How to Use Face Swap on Snapchat (Face-Swap Feature)

Snapchat stands as one of the top instant messaging applications with countless active users and this number grows daily as new users sign up. Various other instant messaging apps mimic its features in an attempt to siphon off some of its popularity.

No matter how hard other apps may try, there is just no way to keep up with Snapchat. It just offers too way great features that are regularly updated, for it to be dethroned. There is one feature that many might not get tired of and that’s Face Swap.

It’s a fun feature where you can either exchange face with someone next to you or with the face of someone in your photo gallery. Not only can you trade faces, but you can turn yourself into all sorts of fun creatures or give you face a look only Snapchat can give. You’ve heard wonders about it but how do you use it exactly?

Face Swap

How to Face Swap on Snapchat

I have to confess that the only reasons why I have Snapchat are because of Face swap. It’s just too much fun not to have it on my phone. So, if you want to give Face Swap a try launch the app and make sure that the phone is a distance where you can get a good view of your face.

Without moving your phone, long-press on your face until you see a spider-man type web appear on your face. Once the web is gone, you will see circles with different images inside. To take a look at your options, slide those options to the left, and the one that is placed in the circle in the middle is going to be the effect that will be applied.

These effects will not always be the same since Snapchat regularly changes them. That’s great since you never have a chance to get bored of the effects since there never there long enough.

How to Face Swap Other People

Keep sliding to your left, and in the middle, you are going to see the option to either Face Swap with someone right nest to you or you can two friends in front of you do it. To Face Swap other people, you will need to press the camera icon at the top right. That gives you the option to either use the front facing or rear facing camera. The Face Swap circle is yellow with two smiley faces with arrows around them.

Face Swap Both

The circle with the smiley face and the camera give you the option to swap faces with someone is your pictures gallery. If you continue to swipe left towards the end, you will enjoy another great and fun feature. It’s an option where Snapchat adds real-time effects to your selfie. You can either have flowers fall from the sky, leaves, or roses.

How to Mix Two-Face Swap Effects Simultaneously

Face Swap also mixes two effects together. For example, you can look like a deer and have bubbles fall from the sky at the same time. So, if the face effects are not enough, don’t forget to try these options that make your picture look even better.


Using Face Swap on Snapchat is easy. It’s also a very fun feature to try and one that will always make you laugh. Remember, if you get tired of the current options, check back in a couple of days.

Snapchat has regular updates on the Face Swap options so that they keep their users happy and coming back for more. How option do you Use Face Swap? Let me know int he comments.

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