Top 10 Apps to Help You Relax For Android and iOS [Updated]

Take the kids to school, pick up the dry cleaning, buy the milk, and the list just keeps on going and going. Don’t get me started on the things you have to deal with at work and how your boss thinks you can do a million things at once.

There are no escaping your responsibilities, and it’s something you just have to deal with. Having so much to do in so little time obviously stresses us out, but good thing that you have various Android as well as iOS apps you can turn to to help you relax.

7 Free Android Apps to Help You Stay Organized
7 Free Android Apps to Help You Stay Organized

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Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax


Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax is of the most popular relaxing apps on Google Play. It features hundreds of programs that will help you get rid of all that stress. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not, there’s a program for everyone.

You will enjoy guided meditation sessions where you will be told what you need to do to relax. There are various topics you can relax to such as Deep Sleep, Calming Anxiety, Managing Stress, Forgiveness, Gratitude and much more. It also features seven and 21-day programs for both beginners and advanced user.

Relax Melodies

2 Relax

Research has shown that hearing relaxing music while you try to go to sleep helps you relax. This is an app that is dedicated to helping put together the perfect melodies to help you fall asleep. You can choose between 48 relaxing sounds that range from a River, Winds, Birds, Zen, Urban rain and much more!

There is also a daily meditation session for you to enjoy and you can also save your favorite melodies so you can hear them over and over. You can also set a timer so you can hear the melodies for as long as you want. You can choose between times such as 10 minutes, 20, 30, 1 Hour, 2 Hrs, and Custom.



I’m sure you’ve heard how breathing is very important if you want to relax. The experts say that if you breathe in a certain way, it will help you concentrate on the breathing and temporarily forgot about your problems. This app offers you quite a few breathing exercises on diaphragmatic breathing or breathing from your stomach.It will guide you step by step on how to breathe correctly.



Many of the users that used Happify for at least two months reported feeling happier. Just in case you’re wondering why it’s because the app concentrates on the five things that make us happy. Those things are Giving, Thanking, Savoring, Aspiring, and Empathizing.

When you open the app, you can choose a track of what you want to accomplish. You can make a choice between Dealing with negative thoughts, Coping better with stress or building self-confidence. It also has a Shine On activity where you can save the best thing you have done during the day. This will help you remember all the good things that have happened to you.



Have you ever felt so stressed that when someone asks you what has you like that, you don’t know what to say? Before you can start to relax, you need to pinpoint what is stressing you out in the first place. With this app, you will practice Mind Mapping. It’s a technique that turns your thoughts into visuals so you can target them one by one. Once you’ve created your map, you can easily upload it to Evernote or Dropbox for safe keeping.

With this app, you will practice Mind Mapping. It’s a technique that turns your thoughts into visuals so you can target them one by one. Once you’ve created your map, you can easily upload it to Evernote or Dropbox for safe keeping.



Sometimes just being able to have a journal where you can let it all out helps too. Diaro is easy to use app that will allow you to do daily entries of whatever is going on in your life. With this app, you can add pictures, tag notes, and tag locations.

You can easily put each of your entries in a certain folder and even enable location, so you will always know where you were when you write a particular entry. You can also add a certain color for each note you can easily tell them apart.

Other Apps



Plasticity is an app that creates short training activities to help you improve your emotional intelligence and improve your relationship with co-workers. Since you spend most of your time at work, it’s very important that you try to do all you can to get along with everyone.

Every day the app is going to ask you to name one thing you’re grateful for work. Maybe you’re just happy even to have a job that helps you cover your basic necessities.


Life is very stressful, and there is nothing you can do about it, except using the above apps to try and relax. The chores are not going to go away but if you know how to deal with the stress. Which app do you think you are going to try? Let me know in the comments.

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