How to Permanently Delete a Reddit Account (Updated 2021)

If you are one of Reddit’s millions of users, this is a post you cannot miss. Read on to learn about deleting a Reddit account and lots of helpful information.

Deleting a particular social media account is not an intruder to us. There are many reasons for somebody to make a decision to delete their account. But for each type of website or application, there is a certain number or only one way to do that. That is why users need to learn about the steps to take for the type of account they want to remove. So, how to delete Reddit account? Let’s find out!

What is the Reddit?

Reddit is an entertainment website where users can update social news online, use a communication service, share a variety of content in the form of text posts or direct links.

Reddit has a pretty heady transfer history with many shortcomings for the original software. Such as disclosing user information, being manipulated by a third party, etc. However, after all, Reddit still stands with its cool new features and growth.

How to delete Reddit account

To join Reddit, you need to create a user account. Only members registered with an account can post or share content that interests them. And other users can vote for “like” (up arrow) or “dislike” (down arrow) for such content. After that, the system will decide the position of posts on Reddit pages according to that number of indicators.

The more arrows a post has, the higher it is positioned and the more accessible it is to everyone. The web will organize the contents into categories, called the area of interest “subreddit”. Through each “subreddit”, users can freely create their discussion community in any language.

Reddit encourages the freedom to comment on each person’s point of view and create a place to connect people with similar interests through content in the same category.

Keep your information safe

In the face of the recent Reddit information data scandals, it’s reasonable that you still worry about your information despite improvements and commitment from website developers. Choosing to stop using the website can be a good idea.

However, Reddit is a social media channel, so it’s helpful in several ways.

Many users can access Reddit for business purposes. Therefore, they may not be ready for the permanent deletion of a Reddit account. That’s okay, and you can learn some ways to keep information about yourself and your business as safe as possible:

  • Carefully read the terms of the website’s privacy policy
  • Be wary of sites where Reddit shares data to redirect visitors
  • Privacy settings monitoring: limit who can see the content you post
  • Do not grant access to your location to this social networking platform

How to delete Reddit account

Once you are sure you want to stop using Reddit, you should permanently delete your Reddit account. However, you cannot do that through the Reddit mobile app or any other third-party application. You need to perform online deletion of your Reddit account.

First, log in to the account you want to delete. Then, click on your account name within the prime right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu appears. From that menu, click the User Settings option.

How to delete Reddit account

At this point, your screen will show the user settings menu for the Reddit account. Click the Account tab; under the Account tab, select Deactivate account at the bottom of the scroll bar.

How to delete Reddit account


Deleting a Reddit account will not include deleting your previous post history and activity. To delete a Reddit account, next, you need to provide a Username and Password. Also, click the box to confirm that “I understand that deactivated accounts cannot be restored”.

How to delete Reddit account

Then, the system will invite you to leave the reason you want to delete your Reddit account. Once done, the following action is to press Deactivate. The system will ask you again, and you need to press Deactivate again to confirm your wish.

How to delete Reddit account

At this point, you have permanently deleted your Reddit account. This process is irreversible. Therefore, you will not be able to recover a deleted account, and any users cannot register the deleted account name a second time.

What happens after you delete your Reddit account?

How to delete reddit account

Before deleting an account, you should be aware of a few issues that might arise. That is a good thing and it is never redundant to figure a problem out.

Please be aware that deleting your account does not mean that your posts, shared content, and sent comments will also be deleted. Instead, the post topic, the content, and the comments below the position will remain. Only your Reddit account name disappears.

Also, you will lose your list of subscriptions and the privacy settings in that account. Reddit perks like Reddit Premium will also end for the removed account.

Suppose you don’t want to save your past activity on your web pages; delete all before deleting your account. It means that you need to delete each post and each of your previously submitted comments. As such, all account activities, as well as accounts, will disappear completely. No more traces of you at the Reddit website.

In Conclusion

Sticking to a social media account and then stopping using it is up to anyone. It would be best if you equipped yourself with knowledge related to deleting accounts to use whenever needed.

The article has provided a straightforward way to delete Reddit account. With the Reddit account gone, that means it will be permanently deactivated. The process of deleting a Reddit account is irreversible, so you cannot restore it at all. Remember that you should make every decision after specific thoughts. Consider why you don’t want to use your Reddit account anymore before permanently deleting it.

Do you know how to delete any Reddit account? If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a message in the comment box.

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Hi! As I read your content it really help me on how to delete a reddit account. I found difficulty on deleting of my reddit account but because of your blog it really helps me to delete my reddit account. I really appreciate your content and want to make such kind of more content for further information.
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