Samsung MX-T50 Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand. It is the largest South Korean chaebol.

Samsung has been a leader in loudspeaker design and technology, with products like the SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50. This speaker is small and easy to use, with excellent sound quality for its size. It produces clear, powerful sound that is perfect for any occasion.

I haven’t seen a beautiful small speaker like this Samsung Mx-t50 for a long time. It has a charismatic and modern design that attracts you from the first look. In this Samsung Mx-t50 review, I will discuss its most noticeable features and quality to give you more insights into this product. 

Based on this in-depth review, you can decide if the MX-T50 is the best match for your home audio setup. Keep scrolling down, and I will show you!

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50, 500-Watts, Black

Brand: SAMSUNG | Speaker Type: Floor-standing | Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, USB | Subwoofer Diameter: 6.5 Inches

Samsung Mx-T50 Review: The Core Qualities

Though the Samsung Mx-T50 was introduced more than one decade ago, its sound quality and beautiful appearance haven’t become old-fashioned. 

Compared with the newer speaker models, Mx-t50 still stands out with its unique strengths and top-notch qualities. Now let me walk you through some of this speaker’s selling points!


SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50
The three-sized triangular design

Besides the sound quality, the speaker’s appearance is the critical factor that affects users’ buying decisions. If the design is your priority, the Mx-t50 won’t let you down with its aesthetic and modern look. 

The speaker featured a standing cylinder shape that resembled a tall tower. While most speaker models have 4 sides, the Mx-t50 brings a more compact design with only three sides and a triangular top.

The blue mixed with black color is the main theme for the Mx-t50, which can fit easily in high-quality and modern audio setups. When you turn on the speakers, the inner lights produce a beautiful and classy blue flash.

Regarding the material, most of the Samsung Mx-t50’s components are made of metal and plastic. At the bottom of the speaker are three firm and sturdy standing legs that fit nicely into three corners. 

The triangular design of the Samsung Mx-t50 makes it more recognizable and unique. In addition, this peculiar structure also adds more sturdiness and durability to the speaker.

I particularly love this new and ground-breaking triangular design. It would fit nicely into the modern audio setups with black and blue background. However, if your setup has a lot of rectangular shapes, then the Mx-t50 may not fit well. 

Sound Quality

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50
The Speaker Only Provides One Bass Button

There is a play button on the controlling board of the speaker.

If you press it for five seconds, the speaker will play a piece of Demo music that leaves a strong impression with its robust sound quality and loud volume. 

When I heard the Demo piece, I knew this speaker would be perfect for playing EDM or remixed music. It possesses pretty robust bass with a wide sound frequency from loud to high pitches. 

The robust sound quality the Mx-t50 brings when playing the bass sounds really touched my heart. It must be one of the speakers that give the best bass audio at this price range. 

However, the speaker hasn’t reached that level of perfectionism with some significant setbacks in the audio design. On the Mx-t50, you cannot adjust the bass, tremble, or mid-sound volume like the other speaker. 

It only features one sole button, allowing users to adjust the dynamic bass. This may be a big frustration at first sight, but the Mx-t50 has a very well-modified EQ that doesn’t require much adjustment. 

I think that this is a very brave move from the manufacturer. They keep the speaker controlling surface clean and simple by removing the adjusting button and providing a well-adjusted EQ. 

The sound audio of the Mx-t50 is nearly flawless. It can satisfy all the basic listening needs and music genres, especially the robust remix and EDM sound. 

However, I still find it unsatisfying when the speaker doesn’t have these extra buttons like the other high-quality audio devices.  


SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50

With this speaker, you will get a more than pleasant karaoke experience. The Mx-t50 possesses a mic jack and ECHO knobs. Though these features are available on many speakers, they are nowhere as good as the Mx-t50. 

When combined with its high power, the speaker brings perfectly tuned lyrics that make your voice more harmonious with the playing song. However, the real selling point of this speaker lies in its high convenience. 

You don’t need to tune or adjust anything. Just plug in the mic, and the speaker becomes a complete Karaoke setup. 

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The Advantages Of Samsung Mx-T50 

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50

Those are basically the best features of the Samsung Mx-t50. Like every other speaker, Mx-t50 possesses high audio quality and a beautiful design.

  • The lyrics and auto-tune are also flawless, giving users a satisfying karaoke experience. The speaker body is made of high-quality metal, giving it a shiny and premium surface with sturdy standing legs at the bottom. 
  • Multiple connectivity options allow users to connect their device to various other devices and peripherals. This is extremely convenient for those who want to use their device for multiple purposes.
  • The sound tower mobile app is a great addition for those who want to listen to music on their device. The app allows users to control the sound system and create their own playlist.
  • The DJ effects are also a great feature, allowing users to add special effects to their music. This is a great feature for those who want to add some excitement to their music listening experience.

Though this speaker was introduced a long time ago, I believe that it will stay prevalent for the next few years. If you are aiming at a beautiful speaker with high performance at a medium price range, the Mx-t50 is an ideal option. 

The Disadvantages Of Samsung Mx-T50

Samsung MX T50 is a great product with a lot of amazing features, but like all products, it has some disadvantages.

  • It does not have WiFi support. This means that you cannot connect it to the internet and use it to stream music or other audio content. While this may not be a big deal for some people, it is a definite downside for others.
  • Samsung MX T50 is quite costly. While it is certainly not the most expensive sound system on the market, it is still a significant investment.
  • The weight and size of the Samsung MX T50 can also be a bit of a turnoff for some people. It is not the most compact or lightweight sound system, which can make it difficult to transport or move around. This can be a problem if you have a small space that you want to use it in.

If you want to experience the real audio of the Mx-T50, consider watching this video to learn more!

Final Thoughts

Rarely have I seen such a high-quality speaker that is worth every cent in its price. It has great audio quality with strong bass, wide and balanced audio frequency, and decent tremble. As a result, you will get a satisfying listening experience when playing both EDM and mild country music genres. The lyrics and audio are also crystal clear, making the Mx-t50 a great option for watching movies or even playing games. 

The brand new triangular design of the Mx-t50 is a fresh wind into the old-fashioned rectangular soundbar and audio speakers. This product line aims at users who prefer a compact yet beautiful and modern audio setup. 

I hope that the in-depth information and reviews provided in this post can help you make a wise purchase decision. Thank you for your precious time!

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