How To Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMI? Get Your Job Done With 5 Steps

Soundbars are a great addition to your home theater setup. If the television doesn’t have Bluetooth features, you can use HDMI ports to pair it with the speakers. 

So how to connect soundbar to TV with HDMI in your cinema system? Please follow five simple steps in this guide, and you are ready to discover! 

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMI?

How To Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMI

As we know, HDMI is the widely used HD signal for delivering both high-definition audio and video over a single cord. 

It’s common to use the cable to connect devices within your home theater setup. The whole process only takes a few minutes and requires no extra tools. 

As long as the speaker has the HDMI port in the back, connecting it using the cable is straightforward.

Older soundbars are unlikely to offer such a function, so make sure you have the compatible one first. 

There are five steps to take for the connection. Let’s dig into the details! 

Find the port on the device

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Step 1: Turn on the devices

You may have connected your TV to power. However, many people miss one crucial step the soundbar also requires its own power supply.

Not all soundbars work the same. You could find that yours has a specific way of acquiring power.

Connecting your device to an AC power adapter or anything similar is the most frequent method of supplying power.

Then, before connecting with the cable, turn on both the soundbar and TV to see if notifications display.

Step 2: Find your HDMI input on your TV


When you’ve plugged in and turned on your devices, you’ll need to attach the HDMI ports to each. 

It doesn’t matter which device you attach the cable to first. Nevertheless, you must ensure to establish each device’s connection properly.

You can find the input port in this same position as all other output and input ports on the television. 

If you already have cords inserted into your RCA ports, this spot is where you should start looking.

You can quickly identify the shape of the cable. Hence, look at its end and determine which spot in the TV the cable can match. 

If you can’t find the input port on the television, consult the manual book or ask the manufacturer. 

Step 3: Find the HDMI output on the soundbar

Your soundbar has fewer ports. Hence, you can find the output port easily. 

Make sure that you’ve plugged the soundbar into the power source. Then, you are ready to pair your devices via the cable. 

Step 4: Plug the cable into each device

After figuring out where to attach the cable, it’s time to input it into each gadget.

As previously stated, it makes no difference whether you establish the connection to which device first. Just make sure that the connection you make is secure and complete. 

Step 5: Adjust the setting

 Adjust the setting on your television
Adjust the setting on your television

You should change your television’s settings to make the soundbar the default speaker output. Although some soundbars will become the chosen output after the connection, some may not. 

A few soundbars tend to use internal television speakers as their audio output. As a result, you have to modify the preference on the television manually. 

You may accomplish this job by consulting your handbook. However, it usually is straightforward. 

All you have to do is go the television’s settings menu and look for anything that looks similar to your Speaker options.

Then, choose your soundbar as your desired speaker output. You could see this device defaulting to the HDMI hookup, or you might have to make sure the speaker’s source is digital input. 

Why Should You Use HDMI To Connect Your Devices?

High Definition Multimedia Interface eliminates the strain of wiring that would otherwise be necessary if you used RCA cables. 

You may notice a minor improvement in sound quality, particularly while watching any live show. You will find it easier to hear the sound by minimizing background noise. 

The ability to improve sound depends on the version of the cable. You can learn how each differs via this video below:   

You can also manage the volume of your speaker using your Smart TV remote, which means you won’t have to bring two remotes around with you.


There are many methods to connect a speaker to the TV. Yet, using HDMI appears to be the simplest and quickest. It also offers benefits in terms of sound quality. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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