How to Disable The Touch ID on an iPhone, iPad

Apple’s innovations have made our lives much easier than ever, and with the Touch ID by Apple, the company has made unlocking your iPhone far easier than ever. With the Touch ID on your iPhone, you just need to place your finger on the button of the iPhone and it should unlock the phone for you.

The Touch ID works like this:

You need to first add your fingerprints to your iPhone from the settings menu, and then the phone will use that data the next time you try to unlock your phone. If the data matches with your fingerprint, the phone should be unlocked.

While that’s a really good and convenient way for you to unlock your iPhone that earlier required you to input a passcode, some people still prefer not to use the feature as they find it to be a less-secure option. If you think that way and would like to disable the Touch ID on your iPhone, here’s how you can do that.

Note: This should disable the Touch ID for Unlock and Purchases.

How to Disable The Touch ID on iOS

1. Make sure you’re on the main and first screen of your iPhone, and from there, tap on Settings to be taken to the settings menu on your iPhone.

How to Disable the Touch ID

2. On the screen that follows, tap on Touch ID & Passcode as that’s where you can change your Touch ID settings.

How to Disable the Touch ID 2

3. The iPhone should ask you to enter your current passcode to be able to modify the Touch ID settings. Just input your code and it should let you in.

How to Disable the Touch ID 1

4. Here comes the main part where you can turn off the Touch ID for a specific service. In the first section labeled as Use Touch ID for you’ll see two (or three, depending on your country) options for which you can turn the toggle for Touch ID on or off.

How to Disable the Touch ID 3

Those options

1) iPhone Unlock

If this is turned on, you should be able to unlock your iPhone using your Touch ID. Just turn its toggle off and the service will be disabled.

2) iTunes & App Store

When you install something from the App Store or buy an item in iTunes, your phone asks you to authorize the action with your Touch ID. If you turn the toggle off for this service, you’ll no longer be able to use your Touch ID for authentication and you’ll have to input the passcode you’ve setup on your phone.

So, that was how you could disable the Touch ID function on your iPhone and your iPhone will no longer prompt you to touch your finger when it needs authorization. Instead, it’ll ask you to enter the passcode and that should be enough for it to perform the chosen action.

While there are people who prefer this simplest way of unlocking an iPhone, some still find it not so secure because there are instances when your identity can be theft. One of these instances is you’re sleeping and someone takes your iPhone and puts your finger on it to unlock the phone. Would you like for that happen to with you? I’m sure you would not. Hence, the guide above for you.

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Let us know whether you prefer to use Touch ID or not in the comments below!

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Bev Annesley

Dont like touch ID as my fingerprints are worn down and often my hands are in water or I have a cut and it doesn’t work

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