iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 14: Should You Upgrade?

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The long-awaited iPhone 14 series has finally been introduced by Apple. With a powerful processor and ground-breaking features, many Apple fans wonder if it’s worth an upgrade. 

While the iPhone 14 has proved its superiority with a beautiful design and the latest innovative technologies, the iPhone 12 still delivers excellent satisfaction. So, will switching from the iPhone 12 to the 14 series be a smart move? 

iPhone 12 vs. 14: Which will deliver the greatest value for your money? This in-depth comparison has every answer you’re looking for. Keep reading, and I’ll show you!

iPhone 12 vs. 14: What Are The Differences?

Apple has the tradition of upgrading the iPhone hardware in two consecutive generations. The significant changes made to the iPhone’s appearance and design only took off every three or two years. 

However, this story has changed in the case of iPhone 14 and 12. Apart from the significant changes in appearance, the 14 generation comes with superior features that will amaze you. 

But it doesn’t mean the 12 generation is a bad choice either. Now let me walk you through some core differences and quality between these two product lines.  


iphone 14 vs iphone 12
 The Smaller Notch On 14 And 14 Pro Series
The Smaller Notch On 14 And 14 Pro Series

The two iPhones feature pretty similar designs when put side by side.

Both iPhone 14 and 12 generations come with a glass back and shiny aluminum frame covered in ceramic shield front.

The dimensions of the two products are also similar at 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm. However, the iPhone 14 is slightly thicker, with 7.8 mm in depth. But it feels nearly the same when you hold the device. 

The most noticeable difference lies in the notch design. If you don’t like previous generations’ large and obstructive notch, the  20% smaller notch on iPhone 14 would be a selling point. 

This minor difference significantly increases the iPhone 14’s recognizability since everyone can spot it based on the smaller notch. Apart from the notch, the two generations look nearly identical with a classy and premium design. 


iphone 14 vs iphone 12

The camera quality is where the iPhone 14 stands out. Both series are equipped with a premium 12MP dual camera system. However, Apple has incorporated a more powerful sensor of the 13 iPhone into its latest 14 series. 

The iPhone’s 14 has higher pixels and a wider aperture of 1.9µm and f/1.6. Meanwhile, the numbers for the iPhone 12 stand at 1.4µm and f/1.5, respectively. Sensor-shift OIS system on the 14 is also more advanced. 

As a result, the image quality and stability are significantly improved on the iPhone 14. The innovative Photonic Engine and  Deep Fusion also assist you better in each camera shot. 


Apple traditionally incorporates a next-generation processor with higher speed and capacity in the later iPhone generation. The iPhone 14 series is no different with its powerful A15 Bionic chip.

The A15 Bionic is integrated into the 13 series with an upgraded 64-bit six-core CPU and two Avalanche high-performance cores. As a result, the A15 can process up to 15.8 trillion operations per second.

Meanwhile, the capacity of the A14 chip is significantly lower, with only 11,8 trillion operations. Through the benchmark tests, the A15 chip on iPhone 14 brings a 40% increase in performance with 80% better graphic performance. 

For these reasons, the iPhone 14 delivers a far more satisfying speed and capacity, whether it’s for multi-tasking, editing, or playing games. 


iphone 14 vs iphone 12 001
The Display Quality Is Similar On The Two iPhones

The display size is the main factor that contributes the most to the user’s experience. Since the Iphone 12 and 14 features the same dimension, there won’t be a significant increase in screen surface.

Given that a larger size will be uncomfortable to hold, this screen size brings you a satisfying video watching and in-app usage experience. The smaller notch will release some minor space on the upper top of the screen. 

However, users still cannot watch videos or text in full-screen size without getting obstructed by the annoying notch. Regarding the image quality, both iPhone series feature an OLED display with 1170 x 2532 resolution and 60 Hz.

Therefore it won’t feel any clearer or smoother when watching videos or playing games. However, the iPhone 14 will give brighter images under ambiance light with its higher 800 nits brightness (675 nits on the iPhone 12). 

Battery Life

iphone 14 vs iphone 12

The iPhone 14 features a 3279 mAh battery cell that can deliver up to more than 22 hours of average usage. The video playback test of the iPhone 14 resulted in an amazing 20 hours. 

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 possesses a 2,815 mAh battery cell that can last around 16 and 18 hours for regular usage. Regarding the video playback test, the device can stand for 17 hours before the battery drains. 

It’s obvious that Apple significantly improved the iPhone 14 battery life, which is 15 higher than its predecessor. The battery should not be a big problem if you’re not a hardcore user since both models come with a fast charger. 

If you need more detailed comparisons between these two products, follow this video to learn more!

iPhone 12 vs. 14: Which one should you go for? 

In summary, there won’t be any significant leap in design and appearance on the iPhone 14 compared to the previous 12 series. You’ll get the same size, glass back, and the aluminum frame covered. 

The smaller notch is a big advantage that makes the device more recognizable. Regarding the performance and capacity, the iPhone 14 exceeds in camera and processor. 

iphone 14 vs iphone 12
iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro

The battery life is also significantly increased, bringing users higher satisfaction. I think the iPhone 14 is still a worthy upgrade for all those features combined with its better specs and performance. 

However, the large price gap is a setback you must consider, given that the iPhone 12 still delivers a comfortable and optimal experience. It is not as powerful as the 14, but it can still satisfy all your needs. 

Final Thoughts

So that’s all the differences between the iPhone 12 and 14. I hope that this detailed iPhone 12 vs. 14 review can help you make the wisest selection. If the budget is high, upgrading to the latest 14 is advisable. 

However, if you are not willing to spend a few hundred bucks more on the latest series, just stick to the iPhone 12. It still keeps up with the trend and brings you a satisfying experience for the next few years. 

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