12 Best Mac Cleaner Software & Optimization Apps

There are many Mac users out there who don’t know how to clean their computers, and as a result their systems become clogged with unnecessary data that slows down performance. Unneeded files can also lead to increased system crashes and even malware attacks. If you’re looking for the best Mac cleaner software on the market, you’ve come to the right place!

We have compiled a list of all of our top picks in order from least expensive to most expensive. We hope this helps!

Top 12 Free & Paid Mac Cleaner Software for Mac

If you’re looking for the best Mac cleaner software, then look no further. I will be reviewing some of the top rated cleaners on the market and give you a list of their pros and cons as well as my personal favorite.

CleanMyMac X

cleanmymac x

CleanMyMac X is our top pick for best Mac cleaner software. This program comes with a ton of features including the ability to scan your hard drive quickly and efficiently, locate missing files, and remove all kinds of unnecessary junk from your computer.

The scan is fast and can be scheduled, which saves a lot of time. This is also the most thorough of all the programs and will remove any unwanted files you didn’t even know you had on your hard drive.

CleanMyMac X’s main features include:

  • Finds and removes useless files in every corner of your Mac system
  • Scans drives quickly, including external media
  • Keeps your Mac lean and fast
  • Removes duplicates with one click
  • Deletes large files you don’t need anymore
  • Sorts out iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture libraries & removes the junk from them (photos, videos etc.)
  • Protects your privacy online. You may not be aware but many applications (especially free ones) are sending your personal data to ad companies.

CleanMyMac X is a great Mac system cleaner with one of the highest detection rates in the industry. This program removes junk files, caches, logs and all other unnecessary data from your computer and keeps it clean as new.

CleanMyMac X Review: The Best M1 Mac Cleaner
CleanMyMac X Review: The Best M1 Mac Cleaner


  • Simple, easy to use, and convenient.
  • CleanMyMac is an all-in-one Mac cleaner software that provides cleanup mode and anti-malware scan, with space lens feature.
  • The Uninstaller and Updater will help you organize your Mac.


  • The alerts are a bit annoying.
  • The software cannot find duplicate files.

CleanMyMac X comes in two versions, free and pro. The pro version has more features including being able to find & remove duplicate files and cache ($89.95 One-Time Purchase). They also have a financing option where you can pay only $39.95/year for their pro version. If you’re looking for the best Mac cleaner software to keep your computer running as new, this is it!

CleanMyMac One-Year Subscription
CleanMyMac One-Year Subscription
$34.95 $39.95



AppCleaner is an excellent app for cleaning up your Mac. It can delete unwanted applications, caches, and files in a single click with its simple interface. This makes it easy to free up space on your computer without having to go through all the trouble of manually deleting files one by one. With AppCleaner you can also get rid of any old junk that is taking up space.

It supports batch operations: meaning you can drag multiple unnecessary 3rd app from Application to the main zone of AppCleaner, then delete everything at once with just one click!


  • Very easy to use.
  • It is free


  • Low functionality

IObit MacBooster 8

IObit MacBooster on my Mac

IObit MacBooster 8 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for you to clean up junk files, speed up your Mac, and optimize its performance. It can detect and delete malicious files and threats on your Mac, and it can also free up a large amount of disk space.

In addition, it can optimize the speed of your Mac by removing useless background apps and disabling extensions that slow down your Mac’s startup process. If you have any application installed incorrectly or incompletely on your Mac, IObit MacBooster 8 can remove all associated files from them completely so as to recover more disk space for you.



DaisyDisk is a great tool for quickly finding disk space hogs on your Mac. It’s good for both new and experienced users because the UI is very simple and straight forward, yet also provides more advanced features when you need them. You can use it to scan your drive in minutes, track down large files that are taking up too much space, find duplicate files and even analyze how much storage each app uses.

DaisyDisk will help you free up lots of hard drive space by helping you identify which items can be safely deleted or moved without affecting how your Mac performs!

The app is available in two versions: a free trial version with limited functionality or the paid full version which costs $9.99. Free trial versions are good for testing out features without purchasing, but if you plan on using DaisyDisk regularly then it may be worth investing in the paid version so you have access to all of its tools.

DaisyDisk Features

  • Look for duplicate files, large files and apps that are using too much space.
  • Includes a built-in Cleaner to let you easily remove certain types of files that you don’t need.
  • Easily share information with other people about your disk usage.


  • Detects unnecessary items on your hard drive and helps you delete or move them.
  • M1 ready! version 4.20.3
  • System files are protected, so only you can decide what to delete.


