These Are the 5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

For developers who have been working with WordPress for a long time, tapping into the managed WordPress hosting industry might not seem like a necessity. However, there are still a myriad of individuals and companies who simply want a website without having to do most of the dirty work. In fact, a report from the DigitalJournal predicts a continued rise in the data processing and hosting services market as internet traffic grows.

Why Use a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

A managed WordPress hosting service will take care of managing the technical aspects of your site. While this could mean an additional cost for you, there are plenty of advantages that make it well worth it. Using a managed WordPress hosting provider means you no longer have to fuss over security, updates, speed, daily backups, and website uptime. It also allows you to install any WordPress plugins easily, despite not knowing how to code.

There are many options to choose from – here are our top choices.


SiteGround is one of the most well-used hosting cloud platform, and it’s catered to eCommerce businesses. It’s even recommended by WordPress itself, making it a suitable choice even for those unfamiliar with the market. SiteGround has a lot of features including free site migration, over 10GB of space, collaboration tools, and high-performance security. It also performs best in the easern US and Canada, an important fact to keep in mind.


Like SiteGround, BlueHost is also one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers, and is highly recommended by WordPress as well. This provider is UK-based, so it performs best for clients around London and the rest of Europe. Some of its unique offerings include free SSL encryption, daily backups, malware detection, and removal services. If you’re in need of SEO tools and site analytics, BlueHost can provide for you too.


Kinsta’s Managed WordPress product saw a lot of success, and the company recently launched an application and database hosting service as a new addition. Kinsta is a pricier option, but its infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud Platform, which is faster and more reliable than most other hosts. Moreover, you can choose between 29 data centers to host your WordPress website to make sure that you have the lowest latency possible.

WP Engine

WP Engine is the perfect option for business owners who want to get an online store up and running as fast as possible. Aside from the usual daily backups, SSL certificates, updates, and others, WP Engine also offers the Genesis Framework and over 35 StudioPress themes. It also offers the fastest server response time globally, with its lowest being 1ms in the US and Germany, and 10ms in Canada.


Finally we have GoDaddy, a fully managed and reliable hosting service that specializes in adaptability. Although it’s not as well-known as its competitors, GoDaddy has seen a 7% increase in revenue in the third quarter of 2022, cementing it as an up-and-coming name in the industry. GoDaddy provides its users withe free SSL, their own domain, business email, backups, and a staging site that enables them to freely experiment.


There are so many hosting solutions out there, and each one has something special to offer. If you’re having trouble deciding on one, we recommend utilizing their free tier offerings to get a feel of how they work, and slowly upgrade accordingly. After all, finding ‘the best’ managed WordPress hosting provider highly depends on how well it can fit your company and website’s unique needs.

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