Onn Soundbar Setup – How To Connect Onn Soundbar To TV?

Onn Soundbar is a smart speaker that brings you multidimensional and excellent sound quality. With this device set up and paired with your TV, you will have a great entertainment experience watching movies and listening to music. 

The most common problem many people encounter when buying an Onn soundbar is the setup process. You may want to know what is the best way to connect your Onn soundbar to television and other devices. 

This post gives you simple and detailed instructions on the Onn soundbar setup. You can connect your speaker to another device effortlessly with this guidance. 

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What Is An Onn Soundbar?

Onn Soundbar Setup
Onn Soundbar Setup

This smart soundbar from Roku is one of the best speakers available on the market. The design of Onn Soundbar is a long and flat bar that can be put in small spaces below your TV or hung on the wall.

It possesses small multi speakers and special listening modes that give you an optimal listening experience. Onn soundbar has modern features like Bluetooth pairing and wifi network connection. 

Onn Soundbar’s Accessories

Apart from the main unit, you are provided with popular types of connectors. They include two RCA to RCA cables, one HDMI cable, and one Optical cable.

There is one remote to control the soundbar, along with two power cords in the box. An additional subwoofer is also provided.

How To Set Up Your Onn Soundbar

These are the simple and detailed steps to set up your Onn soundbar and connect it to the TV. Make sure that you follow every step carefully.   

Step 1: Connect Soundbar To TV Using HDMI Cables

Place the speaker below your television or in nearby places suitable for your room’s interior. Find an HDMI input on the left or right side of your TV.

The right HDMI should be labeled ARC. When using this connector, the soundbar will become the main speaker of your TV and play all the sound. 

Please use the optical cable input if the HDMI input is unavailable on your TV. The right one is labeled Digital and located next to the HDMI input. 

Go to your TV settings and enable CEC. This setting allows you to control your TV with the soundbar’s remote or adjust the volume with the TV remote. 

Soundbar HDMI (ARC) Input
Soundbar HDMI (ARC) Input

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Step 2: Set Up Your Onn Soundbar And Remote 

Plug the power cable into your soundbar and the other end into the power outlet. Press the Input button with the AV or source Icon on your TV remote.

Now the Roku logo will appear on your TV screen. Put the two power cords provided into your speaker’s remote. 

Onn Soundbar Setup

Step 3: Connect Your Onn Soundbar To Wifi Network

On the TV screen, select the network that your speaker will connect to. Ensure that both your device and speaker are connected to the same network. 

Follow the steps on the screen to get the latest updates. Turn on CEC in settings and choose the HDMI (ARC) input. 

HDMI CEC Settings
HDMI CEC Settings

Step 4: Activate Onn Soundbar 

Now complete the final setups on your TV screen using the TV remote. After creating a Roku account, add the channels and content you like to stream on TV.

Consider watching the video below if you want more detailed instructions.

Alternative method: Connect Soundbar To TV With Bluetooth

You should apply this method if your device doesn’t support HDMI or you don’t have an optical cable. Switch on your television and open Bluetooth settings. 

Turn on Bluetooth on your TV. Press the Bluetooth button on your soundbar remote to enable Bluetooth mode. 

A blue flash will appear on the speaker’s indicator light. You can also press and hold the power button to enable Bluetooth mode manually. 

Remember that the distance between the Onn speaker and your device must be less than one meter. The signal is stronger depending on the distance between the two devices. 

The last step is to start the Bluetooth search function on your TV. Select pairing when the speaker is discovered, and your device will connect to the soundbar. 


Setting up your Onn soundbar properly gives you a smooth listening experience. Ensure that your devices function well, and you follow all the steps carefully. 

We hope that you can set up your Onn soundbar effortlessly based on the information provided in this instruction. Thank you for reading!

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