17 Best Windows 11 Themes and Wallpapers For Desktop

Windows 11 is the latest operating system that Microsoft has released. It’s available for free to all Windows 10 users and it’s packed with new features like better security, more powerful tools, and touch-friendly design. Windows 11 has a variety of themes that you can set your PC to display. This is great for people who like to change their computer’s appearance often or want something new and fresh with each login.

Themes change the look of your desktop background, icons, and other interface visuals like menus and buttons. You can install different themes to suit your mood or style. Are you looking to spice up your Windows 11 with some new themes? We’ve compiled a list of the best, most popular, and coolest free Windows 11 themes that are sure to please. Check them out!

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Festival of Lights Themes

windows 11 themes

This Microsoft theme is an excellent alternative if you enjoy lights and, more significantly, the Festival of Lights. Your PC will never see a dark corner again with this theme’s 16 display graphics. Each display picture is more than just colorful. It’s vibrant, cheerful, and full of good vibes.

Windows Nostalgia Wallpaper

windows 11 themes

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling. It can bring back memories that we’ve long forgotten and feel like we’re reliving the experience all over again, or it can make us miss someone or something that’s no longer around. But nostalgia doesn’t just come from happy experiences either; sometimes it comes from hard times and losses too.

With Windows Nostalgia, you get to relive the best of what Windows had to offer in days gone by–the games, music, and programs that made you happy when they came out–and maybe even find some things you forgot about along the way!

This wallpaper is a more recent version that works with Windows 11.

Night Skies Themes

windows 11 themes

If you’re a fan of stargazing and have been looking for a theme that captures the majesty of the night sky, then Night Skies is for you. It’s a perfect choice if you love a tranquil scene or need a soothing background if you work in an environment with lots of bright colors.

This theme contains all of the skies you’ve seen and the ones you wish to see. A collection of 20 images, including almost all of her phases in 4k resolution, is certain to be a visual treat for any night-sky-buff.

Autumn Themes

windows 11 themes

This is a theme made for the Autumn season. It’s themed on colors from the season, including red, orange, yellow, brown, and green. There are also a few leaves that litter the ground to add some extra life to this stunning image.

If you love the fall season and enjoy inexplicable feelings that come over you in the autumn, this theme is a match. This is an excellent alternative if you enjoy colors and want something different than your typical summer or winter image.

You may also look into other themes such as Bing Fall Colors, Autumn Bridges, Bing Sunshine, Swedish Autumn, Autumn Colors, Animals in Autumn, and Hay! (hey, they’re all warm too).

Rainbows Themes

windows 11 themes

A rainbow can be seen as a metaphor for safety and hope, among other things. These themes are no exception. They confer safety with their relatively sedate colors and they give hope through the various colors that they display.

If you can’t pick a favorite color but “all of them” is your favorite response, we think you’re a rainbow person and this Colors of the Rainbow theme would be perfect for you. This 18-image theme provides a wide range of colors in each image. If you don’t want a broad spectrum in your rainbow theme, choose a rainbow theme with the specialty of birds.

Mountain Dwellings

windows 11 themes

This fantastic theme is compatible with Windows 10 version 14951.0 and up, so it’s also ready for your Windows 11 computer.

This theme, once installed, will provide you with no less than 12 stunning pictures of huts in attractive settings from the mountains. Keep in mind that it’s free and only has around 11 MBs. You’ll be able to use it on up to 10 devices after installation.

Pride Themes

windows 11 themes

Pride themes are a great way to get in the spirit of things. One of the most popular Pride themes is the “Rainbow” theme. Rainbow colors, rainbows, and rainbows-within-rainbows fill this theme. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for something that conveys safety, happiness, and hope.

The Pride 2020 Flag theme is inspired by a real-world Pride flag and uses photographs for each different flag. There’s the Pride 2020 Conversations theme if you want more than just colors to speak for you. Each picture in this theme corresponds with the jubilation of Pride while also providing a bevy of color. Bending Light PREMIUM is another option!

Take a Moment Themes

windows 11 themes

The Take a Moment style includes tranquil photographs of people in touch with nature, which is like a Zen-like retreat for your home screen. Every image is intended to elicit the same type of affinity for the world’s beauty, whether it’s a biker on a forest path, a hand running through water, or a tent perched in Patagonia.

‘Tis the Season Themes

windows 11 themes

This theme is a winter wonderland. There’s a snowy scene that covers a wide range of traditional Christmas colors. These colors also correspond with how Christmas should be celebrated: colorful and bright. Do you remember those gorgeous Christmas lights that would line your street at night? I bet this background will remind you of those nightly celebrations.

For those who love all things winter, this is a theme for you! Explore this background from every angle from its crisp white snow to its detailed reds and greens. The best part? Every corner is beautiful no matter how.

If you can’t keep your cool because Christmas is approaching, you may enhance your Christmassy concept from reality to virtuality by using this 9-image Windows theme.

You may test the popular Bing in Winter, Warm Winter Night and the Czech Winter theme as well. The charming 15-piece Dogs in Winter, Dogs in Winter are another winter-based themes.

National Parks Themes

windows 11 themes

National parks are not only a magnet for visitors, but they also have some unique natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. If you appreciate the visual appeal of national parks, this 18-image theme is an excellent choice.

