Top 6 Best Sound Bar For 70 Inch TV Today

Our TVs are getting larger and larger, and many of us now have 70 inch TVs in our homes for the ultimate television viewing experience. However, with a TV this large, it can be difficult to get the audio quality that you desire. That’s why soundbars are so important – they provide the extra volume and clarity of sound that you need in order to enjoy the full range of audio available on your TV.

Soundbars are incredibly user-friendly and can be connected to TVs with ease. Many soundbars even come with a simple remote control, making it easy to adjust the volume or switch between different audio presets.

With the right soundbar for 70 inch TV, you can enjoy watching movies, playing video games, and listening to music with clarity and depth.

In this article, we have rounded up the top 6 best soundbars for 70-inch TVs. Each soundbar has been chosen for its outstanding audio quality and user-friendly features. Read on to find out which one is right for you.

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VIZIO M-Series 36” Sound Bar for TV

VIZIO, M-Series 36” Surround Sound System for TV, 2.1 Channel Home Audio…
  • America’s #1 Sound Bar* – VIZIO has been filling homes…
  • New Modern Design Angular all-in-1 design packed with…

Last update on 2023-10-04 | Details

If you’re looking for an affordable and quality sound bar to improve your TV experience, the VIZIO M-Series 36″ is a great option. The VIZIO Sound Bar for TV is a great product that delivers rich and clear sound, a frequency range of 50Hz – 20KHz, and the ability to connect to Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa devices. Plus, it comes with all the necessary cables to get set up in minutes.

The 6 precise-designed speakers create an immersive sound experience, and the optimized for 4K HDR content with Dolby Audio ensures the best audio performance from your content. The full-featured, easy to navigate remote with comfort grip makes it easy to control all aspects of the sound bar, and the included HDMI and audio cables make setup a breeze.

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Brand: VIZIO | Amplifier Channels: 2.1 | Voice Assistant: Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa

PHEANOO 2.1 CH Roku TV Ready Soundbar

Sound Bar for TV, PHEANOO 2.1 CH Soundbar with Subwoofer,…
  • BETTER BASS: Dedicated weird subwoofer offers deep and…

Last update on 2023-10-04 | Details

The Pheanoo 2.1CH Roku TV Ready Soundbar is a great way to get great sound without spending a lot of money. This soundbar has excellent sound quality, with deep and powerful bass that really enhances your listening experience. It’s also very easy to set up, with connections for HDMI ARC, Optical, AUX, and Bluetooth 5.0. The stylish design is compact and fits easily into any living space.

This soundbar is designed to be compact and stylish, and it’s certified to work seamlessly with any Roku TV. It’s easy to set up and use, with smooth setup and easy access to sound settings. The sound quality is excellent, with clear dialogue and precise sound reproduction.

Connectivity Technology: RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB, HDMI | Speaker Type: Soundbar | Brand: PHEANOO | Bluetooth 5.0

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar, Works with 4K & HD TVs,…
  • EXCELLENT SOUND AND VALUE on par with any mid- to…

Last update on 2023-10-04 | Details

If you’re looking for an excellent sound bar that will significantly improve your home theater experience, the Polk Audio Signa S2 is a great option. This sound bar features five powerful full-range drivers, which deliver rich sound with deep bass. It also includes a wireless subwoofer, so you can really feel the action in your movies and TV shows.

The voice adjust technology ensures that the sound is always clear, and the Dolby Digital decoding maximizes sound clarity. The sound bar is also very slim, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your TV stand. The sound bar is just over 2″ tall and fits most spaces, making it easy to wall-mount or place in front of your TV. It also won’t block your TV’s bottom edge or IR remote sensor.

With numerous connection possibilities, the sound bar can be plugged in to any audio source via HDMI ARC, optical input, and AUX. And with the built-in Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly stream music from your favorite streaming apps.

Connectivity Technology: Wireless, HDMI | Speaker Type: Soundbar | Brand: Polk Audio | IR Remote control

Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer…
  • Experience Dolby Atmos in a 7.1.2ch, 800W sound bar
  • Maintain quality from source to screen with 4K HDR…

Last update on 2023-10-04 | Details

The Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is a great product for those looking for an immersive audio experience. This soundbar has excellent sound quality, and the included wireless subwoofer provides deep bass that truly enhances the overall experience.

It’s sleek, stylish, and has great sound quality. The Dolby Atmos feature is amazing and really brings your movies and music to life. This soundbar also has Hi-Res Audio support, which means you can enjoy your music in crystal clear quality.