  • DaisyDisk isn’t free and may be a little pricey for some users.

MacFly Pro

macfly pro

Macfly Pro is designed with a simple interface. It allows you to clean your Mac, delete duplicates, organize music and photos and more. It features a variety of tools that will make managing your computer much easier than ever before.

MacFly Pro Features:

  • File Organizer: Delete duplicates, rename files, and move them to a different drive;
  • Optimizer: Fix permissions and disk optimization;
  • Duplicate Finder: Find duplicate files;
  • Cleaner & Uninstaller: Remove unnecessary apps and old cached data from your Mac.


  • Lightweight software that has many useful features.
  • Compact and easy to use interface.


  • The only con is that the software is not as user-friendly as other apps on this list.
  • It’s not free.

Avast Cleanup

avast cleanup

Avast Cleanup is a free Mac app that cleans useless files and applications from your computer to keep it running smoothly. It can also uninstall apps, delete junk, remove trash files, fix permissions and more.

Avast Cleanup features:

  • Superior Cleanup – Delete junk, uninstall apps and fix permissions.
  • Privacy Scanner – Get rid of private information that is no longer needed.
  • Duplicate File Finder – Locate large files that may be taking up hard drive space.
  • Shredder – Securely delete unwanted files to make sure they are gone for


  • Uses the same engine as Avast Antivirus, so you know it’s going to be safe
  • Users can easily find apps they do not use or that take up too much space to uninstall them.


  • Free 30-day trial and no monthly payment option.

Nektony’s App Cleaner & Uninstaller


Nektony’s App Cleaner & Uninstaller is designed to help you clean up your Mac. It allows you to uninstall apps, remove cache and leftovers from your computer, delete trash files and unload memory. It also scans your hard drive for duplicates and lets you manage all of these items in a simple interface.

User comments:

” I have tried other apps but none of them is as good as this one. It’s feature-rich, works fast and couldn’t be easier to use.”

Nektony’s App cleaner & Uninstaller Features:

  • Remove Applications – Removes unwanted applications;
  • File Manager – Lists all the files you have on your hard drive, allows you to categorize them and copy, move or delete them.


  • A very simple interface that is easy to use;
  • Free and lightweight software that requires little space on your Mac.


  • There are some bugs with the app and some features do not work properly.

AVG TuneUp


AVG TuneUp is another app that aims to optimize your computer for better performance. It has a friendly user interface with different options and tools on the left side of the screen. It automatically scans your hard drive and lists all items that can be removed in an orderly fashion. The amount of space you will save after removing these items is also displayed next to each app.

It has a lot of options and features that can be used for virus scanning, disk analysis, performance testing, cleaning up the startup process and more. AVG TuneUp also allows users to view all types of files on their computer in an organized way.


  • A fast and easy way to remove all traces of viruses, spyware and other malware;
  • It allows you to fix broken permissions on your Mac;
  • Lets you uninstall any application from your Mac. It will also remove pesky cache files and other leftovers that apps leave behind after uninstalling them;


  • Only available for new users with a 30-day trial period.

Drive Genius

Drive Genius

Drive Genius is an app that allows you to optimize your hard drive and manage files on your Mac. It lets you clean memory, uninstall applications, delete logs, create bootable backups of operating systems and much more.

It also has a simple interface that features different tools on the left side of the screen. These tools allow you to configure different parts of your computer, including the network, startup settings and file system.

Drive Genius features:

  • Optimizes your Mac for better performance;
  • Allows you to clean up all unnecessary files on your hard drive that are stored in memory;
  • Saves space on your Mac’s hard drive by deleting old and unnecessary files.


  • It is a very lightweight app that scans your Mac quickly;
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.


  • No free version
  • Expensive

Stellar SpeedUp Mac


Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a app that allows you to optimize your computer, free up space and manage memory. It offers five different tools including Disk Management, Startup Tools, System Tools, Memory Optimization and File Shredding .

File Shredding allows you to remove all types of files from your Mac. It will keep your hard drive clean from junk files and free up space. It also speeds up the system by deleting any leftovers that are stored in memory .

Stellar SpeedUp Mac Features:

  • Helps you manage all kinds of files on your computer;
  • Checks for duplicate files and helps you find out which ones are safe to remove;
  • Allows you to clean up your Mac’s hard drive efficiently;
  • Lets you manage and monitor disk space on all partitions. It also automatically deletes any unnecessary files using an interesting technique.


  • Easy-to-use app with a friendly interface that displays helpful information in real time;
  • Lightweight and efficient software that cleans up your Mac.


