatech 100W 4Port PD3.0 PPS GaN Type C Charger

Aergiatech USB C Wall Charger, Aergiatech 100W 4Port PD3.0 PPS GaN Type C Charger Fast Charging Station

Brand: Aergiatech – Model Number: P310A – Connectivity: 3x USB C, 1x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

The Aergiatech design is very sleek and modern. It has a foldable plug and is very compact, making it easy to take whenever needed. Protocols supported by the Aergiatech 100W 4Port PD3.0 PPS GaN Type C Charger include PD 3.0, Quick Charge 3.0, and PPS. This makes it an excellent choice for charging various devices, including Macbook Pro 16″, MacBook Air 2020, Dell XPS, iPhone 13/12/11, Galaxy S-series, Google Pixel, and more.

The Aergiatech charger has three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The USB-A port supports 18W max output when using one cable for charging, making it perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The USB-C ports offer 100W max output, and the USB-C3 is 20W, making it ideal for charging Macbooks, laptops, cameras, and other high-powered devices.

The 16-inch Macbook Pro can be charged in just 1.8 hours with the Aergiatech 100W 4Port PD3.0 PPS GaN Type C Charger. The device also has an 18-month warranty, making it a reliable and long-lasting choice for charging.

Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charging Station

Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charging Station, Fast USB C Charger Block

Brand: Baseus – Model Number: CCGAN100US – Connectivity: 2x USB C, 2x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

The Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charging Station can charge up to four devices simultaneously and features GaN II Technology for faster charging speeds. The included indicator light makes it easy to see when your devices are fully charged, and the charging station only takes two hours to charge your MacBook Pro 16-inch completely.

When you charge your device with one Type-C and USB-A port, the watts will be distributed as follows: 65W and 30W. You can also use two Type-C and one USB-A port to charge three devices simultaneously with a 60W, 20W, and 18W wattage distribution. With four devices simultaneously, the wattage will be split as 60W for the Type-C1 port, 20W for the USB-C2 port, and 15W for both USB-A ports.

Plus, it supports up to 12 fast charging protocols, including PD3.0, QC3.0, PPS, and more, so it’s compatible with a wide range of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. And if that wasn’t enough, the 100W USB-C to USB-C Cable included with E-marker Chip ensures that your devices are charged safely and efficiently. The Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charging Station has a worry-free 12-month warranty.

KOVOL 120W GaN III USB C Charging Station

KOVOL 120W GaN III USB C Charging Station

Brand: KOVOL – Model Number: KV-PC001 – Connectivity: 2x USB C, 2x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

KOVOL 120W GaN III USB-C Charging Station is a high-efficiency and safe charging station that simultaneously provides up to 60W to 2 MacBooks. It also charges an iPhone, iPad, or any other USB device quickly with its QC 18W output. This 4-in-1 USB-C PD GaN charging station is also compatible with all smartphones and laptops.

When using only one USB-C1, this charger will provide 100W of charging power. If USB-C 1 and 2 are used, this charger will provide 60W to each port for 120W of charging power. The USB-A port has a maximum output of 18W. For three devices charging at once, the USB-A will charge at 18W while each USB-C port will charge at 45W.

It has five safety features, including cTUVus/CE/RoHS certification, making it a safe investment. Moreover, the low-heat design ensures that your devices are safe from overheating during charging. The device is also travel-friendly, with 110-240 voltage compatibility and a 24-month warranty for your peace of mind.

Anker USB C Charger 735 65W Charger

Anker USB C Charger 735 Charger (Nano II 65W)

Brand: Anker – Model Number: A2145 – Connectivity: 2x USB C, 1x USB A – Compatible: Mobile & Laptop

Anker has designed their USB-C 735 Charger Nano II to be as compact as possible. It’s about the size of an AirPods Pro case, making it easy to take on the go. The charger is also powered by GaN II Technology, which allows for a smaller design while still providing maximum power. 

This charger features two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. You can get up to 65W of power when charging with a single port. 

When using the dual port, you can get up to 45W from USB-C and 20W from USB-A. And when using the triple port, you can get up to 40W for USB-C and 12W of power from each USB-A port. Anker offers a worry-free 18-month warranty with this charger.

What To Look For: 100w USB C Charger

As technology advances, more and more devices are requiring USB-C chargers. Finding a quality 100w charger that meets all your needs can be difficult. Here are some things you should look for when purchasing a 100w USB-C charger.

Protocol Compatibility

Many chargers on the market are only compatible with some protocols, which can cause devices to charge incorrectly or at all. Be sure to check that the charger you’re considering is consistent with the protocol of your device.

PD (Power Delivery) 3.0QC (Quick Charge) 3.0, and QC 4.0+ are all protocols designed to improve charging devices’ speed and efficiency. They each have unique benefits, so it’s essential to choose a charger that supports the protocol of your device.

PD 3.0 is mainly used for laptops, while QC 3.0 and QC 4.0+ are used for mobile devices. These protocols are a good choice for the fastest possible charging speeds.

What is USB-IF Certified? The USB-IF Certified logo is a sign of quality and assurance. It means the charger has been tested and approved by USB-IF, a nonprofit organization specializing in USB technology.

When choosing a USB-C charger, look for the USB-IF Certified logo. This ensures you get a quality product that meets the latest safety standards.

Types of Ports

Most 100w chargers come with multiple ports to charge more than one device. The number of ports varies from charger to charger, so choose one with enough ports for your needs.

Some chargers also have different types of ports, which can be helpful if you have devices with varying charging requirements. For example, some chargers have both USB-A and USB-C ports.

Safety Features

When choosing a 100w charger, safety is an important consideration. Look for chargers with built-in safety features like over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection and temperature control. These features help to keep your devices safe while they’re charging.

CE, RoHS, ETL, etc., are all critical safety certifications to look for. These certifications ensure that the charger meets specific safety standards.


We researched many products and found that the brand is often a good quality indicator. Many well-known brands offer high-quality chargers, like Anker, Aukey, Belkin, Nekteck, UGREEN, and others.


It is recommended that you select a charger that has an extended warranty. This ensures that you are protected in case of any issues with the charger. Most high-quality chargers have a warranty period of either one year or three years.

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