Top 10 Best Apps to Learn a New Language For iOS, Android

The reasons for learning a new language can vary. For example, you may want to learn French because you’re going to France on vacation and want to be able to get around. Or, you might want to learn the language because you just love the way it sounds, it’s beautiful!

You have the spirit to want to learn that new language but might get discouraged in the process. When learning a new language is fun, you learn a lot faster, and you remember things more quickly. That’s why the following iOS and Android apps are going to make the learning process a lot more fun.

Babbel (iOS, Android)

Best Apps to Learn a New Language

Babbel is one of the most popular apps out there when it comes to learning a new language. It teaches the basic phrases anyone learning the language should know. You can hear how the words are pronounced for a better understanding of the pronunciation.

The app will also ask you if you want to turn on the mic so it can record your pronunciation. So, when you hear the app pronounce the words you know if you need to improve on anything. You can choose to either learn Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch or Spanish.

You can download the app for free, but if you want to release the app’s full potential you can subscribe for only $11 a month. Babbel also has a personalized goal system where you can set benchmarks as you learn your new language. You can also monitor your progress, so you know how well or not you’re doing.

Duolingo (iOS, Android)

Best Apps to Learn a New Language

Another famous app when it comes to learning a new language is Duolingo. It’s an app that makes learning that new language fun. When you first get started, you’re asked how much time a day you want to dedicate to the app and if you’re a beginner or not.

Duolingo lets you try different kinds of exercises to help you learn. You will either have to match the English to the French word (for example), or you will have to translate what the audio says. Don’t worry, if you’re a beginner, it gives you easy things to translate.

If you want to use and app that doesn’t drill you with the grammar, then this is your app. It focuses on ten of the easiest tenses to allow beginners to better understand the language more easily.

With ever exercise, the app pronounces the words over and over to help you remember it. As you go through the exercises, it will also explain any grammar rules you need to know to complete the exercise.

Memrise (iOS, Android)

Best Apps to Learn a New Language

Memrise uses a different method to get you to learn your new language. The app starts off by telling you that the planet is being invaded and that you have to join the alliance to defeat them. The more goals you complete, the farther your spaceship can go.

The app also uses videos with their audio to help you remember words. It repeats the words quite a few times, but that’s the best method to remembering and learning the new language.

At the bottom of your iOS device, you are going to see the Find button. By tapping on the button, you can switch from language to language with ease. Simply tap on the Start Learning button, and the app will automatically take you to some very easy exercises.

Busuu (iOS, Android)

Best Apps to Learn a New Language

Did the other apps not convince you? How about trying Busuu? It’s a great app that gives you the opportunity to talk to native speakers. That way, you know where you need to improve and what things you’re good at.

You can learn one of 12 languages or hey, why not learn all 12!? Once you finish your lesson, you’re going to be taken to a mock conversation. You will see a video of someone speaking, and once the video is over, you have to record your answer.

You can also use the peer- to-peer text corrections to dominate your new language. Even if you haven’t completed the first level, you can skip to the next level.

MindSnacks (iOS)

Best Apps to Learn a New Language

When you go to the App store and type in MindSnacks in the search bar you’ll get various results. There is an app for each language. You can either learn German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

Some people when they try to learn a new language, they usually study children’s books. The words are easy to understand and they’re words you’re going to have to learn anyway. MindSnacks is similar to those children’s books since it helps you learn while playing games.

Other Apps


Learning a new language can be very challenging, but when you have the right tools it can even be a fun experience. The apps in this list are a great and fun way to get started with that new language. Which one do you think you’re going to try first? Let me know in the comments.

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