Top 10 Apps to Take The Best Selfies For Android & iOS

You can love them, or you can hate them, but Selfies are here to stay. You could be walking down the street or sitting in the park; there is always someone taking a selfie. We all have our reasons for wanting to take a selfie, but if you want to take the best Selfies for Android and iOS, you’re going to need an app for that.

Thank goodness that there are various apps you can choose from on Google Play and Apple Store. But, instead of you wasting time trying to find which Selfie apps are the most popular, I went ahead and did that for you.

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Best Fantastic Apps to Take The Best Selfies

Candy Camera

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the most famous selfie apps you are going to find on Google Play. The app has at least 100 Million downloads and counting. If it has that many downloads, it’s for a reason, so let’s see what features this app has to offer. If Filters are important to you, then you are going to love that Candy Camera has 100 different filters (that are shown in real time) to choose from. You can quickly swipe left or right to move from filter to filter until you find the right one.​

Candy Camera also offers you Beauty Functions. With Beauty Functions you will have access to tools such as Teeth Whitening, Slimming, Lipsticks, Concealer, and even mascara. Now, forgetting to put your makeup on is no excuse to take a selfie. You also have access to stickers. These stickers can be placed on the display (in real time), and you can adjust them to your liking for the perfect selfie. You can gain access to the stickers by tapping on the heart and star icon right beside the colorful circle.

If you ever want to take a selfie but don’t want anyone to hear the clicking sound, use silent camera! With that feature, you can take all the selfies you want without the embarrassing camera sound. Who doesn’t like collage’s, right? The app has a feature where you can take six selfies and end up wit the best collage ever. Just tap on the collage icon and pose!

Speaking of collages, you can also check out this post on top photo collage maker apps by Pixpa, they have listed down some of the top collage apps available in 2020.

YouCam Perfect


YouCam Perfect is another Selfie app you are going to love. It has a 4.5 rating on Google Play, and it is full of features that will give you the best selfie possible. You can beautify your selfies with features such as Smoothening, Face Shaper, Tone, Noise Enhance, Eye Bag Remover, and more! You can add a filter such as Candy, Auto one, Gentle, Cool, Retro, Forest, Fresh and the list goes on and on.​

With YouCam Perfect you also set a timer, so everyone has enough time to pose and get into position. The timer can either be set to three, five, or ten seconds. The timer feature also has a useful tool that will allow you take the selfie by waving your hand in front of the camera. Simply follow the instructions the app gives to set it up (very easy by the way) and when you are ready for the selfie, place your hand in the middle of the screen.

The app has a flash icon that lets you enable flash without having to touch your device’s settings. A selfie is only a selfie if it’s a picture, but if you ever want to do a video selfie with all the filters the app has to offer, you can. Unfortunately, that’s the only feature you can add to a video selfie, but hopefully, in future updates, you can add stickers as well.

If you want to see how much your Selfie has changed, there is a Compare button on the upper right-hand corner that will show you the before and after.The app also offers other features such as adding more makeup and a FunCam. To gain access to those features, you will need to download an additional app.

Look Me

Look Me

Look Me has a little of both worlds, On one side you have features to create a funny selfie and on the other, your regular serious yet fashionable selfies. On the main menu of Look Me, you will see an option called Face. This option adds funny stickers to your face in real time.

You can choose between stickers of dogs, rainbows, flowers, big eyes, dog ears, bunny ears, and even a Stormtrooper face (among others). If you choose the selfie option, you can add all kinds of filters to your selfie. You can make a choice between Original, Young, Warm, Natural, Romance, Pure, Time, Morning and the list keeps going and going!

When you are taking your selfie, you will see various icons all over the place. The house icon takes you to the beginning of the app, the camera looking icon, either lets you use the front or rear-facing camera.

By tapping on the three overlapped circles, you access and choose the particular filter you want to use. Finally, the overlaid arrows let you automatically apply different filters such as Stars and 1978 looks; there is more filter to choose from.

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie another very popular Selfie app you can choose from. Swipe left to add the right filter and swipe up or down to adjust the brightness. If you don’t want the app to offer a filter randomly, press the colored circles to choose the one you want.

To the left of the colored circles, you will also find the option to create Selfie Collages; there are quite a few to choose from. You can quickly take your selfie by tapping on the screen, which makes it a lot easier when you are holding your phone with one hand.

You can also enjoy Stickers, Effects, Filter, Whitening, Smooth, Skin, Slim Face, erase dark circles and enlarge eyes. When you are done creating your selfie masterpiece, you can share it through various social media options.

Camera 360 Selfies


Out of all the selfie apps that I tested, Camera 360 Selfies is the one with the largest variety of stickers. I have to confess that I am a collage and sticker addict and you can bet that this is an app that is going to stay on my phone.

The stickers can be applied in real time and move when you move. The stickers you want to use will have to be downloaded, which is great since that way you won’t have stickers you’re never going to use.

The Selfie app has everything you are going to need for a great selfie, such as filters, quick-fix, brush, acne remover, Skin, Whiten, Etc.

Selfie Camera Expert


If you are looking for a Selfie app that only has the basic features, then you are going to love Selfie Camera Expert. You can apply a large variety of filters you can undo and redo by swiping right and left, respectfully. It also features a timer, and you can add all sorts of effects to an image you have in your device’s gallery.

The stickers this app has are not as good as Camera 360, but they are OK. You can also blur out a particular part of the picture to enhance your selfie even more. One feature that this app that the others don’t is that it allows you to create MEMEs.

Other Apps

Face Swap

Face Swap

I know what you’re thinking, Face Swap in a selfie article? If you think about it, it too is a selfie app in disguise. If you use Snapchat then there is no need to explain what this app can do, right? I will explain, though, the great features this app has to offer.

You can add real-time animations, just like Snapchat, but this app can more to choose from. Just like the previously mentioned app, you will need to download what you want to use them. The real-time stickers are organized into different categories such as Popular, Distort, Scenes, Figures, Animal, and Expression. If a picture is not enough, Face Swap lets you record a video of what you are playing around with so you can share it with your friends.

BestMe Selfie Camera

Best Selfie Camra

BestMe Selfie is another must-have Selfie app. It has everything you will need to take that perfect selfie such as filters timer, auto-flash, Mirror mode, and you can even create a collage of Selfies. When you create the collage, the app will tell you what face you need to make by adding an emoji.

If you see a happy face be happy and if you see an angry face pretend you’re angry. A feature that BestMe Selfie has that the others don’t is that you can add a face of an animal to your selfie. The whole point of a selfie is that you can see your face, but it’s worth a try. Do you like my doggy selfie?


Maybe a while back, seeing someone take a selfie was something weird. Now, it is the most normal thing anyone can do. If you are a selfie addict, you can choose from these eight apps for your selfie needs. What selfie app will you use?

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