Deezer Vs. Tidal: Which Is The Better Music Service?

Deezer and tidal are famous music streaming apps with millions of users worldwide. They offer a massive album of songs with different audio content in various categories. 

So, which should you choose between Deezer vs. Tidal? Which service gives you more convenience? Are their audio quality and songs different? 

This post will discuss the basics of each music streaming service and give you more insights into their core differences. After reading this post, you can easily decide which is the better option to use. 

An Overview Of Deezer

Deezer Vs. Tidal

Deezer is a famous streaming service with up to 73 million songs. Aside from the songs, it also features podcasts and other audio content that are available in multiple languages. 

Users can access Deezer on many platforms such as TVs, desktops, or even mobile platforms. Similar to other services like Spotify, it has a dedicated website or application for mobile users. 

How Does Deezer Work?

This streaming service allows users to access most of its features without the need for any payment. It operates based on the advertisements between the songs. 

The app features a simplistic and user-friendly interface. It allows you to search the song with the name of the artist you love. Based on the user’s searches, the app will automatically suggest the new songs and tracks that you might like. 

An Overview Of Tidal 

Deezer Vs. Tidal

Similarly, Tidal is also a popular music streaming service featuring up to 80 million songs. In addition, you can find over 350,000 music videos provided by the service worldwide. 

As the artists earn money from their songs on Tidal, the audio quality of this service is very high. By subscribing to the service, you can directly support the artist you love. 

How Does Tidal Work?

If you are not a US user, you have to make a payment to access Tidal. However, Tidal offers a one-month free trial to give you a sense of the services it brings. 

The service has an application that is compatible with various platforms, including Android, Desktop, and IOS. The interface is also smart and straightforward with the auto-suggestion feature. 

Deezer Vs. Tidal: What Are The Differences? 




Numbers of songs

73 million songs and podcasts

80 million songs and 350,000 videos


iOS, macOS, Android, Web, Windows

iOS, macOS, Android, Web, Windows, Hifi

Audio Quality

Free: 128 kbps Premium: 320 kbps/MP3

HiFi: 1411 kbps/FLAC

Premium: 320 kbps/AACHiFi: 1411 kbps FLAC/ALAC

Subscription fee

$9.99/month (Premium)$14.99/month (Family)$14.99/month (Hifi)

$9.99/month (Premium)

$19.99/month (Hifi)


182 countries

56 countries

Free Plan

Not supported


Music Library

Deezer Vs. Tidal

The most obvious difference between the two music streaming services is the number of songs they offer. Deezer features over 70 million songs and other audio content like podcasts.

Meanwhile, Tidal gives you access to a more significant music library with more than 80 million songs. However, the selling point of Tidal lies in the 350,000 music videos, which give users additional visual entertainment. 

Deezle only offers the audio content and songs without the videos. For this reason, the music library of Tidal is more abundant and diversified. It is the ideal option if you want to enjoy the artist interviews or dances. 

Audio Quality

With the Hifi subscription, users get the same FLAC 16-bit/44,1 kHz on both services, providing a smooth and flawless music listening experience. Deezer allows streaming its songs at the lower 128 kbps quality. 

Meanwhile, the lowest kbps quality allowed by Tidal is 320. With the Hifi plus plan, you can even access 9216 kbp quality. In addition, this plan also comes with the Sony 360 realistic audio and Dolby Atmos.

Although both services give the standard CD-quality audio, it is evident that Tidal brings a more satisfying listening experience.

Subscription Price

If you don’t want to make any payment, Deezer is the better option to choose. 

Also, Tidal features a more diversified music library and higher audio quality. But you cannot use it for free. 

The least expensive plan for Tidal is the premium, with a cost of 9,99$ a month, which is similar to Deezer’s premium plan. However, the more high-end Hifi plan for Tidal is significantly more expensive, with up to 19,99$ monthly. 

In addition, Deezer also offers users more flexibility with four plan options: The free, premium, family, and Hifi. Meanwhile, Tidal only gives you two options: the Hifi and Hifi Plus plan, which both require payment. 


Both music streaming services are compatible with multiple platforms such as desktops, TVs, mobiles, and desktops. You can use Deezer and Tidal by accessing their websites on the browsers or by downloading the apps.

You can access Tidal via third-party systems like Denon Home, Sonos, and up to one hundred other supported devices. Similarly, Deezle is also available on Sonos, Apple Airplay, and Chromecast.

Speaking of availability, Deezer is undoubtedly the winner. This streaming service is available in 185 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, you can only access Tidal in 65 countries. 


Deezer Vs. Tidal

The interface of Deezer on its website and application is very clean and user-friendly. When playing songs, the app displays the lyrics for users to read. 

The app will walk you through a simple process of selecting your favorite artist and suggest the tracks they may light to users. There is an additional menu bar at the bottom to help you switch between favorites, music, and podcasts. 

Tidal also features a simple interface but has a darker theme. Users can flexibly switch between videos, activities, and collections to look for their favorite songs. 

If you want a more in-depth comparison, consider watching the video below. 

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

To sum up, Tidal offers greater audio quality, more diversified content, and a more satisfying listening experience. However, it may not be available in your country and come with payment. 

On the other hand, you simply want to enjoy high-quality audio but don’t want to pay any fee. In that case, Deezer is the more suitable option. I hope that the information provided can satisfy you. Thank you for reading!

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