The 4K HDR support and HDCP 2.2 ensure that you’ll maintain quality from source to screen, while the Google Home compatibility and wireless multi-room listening allow you to easily control your music playback. The Chromecast built-in also lets you easily cast your favorite music or podcasts from your phone or tablet straight to the soundbar.

And with 3x HDCP 2.2-compatible HDMI inputs, 1x HDMI ARC output, optical SPDIF, analog AUX, and a USB connection, the Sony soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is a great choice for any home theater setup.

Connectivity Technology: Wireless | Speaker Type: Soundbar | Brand: Sony | Chromecast built-in | Amplifier Channels: 7.1.2CH

Samsung HW-R60C 3.1 Channel Soundbar

Samsung HW-R60C 3.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  • DEDICATED CENTER CHANNEL: Hear voices clearly with a…
  • WIRELESS SUBWOOFER: Feel the subtle rumble of distant…

Last update on 2023-10-04 | Details

The Samsung HW-R60C 3.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is a great product. It has dedicated center channel that gives clear dialogue and wireless subwoofer for rumble of distant thunder and explosions.

The soundbar is also Bluetooth connected so you can stream music without any strings attached. It is optimized to work seamlessly with Samsung TVs and comes with a wireless surround kit for expansion.

The dedicated center channel ensures that voices are clear, while the wireless subwoofer provides a rich bass experience. The soundbar can be easily connected to a TV, and it also has a built-in Bluetooth connection for streaming music.

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Speaker Type: Soundbar | Brand: SAMSUNG | Channels: 3.1 CH

The Quick Guide to Choosing A Soundbar For 70 Inch TV

soundbar for 70 inch tv 3

When choosing the best soundbar for a 70 inch TV, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Size: Make sure to purchase a soundbar that is the correct size to fit your TV.
  2. Price: Soundbars can range in price from $100 to $700. Be sure to set a budget and find one that fits within your budget.
  3. Audio quality: Some soundbars provide better sound quality than others. Be sure to test out different soundbars before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting the best possible audio quality for your money.
  4. Features: Many soundbars come with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity or subwoofers. Make sure to choose one that has the features you need.
  5. Design: Some soundbars are designed to look like they’re part of the TV, while others are more discreet. Choose a soundbar that will complement your décor.


soundbar for 70 inch tv

There are a few more things you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Space at Your Home

You may not be able to afford a home cinema system, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great sound. With the right bar and some clever placement, you can have an immersive audio experience without the hassle of wires or installation.

Some tips:

  • (1) Make sure your soundbar is compatible with your TV;
  • (2) If you want it with a subwoofer, make sure there is room for it;
  • (3) The size of your room will determine the wattage required, so if it’s large or has high ceilings get more watts;
  • (4) Be realistic about where you place the bar in relation to neighbours.

With the right bar and some clever placement, you can have an immersive audio experience without the hassle of wires or installation.

Power (Watts)

Most people think that the higher the wattage of a sound bar, the better the quality of sound. However, this is not always true. While it is important to have a sound bar with enough power to meet your needs, you don’t need one with tons of watts to get great sound.

In fact, for most people, a 150-watt sound bar will be more than enough. So don’t be fooled by manufacturers who try to sell you on high wattage numbers – focus on finding a sound bar that meets your specific needs instead.​

Soundbar Connections

best HDMI Splitter

Sound bars are a great way to improve the audio quality of your television, and there are several ways to connect them. We’ll discuss three of the most common methods: Optical cable, HDMI ARC, and Bluetooth.

  • Optical cables are used to connect sound bars to televisions. They are very common, and most old/modern televisions have an optical port that can be used to connect the sound bar.
  • ARC is an acronym for “Audio Return Channel”. It is a type of HDMI cable that can be used to connect a sound bar to a television. The main advantage of using an ARC cable is that it allows audio from the television to be sent back to the soundbar. This means only one cable is needed for setup.
  • Bluetooth is a way to connect a sound bar to a television without using any cables. This can be convenient if the sound bar and the television are not in close proximity to each other. To use this connection, the sound bar and the television must be compatible with Bluetooth.

Channels (2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1)

The more channels your soundbar has, the higher audio quality it will have. There are many different configurations for channel output: 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1. To help you make your decision easier, we’re going over what channel configuration is best for you based off of your needs.

  • 2.0 Soundbar: This configuration will be found in most sound bars and consists of two speakers integrated into the backside of the bar itself plus one speaker in its subwoofer (usually). It is perfect for those who want a basic surround sound experience without any bells and whistles.
  • 2.1 Soundbar: The soundbar includes two sets of speakers integrated into the soundbar as well as a subwoofer. This is a popular choice for those who are looking for a better surround sound experience.

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