How to Reset Windows 10 Login Password Without Losing Data

If you have forgotten the password of your Windows 10 computer then you must be thinking the only way to reset or remove the password from your computer is to format the hard drive and re-install the operating system, right? Well, your point is indeed true but beware because formatting your primary disk will certainly cause severe data loss that cannot be recovered. All the files, folders, software, pictures, documents, etc. will be erased from your PC forever.

So, you may be anticipating, what’s the way around to reset your Windows computer password without losing any data at all? Well, stop tearing your hair as we show the correct way to reset your computer password without losing a single item from your PC again. So, let’s dig in and let started with the solutions.

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Reset Windows login password with Command prompt

Command prompt has always been helpful when it comes to manipulate with Windows sub systems. It also helps to reset Windows password even if you forget it. But it requires special command lines to execute the resetting process that can be accomplished by following these steps:

Step 1. Insert the Windows operating system disk on your computer and reboot it.

Step 2. Wait for the login screen to appear and tap the shift key 5 times in a row to activate the command prompt screen.

Step 3. Type the following command line to reset your computer password


Replace 123456 with any password of your choice and change ADMINISTRATOR to your computer username.

Reset Windows

Step 4. Press enter to execute the command and your password will be successfully saved.
Restart your PC and use the new password to access your PC.


  • Not a 100% working method in some cases.
  • Execution of wrong command can cause data corruption.

Reset password from other Administrator account

If you have multiple Administrator accounts registered in your computer then changing the password of your main user profile account won’t be too hard. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1. Turn on your PC and login using any other administrator account.

Step 2. Open the Run app from Start or press Windows + R key to launch it and type “cmpmgmt.msc” and hit the Enter button.

Step 3. A new Computer Management window will open. Look at the left sidebar and choose “Local Users and Groups” followed by “Groups”.

Step 4. From the right side panel, choose the username that you wish to change password for and right-click on it. Select “Set Password” and enter a new password twice then save it.

Reset Windows

Reboot your PC and you should be able to enter the new password to enter into your PC again.


  • Other guest accounts must have administrator privileges.
  • Other accounts must be setup before forgetting the password.

Reset Windows 7/8/10 password with Password Recovery Tool

If you never setup different usernames or the Command prompt trick failed to update your computer password then do not get anxious because we about to reveal the most amazing way to reset Windows 7/8/10 password without losing any data at all by using a Windows password recovery tool.

iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro is the best and most effective Windows password reset tool that helps to remove and bypass the Windows login password easily. It can remove password from all kind of user accounts such as administrator, root, Microsoft and domain accounts. It works with almost all Windows operating system versions such as Windows 7/8/10//Vista/XP and other older Windows versions.

Basically, it helps to create a password reset disk with your flash drive or CD/DVD from a different computer and then use that bootable disk to reset the password of your original locked computer. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to reset Windows 7/8/10 password with password reset tool.

Step 1. Install iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro on any accessible computer and insert an empty flash drive or CD/DVD to create a password reset disk.

Reset Windows

Step 2. Click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” after selecting the removable disk name from the drop down icon to make the bootable password reset disk by burning ISO image file in it.

Reset Windows

Step 3. Plug in the bootable password reset tool on your locked system and reboot it with the bootable disk. The password reset tool will appear on the display screen and all you have to do is select the Windows version and the username that is currently protected.

Reset Windows

Now, hit the “Reset Password” button and reboot your PC. That’s all you computer is now unlocked and you can use it normally again.


Forgetting your own Windows computer password is no fun at all especially, when you need to use it urgently. Moreover, without inputting the right password you won’t be able to access any files or folders contained inside your computer.

But thankfully, you can use the tips and tricks shared in this article to unlock your Windows password and access it normally again. Please remember to use the password recovery tool only on personal computers and not for any mischief activities. Thank you for reading the article and if you have more exciting methods then don’t forget it share it with us.

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