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How To Check CPU Temperature on Windows 10/11

This article is going to be how to check your computer’s temperature from the temperature of your CPU processor, hard drive, or graphics cards and including the fan speed of those components. This will really help you know what the upgraded the most in your computer and to improve cooling impossible computer lifetime and the other desktop if you have some experience your modified building desktop.

While CPU is working, it makes temperature, CPU is an electronic device. It is quite important to eliminate temperature from electronic devices as quickly as possible. Normally the insides temperature will be boosted. If your device is so hot, after that the insides electric circuit may be destroyed or combusted. Equally, if temperature in quite extra, then CPU can be burned.

Regularly numbers of person research: How to check CPU temperature, CPU temperature monitoring program,… from Google Search. In fact, CPU checking is truly an essential problem. At this article, you will know the how to check CPU temperature for most of OS like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

check temp

Results of heat on any CPU

Each CPU has a highest bearable heat which is set by its producer. If CPU temperature is pasted that limited temperature, the following issues may appear quickly:

  1. The life-span time of CPU is lowered.
  2. CPU suspends randomly
  3. CPU resets at random and your computer system reboot.
  4. Finally, CPU is able to burn

How to Check CPU Temp

Using the BIOS

Step 1: Access the BIOS

The first, you need to restart Windows and access the BIOS. Most BIOS support a hardware monitor built-in, which will help you to check the temperature of your PC or Laptop. Popular keys include F2, F10, and Del.

If you don’t make sure ways to access the BIOS, you can see this article: How to access BIOS.

Step 2: Find the Hardware Monitor

Let find and Enter Power, Status, Sensor hoặc PC health in BIOS interface because others BIOS program will have different section labels. Then, you can see CPU Temp here.

Enter H/W Monitor to see CPU Temp

cpu temperature check

Enter Power to see CPU Temp

cpu temperature check

Using others 3rd party program

Set up a hardware monitoring software. Many motherboards have hardware monitoring software consisted of the setup disc, or provided from their web pages. You can probably also get free software programs that will see your BIOS’s temp results and report them back to you. List of software are:

  1. Open Hardware Monitor
  2. Speedfan.
  3. Core Temp
  4. HWMonitor
  5. Monitor CPU Temperature
  6. CPUID

You need to download and install the software of your choice, run it to get the information of your computer’s temperature. At this article, OMG!HowTo will use Open Hardware Monitor software.

The first, download this software via the link here.

Open Hardware Monitor

Then, unzip a file downloaded and run OpenHardwareMonitor.exe. Now, you can see your CPU’s temperature.

Open Hardware Monitor interface.

Open Hardware Monitor

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