How To Make Blank Space/Empty Folder Names On iOS

Ever desired to sort out your iPhone home screen with folders, yet fear the clutter of folder names would ruin your display? There’s an easy technique that will take less than a minute to help you achieve blank, unseen, or void folder names on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) without the need for jailbreaking.

What is a Blank, Invisible or Empty iPhone Folder Name

A blank or invisible iPhone folder name refers to a folder you create on your home screen that looks like it doesn’t have a name. Even though iOS requires you to give each folder a name when creating it, you can use special invisible/empty Unicode characters to make that name appear blank.

This gives your home screen a clean, uncluttered look while still allowing you to organize your apps into folders.

When Would You Use an Invisible Folder Name

Blank Space Folder Names On iOS

Here are some reasons why you may want to use an invisible folder name on your iPhone:

  • You want a minimalist, decluttered home screen aesthetic. Blank folder names help create this look.
  • You think folder names like “Extras” or “Junk” are unnecessary or messy.
  • You want the flexibility to organize apps into folders without visible labels.
  • It’s a hidden trick to show friends and family for fun.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Blank or Invisible Folder Names

Creating an invisible folder name on your iPhone home screen only takes a minute. Follow these steps:

1. Create a regular folder first

Start by making a normal app folder on your home screen using your standard method (drag and drop one app onto another). iPhone will force you to name it something.

2. Copy the invisible/blank/empty Unicode characters

Blank Space Folder Names On iOS

Copy the following Unicode bracket or Blank Space characters below or go to

Braille Pattern Character

Copy Empty Character

Blank Space Copy
Get Coupon

These are special Unicode characters that will appear invisible when pasted.

3. Rename the folder

Blank Space Folder Names On iOS

Next, long press the folder and tap “Rename” in the pop-up menu.

4. Paste the Empty characters

Blank Space Folder Names On iOS

Tap the X button to clear the current name, tap once in the text field to bring up the keyboard, then paste the invisible characters you copied in Step 2 using the paste option.

Blank Space Folder Names On iOS

5. Save the change

Finally, tap “Done” on the keyboard, then tap anywhere on the screen to exit.

Blank Space Folder Names On iOS

The folder name will now appear blank! Feel free to add apps inside – the blank name will remain even after restarting your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work on iPad too?

Yes, you can create invisible app folder names on your iPad home screen using the exact same method. Just create a folder, copy the special characters, rename the folder with them pasted, and the folder name will appear blank!

Do the folder names ever reappear?

Nope! Once you set the name to be invisible, it will stay that way permanently. The folder name won’t suddenly reappear after restarting your iPhone or iPad, changing wallpaper, or installing iOS updates.

Is this safe for my iPhone?

Absolutely! This trick does not require any hacking, jailbreaking, or unauthorized modification to your iPhone or iPad. All it uses is the built-in ability to paste Unicode characters as folder names in iOS, so it is completely safe.

What if I want to rename the folder later?

No problem! You can always long press the invisible folder and tap “Rename” again. From there, you can give it a regular text name or paste a different set of invisible Unicode characters,…

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