Top 8 Best Fitness and Workout Apps For iOS and Android

Who doesn’t desire fitness? Who doesn’t want a body as jacked up as their favorite movie stars or their favorite athletes? A lot of people start working out without a proper plan and end up abandoning their pursuit of a fit body a while later. The path isn’t easy for sure, people sweat themselves off bloody at the gym and pay an unusual amount of bucks thinking of it as the answer to their fitness problems, but that’s not the case.

It takes a lot of constant motivation and an ideal amount of dedication to get your desired body. It’s not in the shadows anymore that anyone who takes a step towards this active lifestyle of fitness needs companions. With all the right amount of substances that include proper nutritious diet plans, proper workout sets, and routines, resting schedules and a workout buddy app or a workout trainer app they can get their desired body and maintain their fitness for a long time.

Here, we bring to you some of the most yielding applications universally acclaimed across multiple platforms which can help you develop physically in no time. So sit back, relax and read along about top 8 best fitness and workout apps you can install.

Top 8 Best Workout Apps For iOS & Android


Best Fitness and Workout Apps

C25K is short for Couch to 5K by RunDouble. It trains you to become a proper fitness fanatic from a lazy out-of-shape complaining person.

It allows lots of customization by letting you create your favorite workout music jam and various tracking features noting down your progress whenever you go out for a run. There are all sorts of programs providing to your needs and desires, and within no time, you go from nowhere to Half-Marathon level fitness!

It’s available for free on trial and if you like the app, purchase it for 1.60$ only. If you’re concerned about the motivation factor, this app keeps updating you about your current state, your progress and how much more you should be doing to get your goals.


best fitness and workout apps

There are only a handful of apps that come near to the greatness that comes with JEFIT. When you’ve finally decided to go full mental about your fitness concerns, and you’re interested in strength training and bodybuilding but are hesitating to spend the big bucks, JEFIT is your answer.

Providing you with at least 1300 different exercises with proper animations guiding you how to do it. Granting you the ability to build your workout routines and sets. There’s even a social circle designed to tell people about your progress and get inspiration from others. There are two versions of the app. The add-supported version or the pro version which gives a trickle more features and is add-free.


Best Fitness and Workout Apps

Progression is one of the latest game changers in the market of fitness applications. The app contains built-in exercise sets, but you can also customize your workout. The app notifies you about all the gains you’ll have for that particular workout.

The main attraction of Progression app is that it uses a time trial method in order to keep the user interested and driven. The main task is to beat the time you took in your last workout which upon completion feels like a victory. Even if you can’t beat the time, you’ll constantly be focused to beat this particular time. The UI is also pretty impressive, and all in all this app may be only the last thing you need to get your desired body.

Workout Trainer

best fitness and workout apps

Workout Trainer by Skimble Inc is a highly recommended app for fitness fans everywhere. Its main aim is to become the one-stop go for all fitness enthusiasts and become the all in one solution for anyone who’s new to the norms of fitness.

You can customize your workout schedule, view instructional videos regarding exercises. There is also a social circle aspect to it in which you can participate as per your will. The premium version is a lot better including HD exercise videos, access to customized workout plans from other members and even weekly workout challenges. The premium version will cost you 6.99$ per month.

Nike+ Training Club

best fitness and workout apps

Coming from one of the most popular fitness brands in the world, Nike+ Training Club has to live up to its name. The N+TC offers over 100 specialized workout routines tailored by the Nike Master Trainers.

The app also lets you keep an eye on your progress by helping you calculate the number of workouts, the number of calories burnt and the time you’re spending upon each workout. By doing this in a very short amount of time, you can quickly identify which workout routine suits you the best.

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

best fitness and workout apps

If you’re tired of the same old workout routines and are desperately looking for variation in your daily workout, Android’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge app maybe the answer. This app pushes to the absolute limit of fitness, includes a 30-day package for your abs, arms, and legs.

Confused? Let us explain. For the abs exercises, they offer 15 different types of exercises, with three difficulty levels, so you chose your way of working out. The app syncs with Google Fit to keep a note on the calories burnt. This app is the ultimate way to get hooked with a long time workout program.

Pocket Yoga

best fitness and workout apps

Yoga has always been an excellent way to stay fit, flexible and in shape, though many people to this date debate about its credibility. It’s obvious you can’t put on mass and muscle through yoga but to relax your muscles yoga is your best option, now spending big bucks and sitting through hours of instructions can be a bit boring, so Pocket Yoga offers the ultimate solution for people interested in Yoga.

It provides up to 200 different poses with animation and voice instructions and granting you the ability to create yoga workouts. It also offers 27 different sessions, and you can opt the one that best suits your difficulty level, and as you go on to progress, you unlock more features of the app.

Charity Miles

best fitness and workout apps

Charity Miles is a different from all other fitness apps, in the way it motivates you to get fitter. The application is used and hailed all around the globe. The basic concept is that different sponsors are going to donate an amount for every mile you walk, run or bicycle using the app.

You can browse the list of sponsors and do something for the cause you support. It’s a good way to stay healthy and help raise awareness and funding for different causes around the world. All those miles walked will not only be your personal gains, but someone else would be benefiting from those as well. All those little bits will add up to a significant amount and make a difference in someone else’s life as well.

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