  • Some of the features are not available in the free version.
  • The application has a 30-day trial period;

Disk Drill

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a data recovery software designed to help recover lost or deleted files from hard drives, USB devices, and other storage media. It’s easy to use interface has everything you need to find your lost data. The program features a “Quick Scan” mode that checks for file types on the drive in question and then creates an exhaustive list of all the files found. You can also perform deep scans for more precise results.

Disk Drill includes tools for recovering video files like AVCHD MTS and MPEG2 TS as well as photos in RAW formats like CR2, NEF, DNG, ORF, SRW etc., videos in MOV format and audio recordings in WAV format among many others.

Disk Drill Feature:

  • Find files by name or content.
  • Preview and preview the lost file from a safe window.
  • Easy to use with only two clicks needed to start scanning.
  • Disk Drill can help you find all lost data on your Mac, regardless of what happened to it (accidental deletion, formatting etc.)
  • The drag-and-drop interface will allow you to select the desired drive or folder and begin scanning immediately.


  • Recovery data from damaged disks.
  • Easy to use and has great performance.
  • It’s compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur


  • This program does not have any built-in features to remove malware from a computer.



CCleaner is a Mac software that helps to clean up your computer and make it run faster. This app can free up space, delete junk files, provide an overview of what’s taking up the most disk space on your system and delete old cache files. CCleaner for Mac also has a lot of other tools you may find useful like checking if there are any malware or adware programs running in the background on your device.

With all these features available in one program, CCleaner is definitely worth downloading onto your Mac! There are many different apps out there to help with cleaning up a computer but this one does not require installation as it can be used right from an icon on the desktop screen. CCleaner was created by Piriform Ltd., which was acquired by Avast Software in July 2016.


  • Free
  • Easy to use, convenient and useful.
  • 55 languages supported.


  • The app is a bit slow when running multiple scans.


OnyX is designed to assist you with managing your Mac by clearing caches, logs, trash files and more. It has more than thirty features under the hood that can help you optimize your apps, troubleshoot problems and clean up junk files from your computer.

OnyX’s main screen has a simple list of curated functions on the right side that make it very easy to get started. It also features a friendly and informative animated interface that will guide you through the process as you clean up your Mac.

OnyX Features:

  • Clear caches – Clears Google Chrome history, Safari cache, Firefox cache and other programs automatically or on demand;
  • Defragmentation – Defrags your entire hard drive or just a specific file;
  • Optimization – Improves your Mac’s performance by cleaning caches, logs and other items that can slow it down. It also optimizes the appearance of the Dock, Finder labels, Spotlight indexing and more to improve how you see your files on screen;
  • Customizable Cleanup – Allows users to customize what they want cleaned up.


  • Easily cleans up files, memory and hard drives in just a few clicks.
  • Includes a great introduction with the app that includes tips for newbie computer users;
  • Free and easy to use. It also protects your Mac from viruses and malware .


  • It is a little outdated, but Onyx still works well.


Do I really need to use a cleaning software for my Mac?

It depends on how often you use your computer. If you are not careful about what kinds of files and documents are being downloaded or saved on your Mac, it can be filled with junk in a matter of weeks. Hence the need to clean it up regularly. Using a cleaning software will make this process easier and faster to do.

Can Mac cleaning software remove viruses from my computer?

Mac cleaning software is not designed to remove viruses, although it can help clean up the items that slow down your computer’s performance. The only way to completely remove viruses from your Mac is to use an antivirus program like AVG TuneUp.

What is the best Mac cleaner software?

Each of the apps listed above have different features and capabilities. Some of them focus on removing junk files while others offer a more comprehensive cleaning experience for your Mac. As such, there is no “best” app to use since the best one depends on what you want to clean up.

Are Mac cleaners safe?

Yes, these apps are safe to use. Although you need to be careful when installing them because there have been cases where users install malware on their Mac when using apps that do not come from the official site.


Although the built-in uninstaller on your Mac can help remove unneeded applications, there are times when it is unable to remove all traces of an app. This is especially true if you downloaded a pirated copy of an application or if you need to completely remove programs that have broken in the macOS operating system.

In order to ensure that your Mac remains clean from unwanted files and apps, it is best to use a cleaner app. These options above are the most popular ones on the market today and each one of them has its own set of capabilities. As such, depending on which type of user you are (e.g. gamer, professional user, etc.), you can choose the one that fits your needs.

If you have any other suggestions or comments about any of these apps, be sure to share them with us in the comment section below and we will respond as soon as possible! Enjoy!

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