Lifsoft PC AutoTimer Coupon Code | Free License 100%

PC AutoTimer is a fresh software designed to enhance your PC usage. It enables you to establish a restriction on both the timeframe and duration you wish to use your computer, in addition to the sleep mode onset time. This implies that, if you have a crucial meeting in the next three hours, and you don’t want to pause your work right now, simply adjust the timer as needed and keep working until your meeting commences!

AutoTimer is a simple-to-use Windows power management program that allows you to resume your computer from the sleep state to execute scheduled activities and customize hotkeys for recurring operations such as shutting down, restarting, sleeping, launching a program, and operating the keyboard and mouse instead of humans.

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All PC AutoTimer Coupon Code

Lifsoft PC AutoTimer Coupon Code | Free License 100%

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  • Product: PC AutoTimer
  • Homepage:
  • License type: One-time
  • Operating system (OS): Windows
  • Last updated: 5/10/2021

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License Key N.2: JN5C6-RYPI1-3RR6E-MQ12N-2YHSN

Paid Version:

  • Free updates for 1-year
  • All-new features
  • Free tech support

Giveaway Key:

  • No technical support
  • No update

How to Activate Your Free License Key

Download and install PC AutoTimer on your computer from the above link – please select the correct version for the license code given.

pc auto timer

Open the application and, under “Help/About,” enter your name and PC AutoTimer license key to activate it. License Status is Activated.

pc auto timer

Enjoy using this program now!

pc auto timer

PC AutoTimer Features

Wake up for power-on: Start the computer automatically at a specific date and time, even if it was shut down in hibernation or sleep.

Shut down or sleep: With a scheduled task, you can put your computer into sleep, hibernation, and power-off states without having to worry about wasting money on an always-on system.

Task Scheduler: Make it easier to manage all of your tasks by scheduling an application to run at a particular time. This program is a comprehensive scheduling tool, allowing you to schedule applications and other activities for the day or week ahead. For example, running a music player in the morning serves as an alarm clock for your computer.

Hotkey collection: Make your keyboard hotkeys do a wide range of things, including launching the suggested activities or your favorite frequently used software/app as well as a macro script.

pc auto timer

Keyboard/Mouse Macro: The program is simple to use: record and playback a Human Mouse move, click, and keyboard input from the Macro Script so that your computer may perform complicated operations automatically.

More features: This software also allows you to turn on, switch off, reboot, lock a session or log out of your system quickly by means of a scheduled task or hotkey as well as a One-Sentence Reminder that reminds you of crucial things on a regular basis and more.

pc auto timer

PC AutoTimer Specification

Product specification
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
OS Windows 11/10/7/XP
Support Email
Price $$ One-time


PC AutoTimer is a PC power management software that allows you to schedule your PC usage for the best time, shutdown or sleep automatically. PC AutoTimer also has many other features including hotkeys and macros so it’s easier than ever before to get things done with just one click! For more information on PC AutoTimer, please visit their website from here.

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PC AutoTimer is a PC power management software that has features to help you optimize your PC usage. You can set up a self-imposed limit on the time of day and length of time you want to use your PC for, as well as how long it takes for the system to go into sleep mode.

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Lifsoft PC AutoTimer Coupon Code | Free License 100%
Lifsoft PC AutoTimer Coupon Code | Free License 100%

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