Top 5 Free Web Apps to Add Funny Effects to Your Pictures

If you love taking pictures like me, then you have thousands of them saved either on your phone or computer. You try to take the best pictures possible, so the proof of those memories look the best they can. There are times that no matter how great you want a picture to look, there is always something missing.

Of course! A funny frame or effect is missing. That’s what will give your image the final touch that will make it perfect and will make your friends ask you how you did it. The following are free web apps you can use to add that funny frame so your picture and have fun at the same time.

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Add Funny Effects is one of the best online tools where you can add all kinds of funny effects to your pictures. You can do things such as put your face on someone else’s body or even put your face on an animal.

With this web app, you can also put your face on any picture and become Terminator, Nun, Pirate, Soldier, Alien, Darth Vader, Yoda and much more! has a large variety of categories such as For Women, For Men, Summer, Jokes & Pranks, Pets & Animals, Wedding, Nature, Travel & Vacation and more! is a complete web app because it also offers you photo frames for all the major holidays such as Christmas, New years, Thanksgiving and more!

Whenever you get tired of the effects, you can also check out the photo editor, Face Retouch, E-Cards, Avatars, Cartoons and more.


Add Funny Effects

PhotoFunia is another great option when it comes to adding some humor to your pictures. Just like you can put your face on all sorts of characters such as Santa, a Knight, an Astronaut, a Ninja and even on a piece of toast. PhotFunia may not have additional tools, but the options it does have will keep you entertained for hours.

You can create animated images with lightning effects, and you can turn yourself into an Anime. The app doesn’t forget about the major holidays either since you will also find options for Easter, Christmas, New Years and so on. Have you ever wanted to have your face on a calendar? With this web app, you can, and you can even be Iron Man if you want. As you can see, you will have a lot of fun with this app and also add some nice effects for special occasions.


Add Funny Effects

If you’re looking for a less cluttered web app to add those funny effects to your, LoonaPix is a great option. It has the same style as the previously mentioned apps, but with different styles.

You will definitely get a breath of fresh air with LoonaPix and see how organized it is. It has its options separated into 4 different categories: Photo Effects, Photo Frames, Face Effects and Trim Photos. With this last category, you can give your picture all sorts of shapes.



As its name indicates, with FunnyWow you will make some great and funny pictures. You can put your picture on the eye of an Avatar from the movie, on a computer, on celebrities T-Shirt, The big screen TV of a Casino and the list keep going on and on. You’ll have no many options to choose from that you won’t know where to start.

You will need to upload the picture so you can get your funny picture, but the web app gives you an option to erase it. Only go to the Photos tab that’s on top and put the mouse cursor over the picture. You should see a red X at the corner of the image, click on that and the picture can be erased.

Fun Frame Photo Maker

Funny Frame Maker

This site is a little different from the rest since it concentrates more on putting your face in various places rather than the entire picture. You can put you face on A sports Frames, Movie Posters, On an Apple or Orange, Santa, Etc.

The web app also has a collage maker with different templates. You can either make your collages out of Rectangles, Hearts, Shapes, and Fancy. Go ahead and give this site a look at, I guarantee you’ll have fun with everything it.


Whenever you want to relax and goof around a little before you have to get all serious for work, try these apps. You get a good laugh with all the funny effects they have to offer and also make someone else laugh when you share them. What or who are you going to put your face on? Let me know in the comments.

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