Why Is Laptop Battery Draining So Fast & How Can I Fix It?

Are you annoyed with your laptop battery draining too fast after a short period of time? It is a common problem for long-term and hard-core laptop users. Many people purchased a computer and noted that the battery life is less than what they expected.  If you are one of the above, this post is for your needs. 

Why is my laptop dying/draining so fast? Your current settings may consume too much energy, or the other factors relating to the firmware affect battery life. 

We will give you a simple explanation of this problem. There are also helpful instructions to help you improve your device’s battery life. 

Why Is Laptop Battery Draining So Fast? 

Your laptop may drain fast due to an old storage cell or high power-consuming settings. Here are some popular causes of fast power drainage. 

Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

An Old And Discharge Battery 

Discharged batteries are the most common cause of laptops shutting down fast. Discharging means that your battery loses voltages in the charging process. The older the batteries get, the easier they are to get discharged. Also, old and drained batteries contain less energy than new ones. 

This process happens on every type of storage cell after too many charging cycles. It can slow down and hinder your device’s performance due to insufficient energy supply. Also, the batteries may have been damaged by extreme weather conditions or temperatures that lead to faster drainage. 

Running Heavy Tasks And Background Applications

Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

Your device will drain the power faster when it performs heavy tasks like gaming or video rendering. The GPU and CPU on your device have to reach their maximum capacity to perform these tasks and consume more power. 

Background apps also contribute to a minor part of power consumption. Too many apps running at once may increase your device’s temperature and cause its power to drain faster. 

High Power-consuming Settings

Pay attention to your screen brightness and the advanced setting options such as power mode and performance. Switching to the best performance mode means that your laptop will consume as much power as possible to produce the highest performance. 

High display brightness and resolution are also major causes of fast power drainage. Check if you are playing games and watching videos in the highest graphics resolutions. 

How To Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life

So we have addressed the popular causes of fast battery drainage. Here are some solutions to fix this problem.

Adjust Your Settings

Open “Settings” to lower your screen brightness and turn off the keyboard’s backlight. The fastest way is to press and hold FN+F11 or FN+F10 on your keyboard. The key sets are different on each device, but you can identify them based on the icons of the keys. 

Laptop Battery Draining So Fast
Keyboard backlight

The next step is adjusting the power setting. Right-click on the power icon on the left corner of your display and switch to “better power mode”. It may slow down your device, but the battery life will last much longer. 

Turn Off Unnecessary Background Applications

There are many running background apps that you barely use. To disable them, open “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Background” to check the running applications.

Select the apps you find unnecessary and turn them off with a simple click. 

To monitor the power usage of the apps, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the task manager. You can see which apps consume the most power and turn them off by choosing “End task”.

Get Rid Of Bloatware

Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

There are a lot of preinstalled apps and programs on your computer, and some of them might be draining your battery without you even knowing it.

Bloatware is a term used to describe preinstalled apps and programs on your computer. These can be from the OS itself or from the laptop’s manufacturer. They can be trial versions of software that you don’t use or even full versions that you don’t need.

Often, you can find them in your Task Manager, but to ensure they don’t bother you anymore, it’s best to uninstall them completely. You can do this by going to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program, where you can view a list of all programs installed on your laptop.

taskbar smaller in Windows 11

You can also right-click on the program and uninstall it from there. Either way, getting rid of bloatware can help improve your laptop’s battery life.

More Tips:

If there are programs that you do use but don’t need running all the time, you can disable them from starting up automatically. To do this, go to Start > Run and type “msconfig” into the search box. From here, you can choose which programs to enable or disable at startup.

By taking these steps, you can help to improve your laptop’s battery life by removing bloatware.

Replace Your Storage Cell

Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

Adjusting the settings won’t help if your battery is too old. The only thing you can do is replace a new storage cell for your laptop. 

You can bring your device to the local computer fixing stores to get the job done. Batteries models are available in online computer accessories stores. You can purchase one and replace it manually. 

If you want more detailed instructions, consider watching the video below. 

The Average Battery Life Of A Laptop Is Dependent On A Few Factors

Most people think that the battery life of a laptop is around 2-5 hours. But this isn’t always the case. Depending on the brand of laptop, and how you use it, the battery life can be anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of battery your laptop has, and how to take care of it. The average battery life of a laptop is determined by a few factors.

laptop under 400
  • First, there’s the type of battery. There are two main types of batteries: Lithium ion and Nickel metal hydride. Lithium ion batteries are more expensive, but they last longer. Nickel metal hydride batteries are less expensive, but they don’t last as long.
  • Second, there’s the size of the battery. The larger the battery, the longer it will last. But, of course, the larger the battery, the heavier the laptop will be.
  • Third, there’s how you use your laptop. If you have a lot of programs running at once, or if you’re using your laptop for gaming, your battery will drain faster. If you’re just using your laptop for basic tasks, like browsing the web or checking email, your battery will last longer.
  • Finally, there’s how often you use your laptop. If you use your laptop every day, your battery will drain faster than if you only use it once in a while.

So, what is the average battery life of a laptop? It really depends on a lot of factors. But if you’re careful about how you use your laptop, and you take care of your battery, you can expect it to last for several hours.


Fast power drainage on laptops causes tremendous inconvenience for users. We hope that this post can help you fix this problem and improve your laptop battery. Thank you for reading!

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