Top 12 Best GPS and Navigation Apps For iOS and Android

I think it’s something that has happened to all of us. You think you know where you are going, but realize you have no clue where you are. Looks like you are going to have to admit you’re lost. No one is perfect, and we have all been lost at some point in time. So, if you hate asking for directions, why not just use one of the best navigation apps for iOS? No one has to know.

Best Navigation Apps for iOS – Free GPS Apps

Waze (iOS, Android)

Waze Best navigation App doe iOS

Waze is one of the most if not the most popular navigation app out there. Join all the other drivers on the road and share information on the conditions of the road. Did you see a cop car stopping cars at random? Warn other drivers by adding that information into the app.

This app can also help you save a lot of time because other drivers can also notify you about an accident on a freeway, giving you the opportunity to find an alternate route. Thanks to Waze you can also find the lowest gas prices and add friends and send them you estimated time of arrival. That way they can stop asking how long you think it’s going to take you to get there.

The app also has a built-in speedometer where you can set a speed limit and even have the app sound an alarm to want you that you’re speeding. You can also change the language to a large variety the app has to offer.

Michelin (iOS, Android)

Free and offline navigations apps iOS

Michelin is another app to help you get to where you need to go. It also offers you traffic information in real time, GPS you can also know how jammed the freeway is by the colors that indicate the flow of traffic. Just like Waze, Michelin users can also warn other drivers to stay away from certain areas due to construction or accidents.

When you first open the app you can set the app up so it can:

  • Avoid Tolls
  • Add Fuel Type
  • Select Currency
  • Detect what kind of car you’re using
  • Whether you want the distance in Kilometer or Miles
  • Avoid sea crossings
  • Avoid vignettes
  • Know if you’re car comes with a caravan
  • Allow or not national border crossings

Settings Best Navgations app iOS

The navigation app has an option where you can quickly calculate you motorcycle, car or pedestrian route from your current location. You can also personalize your journey either by choosing the quickest, cheapest or shortest route. You will be happy to know that the app will only take out a small amount of battery from your iOS device

Michelin will also recommend restaurants, hotels, and other great locations when you’re traveling. All the buttons for parking, hotels, Etc, are going to by at the bottom of your display. If you want one of them to disappear from the map, just tap on the icon again.

SYGIC (iOS, Android)

Navigations App iOS

SYGIC is another useful navigation app for iOS users that you can also use offline. When you first start up the app, it will ask you the map of what country you want to download. It also offers you guided tour on how to use the app, just in case you don’t want to misconfigure something accidentally.

Other great features that the app offer is:

  • Fixed speed camera warning
  • Voice guided navigation
  • Live traffic services such as avoiding gridlock and finding the fastest route to your destination
  • Parking suggestions
  • Free Map updates various times throughout the year
  • Safety warning about sharp turns and railway crossings
  • Car Audio Integration – Cable or Bluetooth
  • Radar Warnings
  • Helps you find the cheapest gas.
  • Dashcam records when you are navigation

Sygic Navigation App Free

You can also download maps from other countries such as Russia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Asia, Australia and New Zealand. One thing to keep in mind is that some of the features that the app offers may not work, it will all depend on what country you’re using the app in.

Best offline navigation apps for iOS

NavMii (formerly known as NavFree GPS) is a great navigation app for iOS. More than 20 million users are already enjoying it, and you won’t need an Internet connection to use it. The app will ask you to download the app to your device, so if you think that you might not have enough space, now would be a good time to erase apps and files you don’t need anymore.

The app will ask you to download the app to your device, so if you think that you might not have enough space, now would be a good time to erase apps and files you don’t need anymore. This is an app you can perfectly use in another country without having to use 3G. You will also enjoy the simple yet practical user interface with its free information in real time, updated maps, and improved search.

The list of specs you can enjoy don’t end there since it also offers:

  • Speeding, Traffic, safety, and hazard camera alert
  • Helps you find the closest Gas Station, Parking, Tourist attractions, Etc
  • Turn-by-Turn voice-guided navigation
  • Trip and Driver analytics and scores
  • ETA indicator
  • Save your preferred locations
  • Integrated Google Street View

CoPilot (iOS, Android)

GPS Navigation iOS aPP

CoPilot is the perfect, well, CoPilot you can have since it will never give you the wrong directions. Sorry shotgun riders but you have to go with what always works. With CoPilot you can also save data since you can use it offline and still enjoy its detailed voice/guided directions with text/to/speech technology.

The app also offers your speed limit alerts, ETA, and you can safely change lanes and be aware of which lane is going to be ahead of a turn thanks to the lane indicator arrows and motorway signposts.

With CoPilot no one ever has to know that you are not a local and they won’t. The app offers you millions of pre-loaded offline places and online search. You can find gas stations, restaurants, absolutelyEtc.


If you’re sure how to get to your destination without needing the help of a navigations app, then good for you. But, if you ever do need to use one, you know which ones are the most used among iOS users. No more wasting time downloading app after app, to only have to uninstall it later.

Anyone one of the above apps will give you the feature you will need while on the road, so you can arrive as soon as possible. Do you already have a favorite navigation app or do you think you will try one from the list? Let me know in the comments!

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