How to Change DNS Server on Windows 11 (PC & Laptop)

Once you sign up for an internet connection for your residential or commercial use, the Internet Service Provider takes care of setting up all the network configurations. Such setup encompasses DNS addresses that facilitate accessing and surfing top-choice websites, using online services like Google Docs for remote work, and retrieving files from platforms such as Dropbox.

If you are experiencing slow internet speed or difficulty connecting to websites, it is possible that your DNS server may be the problem. This article will explain how to change your DNS server on Windows 11 and why it’s essential.

What is a DNS Server?

public dns

A DNS Server is a critical part of the Internet. It translates domain names into IP addresses so that you can connect to websites and online content. A bad or down DNS server means your connection will be slow, interrupted, or not work. There are many ways to find and solve the problem, but one is by changing your DNS setting.

Changing your DNS will help prevent issues with slow Internet or connections dropping altogether. If you are on Windows 11 and having problems with your internet connection, this article will show you how to change the DNS settings for faster connections.

How to Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

First of all, open the Windows Settings app by pressing your keyboard’s Windows + I key at the same time. From the Settings, select “Network & Internet” from the left side.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

You need to click on the “Advanced Network Settings” option to see it.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

When using the Internet over WiFi, click on your WiFi adapter. If you have a LAN connection, choose Ethernet instead. Click the “View Additional Properties” from the expanded view of your network adapter to get more information about its configuration and statistics.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

A new window appears. Click the Edit button from DNS Server Assignment.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Now enter your Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS like the image below.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Click on the Save button to save your changes.

How to change the DNS server from the Control Panel

If you prefer the Control Panel over Settings, this guide is for you!

Step 1: Open the Control Panel by entering “control” from the Search on Taskbar.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Step 2: Go to Network and Internet.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Then select Network and Sharing Center.

Step 3: Select Change adapter settings from the left side of the window.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Step 4: Click on your Internet connection and select Properties.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Check on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) >> Properties.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Enter your DNS server and click OK to save all settings.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

How to choose the best DNS server

Your DNS server setting is set to Automatic (DHCP) by default. This means that your internet service provider chooses which DNS you use when accessing the Internet. There are many reasons why you should avoid this. You know how to change the DNS server on Windows 11, but which fastest DNS should you use?

Using The Best Public DNS Benchmark

You may be wondering which DNS server to use, so here is a list of popular and reliable ones you can choose from.

Google Public DNSSpeed8.
Cloudflare DNSSecurity1.
Neustar DNSSecurity64.6.64.664.6.65.6
Quad9 DNS (IPv4)Security9.9.9.9149.112.112.112
Cisco Umbrella (IPv4)Security208.67. 222.222208.67. 220.220
Cisco Umbrella (IPv6)Security2620:119:35::352620:119:53::53
OpenDNS FamilyShieldContent Blocking208.67.222.123208.67.220.123

Using Third-Party Software

To find the fastest DNS servers, you can use a third-party app and run it. Your server’s speed depends on many factors relative to where you live and your connection. 

DNS Jumper is a free DNS changing tool that will help you find the fastest DNS server in your area. It’s straightforward to use and set up. It’s like speed testing for DNS servers. So give it a try and see if it helps!

Step 1: Download and Install the DNS Jumper 2.0 from

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Step 2: Open DNSJumper.exe and click on Fastest DNS.

Check on Enable Turbo Resolve and click Start DNS Test now.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

After the test is complete, you will see a list of all DNS servers that have been tested. The fastest one will be at the top, or you can click on Result 1 or Result 2 to see the best ones.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Step 3: Select Apply DNS Server to save this setting, or you can do it manually by following the steps above.

How do you show your current DNS server?

If you want to know your DNS server, you can pen CMD by typing “cmd” from the search. Enter the command to the Command Prompt.

ipconfig /all

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

Here is my current DNS server.

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11


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