How to See Who Views My Facebook Profile

Facebook is the most used online social media platform around the world. The current user base of Facebook spans over 1.4 billion, and the number is increasing swiftly. We are mostly obsessed with our looks, style, profession, check-ins and overall image of us on Facebook. We remain updated with what others are up to, sneakily stalk others’ profiles and spend hours scrolling through other people’s activities.

A very common question asked by people is about knowing who views my Facebook profile. This question is very common and has resulted in a plethora of apps and tools, which claim to notify you as soon as someone visits your profile. However, Facebook has clearly mentioned on their help page that their platform doesn’t give any access to this data.

Facebook doesn’t give this data in its API, which is mostly used in the making of third party apps. One of these tricks is based on the frequent interaction, and you can find out who views your Facebook profile the most from your friends list. In order to find out that, apply the steps given below.

Who Views My Facebook Profile

Open Facebook in your browser, login and hover you mouse pointer to the left side gray area on the screen, as shown in the images below. This area is mostly blank. Otherwise, you can right-click on any blank area on the Facebook page in browser side.

As soon as you right-click, you will see an option called “View Page Source.” This is the option to see all the HTML/CSS interface code for any website. Just click on this option.

See Who Views My Facebook Profile

You will now see literally hundreds and hundreds of weird symbols and numbers. This is the code which makes all the website objects and images appear on your browser. It is in this stack that we will find a pin, our key to find out who visits and views our Facebook profile. But don’t worry, we have the CTRL+F feature which lets you do a text-based search on any website in a browser.

Just press CTRL+F and you will see a find box where you can enter the text you want to search.

Just type “InitialChatFriendsList” (without quotes) in the find box and hit Enter. You will be moved to the result. There is only one string for this search.

See Who Views My Facebook Profile 2

When you move to this text, you will see a lot of numbers, stuck in the form of blocks, one after the other, separated by commas. Each number is the numerical representation of your Facebook friend. Every number is the ID assigned to every user on Facebook, which is on your Facebook friends list.

See Who Views My Facebook Profile

It’s time for the trick. Just copy the first number block and paste it after the last slash after “Com” as shown in the image below.

See Who Views My Facebook Profile

Then hit Enter, you will see a Facebook profile of one of your Facebook friends. That’s it. This is the person who visits your Facebook profile the most.

Know that this is the only legitimate way of finding who visits your Facebook profile.

See Who Views My Facebook Profile

All other third party apps won’t work. There will be no solution of this problem until two things happen: Facebook’s API gets hacked or Facebook officially gives this feature in its documentation. Give us your feedback and ask questions in the comments below.

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