Is CleanMyMac X Safe? Everything You Need To Know

CleanMyMac X is a cleaning program that has been designed to take care of all your system maintenance needs. It scans and removes junk files, fixes permissions, repairs disk issues as well as the finder problems, and cleans up caches. The app also includes tools for memory optimization and CPU usage monitoring.

Is CleanMyMac safe to use? If you want to know more about CleanMyMac X then read this blog post now!

What’s New

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The popular Mac cleaning and maintenance app CleanMyMac X has just gotten a new menu. The update brings a refreshed interface and new features to the app, making it even easier to keep your Mac clean and running smoothly.

What is the name of the company that created CleanMyMac X?

MacPaw is a software development company that creates Mac-related software, including the popular Mac cleaner app CleanMyMac. MacPaw was founded in 2008 by Oleksandr Kosovan, a Ukrainian developer. Other popular apps created by MacPaw include Gemini 2, CleanMyPC, CleanMyDrive, Setapp, the Unarchiver, and ClearVPN.

is cleanmymac safe

Their most popular application, CleanMyMac X, is available on their website and the official Mac App Store. CleanMyMac X, as well as the remaining MacPaw applications distributed through the Mac App Store, has been verified by Apple to be free of malintent and safe for their userbase.

Do you want to learn more? Read my in-depth CleanMyMac X review.

My 615 days with CleanMyMac X

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I have been using CleanMyMac X for over 600 days now, and I can say without a doubt that it is the best Mac cleaning software available. Before I started using CleanMyMac X, my Mac would constantly freeze up and crash. I was constantly having to restart my computer, and it was getting very frustrating. But ever since I started using CleanMyMac X, my Mac has never frozen up or crashed, and it always starts up quickly and runs smoothly.

CleanMyMac X has also helped me free up a lot of space on my 256GB SSD hard drive. I used to have a lot of old, useless files taking up space on my Mac, but CleanMyMac X helped me get rid of them all. Now my hard drive is much more organized and streamlined, and I have a lot more free space to work with.

Is CleanMyMac Malware?

No, MacPaw’s CleanMyMac is not a virus or malware. It is a legitimate and credible piece of software that is designed to help Mac computer owners reclaim resources and disk space that are bogging down their machines.

When I download anything over the internet, I always go through the following procedures to be sure that I am not downloading a virus:

  • Upload a virus-checking installer package, usually DMG to VirusTotal or MetaDefender Cloud. VirusTotal is a free online service that performs antivirus scanning by over 70 different antivirus software.
  • Install Norton 360 Standard or Deluxe, F-Secure, Bitdefender. It’s the most effective Mac antimalware program available at this time.

CleanMyMac is not a virus, adware, or spyware of any sort, according to both VirusTotal or MetaDefender Cloud.


is cleanmymac safe

MetaDefender Cloud

is cleanmymac safe

Why Do Some People Dislike Mac Cleaning Software?

CleanMyMac is confused with MacDefender and MacKeeper

MacDefender is a type of malware that is well-known. It’s a virus that gathers your credit card information for fraud protection and, Apple even provided instructions on how to get rid of it. According to reports, the malware is known by a variety of names, including MacGuard, MacDefender, MacProtector, and MacSecurity.

Users were hesitant about any cleaning tools, including CleanMyMac, after having problems with these applications.

I haven’t used MacKeeper yet, so I can’t say whether it’s a decent program or not. As soon as I install and utilize it, I’ll provide a link for my review.

There were times when CleanMyMac mistakenly deleted the wrong files

When researching CleanMyMac reviews, I came across numerous examples of users uploading photos of the damage caused by earlier versions.

Now, MacPaw has learned from their mistakes and offers the Safety Database – a list of files that should not be removed. Any software, after 13 years on the market, has reached a stability level.

Some people can clean the disk on Mac manually?

I agree with this statement. In fact, you can clean a Mac hard drive without using any software (check this post). However, it does require time and you’ll need many steps to complete the task.

What else ensures that CleanMyMac is Safe?

CleanMyMac X never removes essential files without your permission. You may always go back and review the list of discovered files to decide which ones you want to keep. By default, all important components of your macOS are safeguarded from deletion, ensuring that your Mac’s performance is never jeopardized.

is cleanmymac safe to use

Finally, with a massive antivirus database that is continuously updated, CleanMyMac X has an ever-expanding antivirus database that proactively combats threats such as keyloggers and data-mining applications.

Should I Use MacPaw’s CleanMyMac?

cleanmymac x

This is entirely up to you, and we are unable to provide an answer. Everyone’s requirements and budget are different, therefore you’ll have to choose for yourself depending on whether they match with what MacPaw’s optimization software has to offer.

We can assure you that CleanMyMac X is not a scam or a virus. MacPaw’s CleanMyMac is a great program to use to clean your Mac. It can help you free up disk space on your Mac, uninstall applications, and delete unnecessary files.

However, you don’t need to use MacPaw’s CleanMyMac to do any of those things. If you’re comfortable manually uninstalling applications and deleting files, then you don’t need to use CleanMyMac.

One of the most outstanding aspects of CleanMyMac X is that it includes a free trial that lets you try their Apple software first (free trial limitation is 500MB). CleanMyMac X also gives you the choice of signing up for a seven-day trial of unlimited access through their low-cost Setapp membership ($9.99/month).

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