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Advanced SystemCare is a powerful PC optimization suite that gives you the ability to clean your computer, protect it from malware and viruses, optimize performance, speed up internet connection and more. It features five different modules: Cleaning (Removes junk files), Protection (Protects against threats), Optimization (Speeds up system settings), Privacy Protection (Blocks data leak) and Speedup Internet Connection. The interface of Advanced SystemCare is modern-looking and straightforward to navigate through. Check out this blog post for an in depth review of Advanced SystemCare!

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

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What is Advanced SystemCare?

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a powerful and reliable software which is used to protect and optimize the operation of your PCs. This will give you full security to keep your devices away from all potential viruses as well as threats. Additionally, with advanced Browser Protection, it will scan each of online traces.

You can use this software to clean much more invalid entries, at about 30% compared to other similar ones. So it would lead to the improvements of Internet speed and startup. Besides, it is possible for you to make many updates to optimize your PCs’ performance.

Features of Advanced SystemCare

With IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate , you can enjoy several outstanding specifications as belows:

Use AI mode to clean your PCs

IObit Advanced SystemCare

It is more effective and convenient for you to let AI do the job. You can have your customized plan to:

  • Scan and remove a huge number of junk files
  • Leftovers from third-party tools, or browser
  • Unnecessary logs and caches

AI will learn a lot from your habits and performance status of your PCs, then it can figure out the best way to cope with all problems arising. So, only one simple click per day can give you a fresh PCs.

Provide high-grade security

  • Update all programs to the newest version
  • Fix any security exploits and vulnerabilities on your Windows system
  • Prohibit any access from risky programs to your personal data via the Real-time Protection and Sensitive Data Protection
  • Delete your privacy traces, even your saved passwords on different platforms
  • Disguise your fingerprints on more than 200 programs and browsers
  • Remove any annoying advertisements

Therefore, it is easier for you to reduce the number of risks coming up when using your PC for several purposes.

Maximize your PC speed

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare can fix many PC issues very quickly including:

  • Running several programs at system startup
  • Wasting memory space for unknown applications and services
  • Lacking defragmentation in your hard disk

With more than 30 troubleshooters, it is a great option to optimize your PC utility. In fact, it is very annoying to have a slow computer because this might have many negative impacts on your jobs or your study. So making your PCs running faster would save much time and bring many other benefits for any user.

Improve Internet speed

It will offer you the Internet Booster to help you diagnose both your PC and network and optimize network bandwidth to enhance your Internet speed via one click. Therefore, you do not have to suffer from low-quality Internet.

Avanced SystemCare

Many other tools are also improved in this Advanced SystemCare Ultimate such as:

  • Cloned File Scanner
  • Large File Finder
  • FaceID
  • File Shredder
  • DNS Protector
  • Smart RAM
  • Registry Cleaner

The upgradation of several tools available will boost the effectiveness of the software.

Alternatives of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

In addition to Advanced SystemCare Ultimate , there are some available options for you to consider as follows:

  • CCleaner
  • Clean Master
  • BleachBit
  • Sysinternals Suite
  • jv16 PowerTools
  • Wise Care 365
  • Auslogics BoostSpeed

Each of them will have some functions different from your Alternatives of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate . You should understand your PC performance status as well as your own demands to pick up suitable alternatives. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is good but might not be the best so it is useful to have another option to protect your PCs.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate FAQs

Is Advanced SystemCare Ultimate free for all users?

Any user can download the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate free of charge. It does not take too much effort to set up this software for your devices. This free version will include a browser, extra utility tool, and certain applications. However, if you would like to have more functions, you can choose a subscription at about $$ per year.

Is Advanced SystemCare Ultimate free of error for your PC?

It is definitely safe to use this software for your PCs. This will help you a lot to optimize the performance of your PCs. It would also protect your devices from any harmful virus. It does not cause any issue if you have your Advanced SystemCare Ultimate downloaded from its original website.

Tips to use Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is good but sometimes it might not be perfect, so you have to consider some following problems:

  • Read all the functions provided carefully before selecting
  • Download it from the original website instead of other third-party site
  • Deny any additional installation you do not want before completing the setup procedure.
  • Check the operation of the software carefully to avoid any unexpected troubles

Is Advanced SystemCare Ultimate better than Advanced SystemCare Pro?

According to many reviewers, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate works more effectively as a security suite. Your PCs are protected adequately from worms, viruses, and other malware. Besides, it will offer you many other useful tools which are suitable for several purposes. Therefore, you can get a lot of benefits from this software.

Advanced SystemCare Specification

Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
OS Windows 11/10/7/XP
Support Email, Phone, Online
Price $$/month
Free Trial Yes


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is considered to be an efficient and effective software which gives you full protection as well as performance improvements for your PCs. You can have a chance to choose any necessary function from this software for your devices. And it is also simple for any PC user to set up and use at their home.

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9.1 Total Score

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a system maintenance tool that does not eat up your computer's resources and frees RAM by getting rid of unnecessary programs. It claims to make computers 200% faster, but it wasn't very effective for me; however I do feel like my system operates smoother than before at some level. You get all the benefits you need from this program in one package for an affordable price.

  • Modern Interface
  • Protection of Private data
  • Detects PUP, Spyware & other infections
  • Cleanup, Update & Speedup - Just 1-Click
  • Trial version has limited features
  • Upsell ads in Pro version
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Advanced SystemCare Review & All Coupon Code Up To 45%
Advanced SystemCare Review & All Coupon Code Up To 45%

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