How To Get Free Music/Download Music on Android and PC

Music is a part of our daily life these days. Now and then, you want to listen and sing along with one of your favorite tracks. The Internet has made it so easy to listen and download music on our computer and smartphones.

There are many different online music streaming services from where you can listen to almost any song you want. Most of the music is enjoyed online these days. People signup for any free music streaming website and build their playlists online. You can also get free Music on Android with the help of some apps.

Download Music using Android Apps

If you are an Android user, then there are many apps to help you download free music. Let’s take a look at some apps which can download music on your device.


 get free music on Android

4shared is an online file sharing service. The idea behind this app was to share large files with your friends and family, but it evolved into a music sharing website. Most of the music sharing is happening through this app because other huge files are shared through various other file sharing services.

4shared has an open search option with various search filters to choose from. Using the open search, you can access millions of files from the 4shared database. 4shared has both free and premium options. You can also share your favorite music on 4shared so that other can download. Although free option offers 15 GB space for online music sharing, you can opt for premium service as well.


 get free music on Android 2

Showbox is another great app which you can use to watch and listen to your favorite music. But there are two problems with Showbox. The first issue is that Showbox is not considered legal because it started as a free movie/TV shows streaming service like Popcorn Time.

Another issue is that you can’t download it from Google play store, so you have to sideload it on your Android device. Showbox streaming service offers a lot of music options too along with movies and TV shows.

Android YouTube Downloader

There is no better source of music videos than YouTube. All the major artists and superstars upload their music videos on YouTube. You can use this feature to your advantage by downloading your favorite music video. All you need is a good YouTube video download app for android. Again, this is not, strictly speaking, legal. So you won’t be able to find a good YouTube video download app on Play Store.

There are various apps which you can use to download YouTube videos on your Android device, but you have to sideload them into your Android device. One of the best out there is Tubemate. Tubemate is not available on Play Store, so you have to sideload it on your device. Tubemate allows you to browse YouTube and download any video you like.

There are also some music streaming apps from where you can download your music and save it on your device. Let’s take a look.


 get free music on Android 4

Spotify is one of the best music streaming service on the planet. There are two options in Spotify, Free, and Premium. Free service only allows you to shuffle between random playlists and you can’t play music on demand. Also, there is no Highest Sound Quality and HD Music feature.

The premium although offers all the above-mentioned features. Spotify is a very secure app, so you can’t download music for free, but premium users can save and download their offline playlist onto their SD cards. Spotify encrypt their music in a way that you can’t access the real files.

There are some solutions on the internet where they record the music from Spotify and convert it to mp3 tracks for you, but all those solutions are premium. So it’s better to pay for Spotify instead of paying for music piracy app.

If you are a Spotify premium user and want to switch storage of your offline tracks from internal storage to SD card, then tap on 3 bar button, then tap on Crank button, tap on Storage option, select SD card, and your offline tracks will be transferred.

Google Play Music

 get free music on Android 5

Google Play Music is another great cloud music service. It is free if you want to upload your music to it, but if you want an all-access pass, you have to pay for it. Again, this app is very secure, and you can’t just bypass its authentication process to download free music. But what you can do is, import your offline music in the form of mp3 files so that you can play it via different music players on your Android app.

At first, you have to select all your songs on Google Play Music app and make a giant playlist of it. Then import his mega playlist on your device for offline listening. In the next step, root your Android device. There are several Android rooting guides to help you root your device.

Install Root Browser app, a file explorer app, which will get access to your phone as Superuser. Open ‘Data’ folder, select ‘’; and then select ‘Music’ and voila. Mp3 files of your recently imported mega playlist will be there.

Download Music For Windows 10

1. Using Keepvid

You can also download music on your computer and then transfer it to an Android device. There are different ways to download music on your computer. If you want to download a YouTube video on your computer, there are various software and online solutions.

 get free music on Android 7

Best online solution to download YouTube video is where you put the YouTube video link, and in return, you get a downloadable video link. You can also use several SoundCloud downloading tools.

2. Freemake YouTube to Mp3 Converter

 get free music on Android 8

Now that you have downloaded all your favorite music videos on your computer, you would want to convert those videos into mp3 audio because so that you can transfer them to your Android device. Freemake YouTube to Mp3 Converter is the best option for you. It is fast, light, and efficient. This is a free software and compatible with 7/8/8.1/10.

With the Youtube download feature, you no longer need to use in-browser Youtube converters...
With the Youtube download feature, you no longer need to use in-browser Youtube converters...


In conclusion, every method has its pros and cons, most of the tracks present on the 4Shared are the remixes. However, you will need to side-loads the other application.

Similarly, Spotify Premium and Google Music comes with the monthly fee. While the last application will require the use of a computer. We will recommend you to use the last method as it is free of cost and does not require much effort.

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