How to Download Subtitles from (Moive & TV Shows) is a free website and service that allows users to easily find subtitles for movies, TV shows, and other videos. It’s easy to use just search for the video you’re looking for and click on it to see all of the available subtitles listed below it. You can then preview each one before downloading them all at once with just one click! also provides information about what languages are shown in the video as well as their names in English so you know exactly what you’re getting before making your selection.

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What is a Subtitle?

A subtitle is a text that appears on the bottom of the screen in movies, TV shows, and other videos. They are usually translated into different languages or written using another language to make them easier for viewers to understand. makes it easy for anyone to find subtitles for their favorite videos by listing the available subtitle files below each video so there’s no need to scroll through hundreds of possible results to find what you’re looking for. OpenSubtitles makes it even easier by providing basic information about the languages shown in each video along with their English names so you know just what you’re downloading.

How to Download Subtitles from

The most popular subtitles website, without a doubt, is OpenSubtitles. This site is frequently linked to by a variety of online services in order to retrieve their subtitles. It also has the most comprehensive library of subtitles for movies and TV shows available.

Go to

Your first step should be to select the language on the left of the Search button. Select English if you’d like to watch your favorite movie in another language, or choose the language of your choice. Selecting a language results in website subtitles being shown in only that language.


Once you’ve chosen the subtitle language, type the film or television show name for which you’d like to download subtitles. The website will try to guess the name as you type it. Choose the one you want by clicking it.


This list may not appear if your internet connection is slow or if you have browser restrictions in place. If that’s the case, click the Search button after inputting the complete name.

When you search for a name, the results display the most accurate entries.


All of the available subtitles for an entry are shown on the movie page. Open at least a few of the subtitles in a new tab.


To finish the download, click the Download button. The subtitle file will be included in a zip file with a .nfo file. Remove the .nfo and keep the other one.


Conclusion is the best place to find subtitles for movies and TV shows, as well as a wealth of information about what languages are shown in each video and their English names. OpenSubtitle makes it easy by listing all available subtitle files below videos so there’s no need to scroll through hundreds of possible results to find what you’re looking for.

OpenSubtitles also provides basic information about different language options with their respective English translations which should help those who don’t speak that particular language fluently understand more easily without relying on Google Translate or other online services like Bing Translator, etc. All in all, has everything you’ll ever need when searching for subtitles!

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