Sony Soundbar Turn On Without Remote (3 Simple And Effective Methods)

Due to some technical issues in the transporting process, you can lose your Sony soundbar’s remote. Some modern product lines from Sony or second-hand soundbars may not have a remote available. 

In those cases, what should you do to turn on your soundbar? It will confuse new users when trying to switch on their devices without a remote at hand. 

This post will discuss the topic: ‘Sony soundbar turn on without remote’ and give you clear instructions to deal with this situation. 

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An Overview of Sony Soundbar

Turn On Sony Soundbar Without Remote
Turn On Sony Soundbar Without A Remote

Sony soundbar possesses a long and flat bar design with multiple speakers integrated inside its body. It gives out sharp sounds at a much higher quality than sounds from other devices like TV and smartphones. 

Sony soundbar features various sound modes that give you the most optimal listening experience based on your needs and content preferences. 

You can pair the soundbar with other devices using HDMI connectors or the Bluetooth function. Wifi network connection is also available on this product.

There are a set of buttons on the top of the speaker that help you control it manually. All important information is displayed on the front screen. 

Turn On Sony Soundbar Without Remote
Sony Soundbar Design

Why Is The Remote For You Sony Soundbar Unavailable? 

Here are some reasons you don’t have a remote for your Sony soundbar.

You Purchase A Second-hand Soundbar

Old Sony soundbars are sold at much lower prices compared to the latest products. Many people prefer buying vintage Sony speakers to save money.

After a long usage period, the previous owner of your Sony speaker may have lost the accompanying remote. 

The remotes may also be broken due to the carelessness of the old users. These are the risks you have to take when purchasing second-hand products. 

Some Types Of Sony Soundbar Don’t Come With A Remote

Some modern soundbar products from Sony allow voice and in-app control. Sony doesn’t provide a remote when you buy these products. 

Low-tech users may find it difficult to adapt to these modern features. They have been accustomed to using a remote to control their devices. 

Remote Damages Or Loss In The Transporting Process

This situation is more common than you think. Many people purchase LG soundbars online, and the remote is lost or damaged in the shipping process.

Lousy packaging or careless acts from the transporter may cause your remote to break down. 

How To Turn On The Sony Soundbar Without A Remote?

Here are some simple methods with proven effectiveness in turning on the Sony soundbar without using a remote. 

Using The Power Switch On Your Device

The location of the switch will vary in different versions of the Sony soundbar. Ensure that your soundbar still functions well and is connected to electricity. 

Check the top, two sides, and the bottom of the device if a power switch is available. You will find a set of buttons with various functions. 

You can know which one is the power switch based on the icon attached to each button. 

Pair Your Soundbar With The Other Devices. 

You can connect your soundbar to a TV or smartphone using an HDMI cable.

 If you don’t have a cable, try to switch on the Bluetooth function on your device and pair it with the soundbar. 

Now you can open the virtual remote function on your device and control your soundbar. In some cases, the TV’s remote may also work with your speaker. 

If you need more detailed instructions, consider watching the video below.

Replace Or Get A Universal Remote

If your remote doesn’t work due to technical issues, please contact the dealer and request a new remote. 

You can use a universal remote for the special soundbars that don’t have an accompanying remote.

These products work with virtually any electronic gadget. You can find them in nearby tech stores or online dealers at affordable prices. 

Turn On Sony Soundbar Without Remote
A Universal Remote


Your LG speaker’s remote may not be available due to many reasons. Without a remote, many users will find it difficult to power on and control the soundbar. We hope this post can help you deal with this situation effortlessly and have a great entertainment experience with your Sony soundbar.

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