How to Reopen a Closed Tab on Windows and Mac

Many of us are continually surfing the internet. If you’re someone who – much like myself – dedicates most of their time to browsing the web via a computer or smartphone, it’s likely that you habitually open dozens of tabs in your browser. At times, we accidentally click on the closing button or press the incorrect keyboard key, resulting in a tab closing. This can pose a dilemma for many.

Sometimes, many people have asked how to reopen a closed tab. Opening a closed tab using a shortcut is really a necessary tips. Finding the closed tab from Chrome or Firefox history is not a solution as it takes a lot of time and effort. There are some ways which you can open a closed tab. Let’s see these tricks one by one.

How to reopen tabs you’ve previously closed

Google Chrome For Windows

reopen tabs 4

If you are using Google Chrome, the best way to reopen a closed tab is to press the following buttons from the keyboard at once.

Control + Shift + T

reopen tabs 5

When you close a tab accidently, just press the above three keys together and the closed tab will be back to life. This is the easiest way to open a closed tab. You will not lose any progress and work if you remember this keyboard shortcut. Remember that this is a keyboard shortcut in Chrome if you are a Windows user.

Google Chrome For Mac

If you are a Mac user, you can reopen a closed tab by just using the keyboard shortcut as follows

Command + Shift + T

reopen tabs 6

Just press the above three keys whenever you need to quickly open a closed tab on Mac. This keyboard shortcut is almost similar to the one used in Windows, except for the fact that you just have to replace the Control key with the command key.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows and Mac

reopen tabs 3

Let’s talk about opening the closed tab in Mozilla Firefox. In order to reopen tabs in Firefox, just click on the Firefox button and go to Recently Closed Tabs from the drop-down menu in the history section. You can restore all tabs or restore specific tabs from here.

You can also press Ctrl + Shift + T for Windows (or Command + Shift + T for Mac) to open the most recently closed tab. This keyboard shortcut is same as the one used in Chrome. The best way to reopen the tabs in Firefox is to press the keys of the shortcut. If you have more than one tab you want to reopen, just keep using the keyboard shortcut again and again and the tabs will be reopened one by one, in the order in which they were closed, in most recently closed to least recently closed order.


reopen tabs 1

If you are using Safari browser on Mac, the best way to resurrect a closed tab is to press Command+Z shortcut. There are different shortcuts for every browser in operating systems and you should take a note in order to use the correct one.

Using Mouse

If you do not want to use the keyboard shortcuts, there is a way to open the closed tab from a mouse. Whenever you close a tab and want to reopen it, just right click on the Chrome tab section and then click on the reopen closed tab option.

reopen tabs 7

This way, you can reopen a closed tab from the mouse. You can use this option if you are lazy enough to use the keyboard shortcut or your keyboard isn’t working for some reason.


This was how to reopen closed tabs. We saw how to do the trick on Windows and Mac for different browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you have any more questions related to this topic or any other topic from tech in general, feel free to comment on this post.

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