R-100sw Vs. R-12sw: Which Is The Better Subwoofer?

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The subwoofer is an indispensable component in a high-quality home theater system. Choosing the right subwoofer will help you enjoy the authentic and robust low-pitch sounds.

So are you looking for a good subwoofer and have narrowed your choice to the two products from Klipsch? This post will discuss r-100sw vs. r-12sw and highlights their main differences. 

Based on the information provided in this detailed comparison, you can select the most suitable subwoofer for your preferences and needs.

An Overview Of R-100sw

Klipsch R-100SW 10″ Subwoofer, Incredibly Deep Bass and an All-digital Amplifier

Brand: Klipsch | Color: Black | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Speaker Size 10 Inches

R-100sw is a versatile electric subwoofer with a built-in amplifier, capable of reproducing audio with high accuracy and vibration. This device can operate stably at a high frequency for many hours. 

It is a great choice for large rooms that require loud and robust audio. The iconic black color of the 25cm wooden bass gives it a vintage and classy look. 

The case is covered with a special veneer layer that is resistant to dust, moisture, and scratches. The integrated amplifier can create low-frequency sounds from 30Hz-120Hz. 

Therefore the R-100sw is optimal for all kinds of activities, such as listening to music, partying, and watching movies.

 R-100sw Design
R-100sw Design

An Overview Of R-12SW

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

Brand: Klipsch | Color: Brushed Black Vinyl | Speaker Type: Subwoofer | Speaker Size 12 Inches

The Klipsch R-12SW is a great combination of affordability and performance. The copper-spun diaphragm gives it a classy and modern appearance. 

Due to its small size and lightweight, you can put this subwoofer in rooms with limited spaces or carry it around easily. 

Equipped with a built-in amplifier, the R-12SW brings users a satisfying listening experience with authentic audio quality.

However, the copper case is also prone to shocks and strong vibration, which could break it easily. This version doesn’t support Wifi connection, which is a major drawback for modern home theater systems.
If you want more detailed information, consider watching the video below.

Differences Between R-100sw vs. R-12sw

Each subwoofer shines in its way with unique strengths and weaknesses. To select the most suitable device, you have to consider your purposes, needs, and room conditions. 

Side-By-Side Comparison

Criteria  r-100sw r-12sw
Sensitivity 116.0dB 7 speakers + 1 subwoofer
Frequency     29Hz – 120Hz 32Hz – 120Hz
Amplifier Power (Watts) 200 300
Drive diameter 12 inches 10 inches
Width 14 inches 12.52 inches
Depth 18.5 inches 16.42 inches
Height 16 inches 14.49 inches
Weight 33.7 pounds 24.03 pounds

Sound Quality

The R-12sw wins when it comes to sound quality. It can create louder audio with deeper and more precise sound quality by reaching low-pitch audio at 29Hz. 

If you just want a regular subwoofer to watch movies and listen to all types of music, the R-12sw is the most optimal choice. 


It is hard to determine which subwoofer has a more beautiful design. 

The advantage of the Klipsch R-100SW is its portability and smaller size and weight (nearly 10 pounds lighter than the R-12sw).

Therefore it can fit nicely in tight spaces and can be carried around conveniently. Yet, the r-12sw does support a wireless Bluetooth connection, allowing you to get rid of the annoying connecting cable. 

This feature brings tremendous flexibility and comfort in the setup process, as you can quickly switch and remove the established connections. 

 The Built-in Amplifier
The Built-in Amplifier

Pros And Cons Of R-100sw Vs. R-12sw

Let’s check the strengths and weaknesses of both subwoofers to select the best device for your preferences. 



  • Have a front-firing driver that produces clean, deep, and authentic bass audio.
  • Power amplifier power that reaches up to 300W, giving a stable performance at high frequencies. 
  • Its portability and light weight are ideal for camping trips. 
  • The veneer layer helps prevent dust, moisture and external damages. 


  • The wooden case is a little outdated compared to modern subwoofer models. 
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth.



  • Compatible for the majority of receivers and devices.
  • Capable of producing lower-pitch sounds (29Hz) and louder audio.
  • The front Led indicators can add up to its modern appearance.


  • The copper metal can easily be damaged by strong collisions. 
  • Doesn’t support Wifi connection. 

Final Verdict: Which Is Better?

Overall, if you want the highest sound quality and precise bass, opt for the r-12sw. The r-100sw is a more affordable subwoofer, suitable for carrying around to different places with decent audio quality. 

If you are looking for a great subwoofer to put in the home theater system to enjoy films and music, the r-12sw is the best option. 

We hope that the information provided can satisfy you. Thank you for reading!

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