You might also take a look at the National Geographic Antlers, National Geographic Antarctica theme, the Grand Canyon National Park theme, and the US National Parks theme if you want to go with a national park concept.

Wildlife Themes

windows 11 themes

Wildlife themes are the best way to decorate your computer with an animal-friendly design. It has a variety of animals that are realistic, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your personality perfectly! These designs will make you want to stare at them all day long.

One thing about wildlife (if you love wildlife of course), is that it can never cease to amuse. You can never tire from looking at wildlife. If you’re professionally involved with wildlife directly or indirectly, you’d second this. Get this 16-set theme to extend that love for the wild.

The Monsoons, Amazon Wildlife theme, the Indian Wildlife theme, the National Geographic Safari theme, and Animal Portraits are just a few of the stunning wildlife themes available.

Cars Themes

windows 11 themes

Cars themes are a great way to add a little glamour to your desktop background. These themes feature cars in various settings and have a wide variety of colors. The Cars Themes has rich reds and blues, giving them an almost royal appearance. The Best Sports Cars in the World theme is a great option if you’re a car enthusiast, just in time for summer!

If you want something more simple, this Cars Themes set features bright colors with one image each. It’s perfect if you want a change from some of those more photo-heavy themes. This collection of 10 images, each dedicated to the racing champion Ayrton Senna, will give your PC just the right personalization you’re looking for.

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Ford F-150 Raptor Xbox One X Edition theme and the
Ford Mustang RTR, Classic Cars Premium theme are four additional car-inspired Themes.

Dark Skies Themes

windows 11 themes

Horror Windows Theme is a new custom design created for all horror movie fans. The theme includes exclusive wallpaper, icons that will scare you to death. It’s so easy to install, just download the app from the Microsoft Store and select Horror Windows Theme in the customization window. You’ll get a completely different look on your PC that will be sure to leave you scared!

Dark skies themes are perfect for those who like to burn the midnight oil. The three shades of dark blue and grey will put you in a reflective and peaceful state of mind. If you’re looking for a more lively scene, you may want to explore the Dark Skies theme.

The Baffin Island Expedition is a fantastic theme for horror fans who enjoy the chills in solitude and isolation. And if you’re looking to embrace the spookiness of October, the Pumpkin Season theme is ideal for you.

Light and Dark Themes

windows 11 themes

The light is always present. It’s there in the morning, at midday, and in the evening. It shines down on all of us, not just because it has to but also because we need it for survival. We are almost entirely dependent on natural sources of light such as sunlight and moonlight. However, darkness can be a crucial part of life too; without darkness, we wouldn’t see stars or enjoy starry nights!

If you enjoy the light and dark dance, you’ll love this 7-piece theme. If you’re not concerned about light in the darkness and just want to see what it looks like, the Light Trails, City Lights, Light in Darkness theme is a stunning alternative.

The Universe Themes

windows 11 themes

The Universe is a vast and awe-inspiring place. You can’t help but feel small when you look up at the night sky, with all its stars and galaxies stretching out into infinity. There are so many things we still don’t know about it – like what’s outside of our own observable universe?

The Universe is an infinite expanse of space, with trillions of galaxies and stars. We are all made up of particles that were forged in the hot cores of massive, exploding stars. Explore some awe-inspiring photos taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to get a glimpse into the true scale and beauty of our Universe!

If you’re one of those people who’s obsessed with space, Cosmic Beauty might be a good choice. The Hubble Telescope (20 images) and other terrestrial telescopes have captured some fantastic images, which are sure to blow your creativity out of proportion.

The Earth from Above and The Solar Eclipse theme are a great alternative.

Not Weird, Just Different Themes

windows 11 themes

It’s okay for you to be weird. We all are, in one way or another. It’s what makes us unique and interesting; it sets us apart from other people. So, if you’re thinking that your quirks make you “weird” then take a step back and think about how much more boring life would be without them!

No need to be afraid! Let these colorful, smiling figures creep across your computer screen. The people on the Microsoft Windows Next team created all of the slides in this 11-set theme. They used Paint 3D to create all of the pictures in the collection.

Cuteness Overload Themes

windows 11 themes

Cuteness overload themes are meant to bring a smile to your face. From colorful, happy scenes to the cutest baby animals on the planet, these themes will make you feel blissful.

This 20-image pack features a variety of baby animals, including panda cubs, seal pups, kittens, foxes, turtles, and koalas. The following are some of the most popular ovary-exploding themes: Dogs in Disguise, Dog Days, Animals in Autumn, Chickens and Bunnies, as well as Springtime Animals.


Windows 11 Themes are a great way to bring some joy and color into your life. Windows themes can be used on any PC, laptop, or tablet running the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system (which is available for free). Best of all, they’re easy to install!

Simply visit the Microsoft Store app and select Horror Window Theme in the customization window. You’ll get a completely different look on your PC that will be sure to leave you scared! Night Skies themes are perfect for those who like to burn the midnight oil. If you’re looking for a more lively scene, you may want to explore the Dark Skies themes. Or if space is more your thing, try out the Best Windows 11 Themes: Universe themes.

We hope this article has helped you learn about some fun new ways to customize your computer screen with our Best Windows 11 Themes list. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite or if there’s something we’ve missed – maybe a great theme that isn’t listed here?

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