Why is my Internet slow on Windows 11? Here’s What to Do

In today’s life, the Internet plays an essential and loving role for everyone. The Internet offers many opportunities for learning, communication, fun, and business. Even some industries and activities are directly related to the Internet. Their workspace is entirely in the Internet environment.

However, the Internet is not always powerful enough and works smoothly. When the Internet connection has problems such as lag, the slowdown can cause our work to be interrupted. That is too bad! Why is my Internet slow? How to fix this problem? Read on not to miss the tips that help you deal with the slow Internet.

Why is my Internet slow?

First of all, you need to determine whether the problem is with the network connection or your device. In many cases, the Internet is slow because the device you use to connect to is too old, incompatible with the speed of your Internet connection, or not large enough to load your Internet redirects quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the problem precisely influenced by the party.

There are several ways to define this as follows:

  1. Check the cable connectors to your computer
  2. Reboot the device
  3. Turn off network devices in your home, except the computer you are using, and see if the Internet is slow. Then, do the same with another network device in your home. If the Internet connection is stable, it means your computer has a problem and cannot access the Internet quickly.

Here are some reasons why your Internet is slow:

Error from the service provider

Error from service providers is an objective cause that you cannot avoid because they do not want this to happen to their customers. One of the problems causing this may be due to a communication problem. For example, due to stormy weather, the cable was broken, the signal box burned, something broke the transmission line, etc. All of which causes the Internet to crash.

In this case, you will not be able to handle it yourself. At this point, you should immediately provide the information to your network provider so that they can quickly inform the technical staff to take it promptly.

Your device is faulty or virus

internet slow

Faulty connected devices or viruses are the personal cause of the slow network. Maybe you were careless that your computer or mobile phone was infected with a virus or encountered an error. In both of these cases, your device not only runs slower, but the Internet connection is also unstable.

To handle these cases, install professional anti-virus software to remove everything malicious in your device, such as Kaspersky, etc.

Also, you can set up and install a firewall system to help your device avoid the attack of viruses from outside the Internet.

In case your device fails, reinstall the program to make it run faster.

Modem device error

internet slow

The failure of network Modem devices is a condition that users often encounter when using the Internet. You may notice this error when you see symptoms like the connection to the modem fluttering, being slower than usual, the Modem becomes too hot. Modem too hot will cause the device to freeze and stop working; For a long time, it can reduce network access performance, and you cannot even use the Internet.

To fix this, you should regularly restart Modem (about every months) to make it work better. It also reduces modem overload – one of the causes of constant network drops. However, if you have tried it but the problem still does not improve, you can prepare to buy a new modem.

Some websites have speed restrictions or are blocked

Currently, many websites restrict access speed, or the carrier blocks it. That is the reason why your Internet access speed slows down. You can tell this by comparing your visit to other websites.

Many objects access

It is also a cause of Internet slowdown. That is when the number of people accessing a website or using the same network source simultaneously. Access overload will lead to network weakening and slowing down.

What’s more, the slow Internet can also be caused by having too many devices in your house accessing the Internet simultaneously. Meanwhile, other devices can saturate the Internet connection on your computer. Therefore, consider the sources of access to the network and control that amount.

The package you use is no longer appropriate

When the network plan you subscribe to has been around for many years, it is likely that it is no longer supported by the carrier and weakened. At that time, your device still shows that it is connected to wifi but cannot be accessed or accessed very slowly.

In other cases, your device may need a more comprehensive network environment than you currently have. It means your network plan is not compatible with your device.

Therefore, signing up for a new plan is what you should do. You can also install a wifi router to increase the access space.

How to fix

Except for the objective reasons (which you cannot foresee and can not act on by yourself), you can fix specific problems of slow Internet at home.

internet slow

Here is a list of fixes

  • Restart your Modem or router: These are the two pieces of hardware associated with your Internet connection. If restarting the Modem doesn’t work, reboot both the Modem and the router simultaneously.
  • Checking and disconnecting shared ports on a line splitter: It is common to use a cable splitter to share your Internet supply with multiple devices. However, sometimes the splitter will interrupt or saturate the communication of all parties. In particular, an unsecured cable splitter will also decrease your Internet signal.
  • Limit devices from accessing the Internet in your home. There are still many devices that are not working but still have access to the Internet nearby. Some system software or hidden software is still running in the background. They still consume an amount of data from the network source. Control and block some unnecessary access points.

The last word

Why is my Internet slow? There are many different reasons for that. Understanding the problem and its exact causes will help you to have a suitable and effective remedy. We wish you all the best.

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