Best Free PDF to Excel Converter Online: CleverPDF, Zamzar

PDF and Excel files go hand in hand when it comes to productivity, document processing, office work and business document handling. We come across countless situations where we want to populate excel sheets with the data that is available in the form of PDF. Similarly, many users have asked how to convert PDF to Excel online. Downloading standalone software for a task might seem non-favorable for many users. A lot of software in the market are not trustworthy. On the other hand, there are a plethora of tools to covert PDF to Excel online, but a very few websites actually work.

This article illustrates the best websites where you can covert pdf files to Microsoft Excel files without any software. The complete process would be machine-independent. No matter what OS you have on your computer, you can covert the PDF to excel online. The task would be done in seconds to minutes depending on the size of the pdf file and speed of internet connection.

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Top 5 PDF to Excel Converter Online


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CleverPDF also offers a free online PDF converter, as one of the 44 PDF tools on It also takes a few steps to export the data from PDF to Excel, simply select and upload a PDF file from your computer, click ‘Start’ button and you can download the converted Excel file in a few seconds. What’s more, CleverPDF provides a few output options for better conversion accuracy. You can also convert the whole PDF to a single worksheet in Excel or convert each page into different worksheets.

It doesn’t require an account or any personal information, the files will be removed from their server after 30 mins, you can remove the files permanently from their server after processing by one click. Besides Excel, it can also convert PDF to Word, PPT, images, or compress, combine PDF, and more.


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This website is by far one of the best ways to convert PDF to excel online. You can find a lot of options on this site, but the real task could be done by using the option PDF2EXCEL. You can upload the PDF, which you want to convert to Excel. You can browser your computer and upload the file using the select files option.

This website supports all the famous Excel formats including XLS and XLSX. These two formats are being supportive of the PDF files, so you don’t need to worry about data formatting in excel sheet. You can also convert the PDF files to excel in bulk. This way, you can quickly perform the tasks at hand.

You can rotate pages pdf, add watermarks and much more.


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It is another best PDF to Excel converter online. When you open the website, you have an options pane at the left side of the screen. You can select files from your computer using the appropriate options and upload the files. This website just asks you about your email id. You can give your email id and then covert the PDF to Excel. You will get your Excel file in your email inbox. The website converts the PDF files to Excel files free of cost for 14 days but after that there is a nominal charge. You can also change your IP address after 14 days to keep using this service for free.


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Zamzar is another minimal and excellent PDF to Excel converter. You can convert all the PDF files to Excel and other formats online using this great website. Just launch the website and upload the PDF file(s) which you want to convert. From a drop-down list, select the format in which you want to get the files, which is, in our case, excel. Now enter the email address and proceed. After a few minutes, you will get your excel sheet to your email id. This is the best way to convert the files. There is no cost on this website. The conversation times are pretty fast. Pages are well intact and clarity is always maintained.


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PDF to Excel website is a great way to convert PDF files to Excel on the go. You have to put no effort at all. The design and interface of this tool are simple and self-explanatory. All the data from the PDF files is populated in the new excel sheets in a unique and clean way. Like other software and websites, this tool also requires your email ID.

These sites ask for your email ID because that is the only way they could keep the user data with themselves for promotions and sales. The tools are free, so you should give the email ID to get the job done. You could always unsubscribe.

PDF Converter

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PDF Converter is yet another best PDF to Excel converter online. You can upload PDF files from your computer or give online links; the tool converts the files to XLSX file. Other formats like Doc and PPT are also supported.

These were the best PDF to Excel converters online. Please give us your valuable feedback in comments.

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