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The pointers on your computer or laptop go beyond being mere small arrows. They serve as icons that embody the user and their activities. Although a lot of us have stuck with the same conventional pointer for quite a while, there’s a new one that mirrors your image! It’s about time we change those old cursors!

We’re going to introduce some of the best cursors available online. Preferences vary; some people like the default Windows cursor, others prefer a minimalist style, and some desire something more vibrant. These cursors can be used on all current versions of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

To install any package, unzip it into a folder, right-click the .inf file, and select ‘install.’ It will immediately integrate with your Windows system. See more on How to Install and Change Mouse Pointer for Windows 11/10

DIM Cursor Set (The Best)

Mouse Cursor

The DIM Cursor Set is the most excellent alternative cursor theme for Windows. The DIM Cursor Set is available in three different versions: TechnoBlue (Blue), NitroGreen (Green), and InfraRed (Red). All of these come with extensive complete cursor sets and some extras. 

The best DIM Cursor alternatives offer free high-quality animated mouse pointers/cursors on Windows 10/11.

Numix Cursors

Mouse Cursor

For Windows PCs, the Numix Cursors is available. Its pointers are smooth and elegant, and they appear to be professionally designed. The cursor set is available in two variants, dark and light. The developer has included both dark and light versions in this package. Install the package by running the install—inf files.

Night Diamond v3.0

Mouse Cursor

BlooGuy created the polar cursor set: smooth animations and a beautiful theming cursor with Diamond v3.0. The .inf files, which may be found in packages, are used to install them.

Capitaine cursors (My favorite)

Mouse Cursor

This is an x-cursor theme based on KDE Breeze and influenced by macOS. The design was made in Inkscape, and the icon pack of this set is La Capitaine. An INF file is included with the Windows build to make installation simple.

Oxygen Cursors

The KDE team develops Oxygen Cursors. The Oxygen Cursors includes 37 distinct color combinations: black, blue, blue arc, brown, cherry, dessert, green, grey, and so forth.

Android Material Cursors

Mouse Cursor

You should be excited to hear that Android users will benefit. If you enjoy Google’s material design and use Android, you may now use the Android cursor set in Windows computers. It has a simple .info file you can install on your Windows PC in seconds.

Crystal Clear Cursor Set (New)

The Crystal Clear Cursor Set is made up of three variants: Original (Translucent), Material Light (White), and Material Dark (Black). The newest version, Crystal Clear, has improved visibility and performance since the original. 

Since it is minimalist and straightforward, it is an excellent replacement for Windows’ standard cursor. These cursors are simple, clean, and beautiful. Best of all, installing this package couldn’t be any simpler!

GTCC Cursors

Another fantastic set of mouse pointers is GTCC. It works on Windows PCs and looks impressive! The arrows are colored gray and have a curved form, which distinguishes them from other types. This bundle includes a .inf file that can be used to install the software on a PC or laptop in a few minutes.

El Capitan Cursors for Windows

Mouse Cursor

The El Capitan Cursors for Windows is a fantastic set of cursors that macOS has inspired. If you enjoy the old El Capitan version of macOS, you’ll like these cursor sets in Windows. This package has an installation file, so it’s simple to put on your Windows computer.

Transparency Cursors 2

Mouse Cursor

Transparency Cursors 2 is the long-awaited sequel of the original Transparency Cursors. This excellent mouse pointer theme transforms your cursor into something beautiful! Best of all, these are free on Windows 10/11. It’s easy to install with the install—inf file on a Windows PC.

Aero Glass Cursor – Windows 11 (Excellent)

Mouse Cursor

The Aero Glass Cursor Theme is one of the best created. This is because it updates Windows’ default cursor theme to make it better than ever before. It’s one of the few cursors that will render you speechless once you use them!

Metro X Cursor Set

Mouse Cursor

The Metro X Cursor Set is a combination of cursors of different colors. There are three available color variants: blue, red, and green. The cursors have sharp edges, and the animations are very smooth when using the arrow keys. This bundle includes an installation file for your Windows computer as well.

Gaia 10 Cursors

Mouse Cursor

The Gaia 10 cursor set includes neat-colored sets of mouse pointers. This cursor set is available in three variants, blue, green, and red, with each color type including ten variants for all possible combinations. The best thing about this is that installation can be done via a .inf file!

Gant Cursor Pack

Mouse Cursor

The “Gant Cursor Pack” includes two color palettes, yellow and blue, each with two sets. In other words, we may identify four sets of GANT cursors in four separate folders. All folders have an inf file to install on your PC.


Mouse Cursor

Direction is a set of extraordinary mouse pointers in light blue color, which will make your work easier and more efficient. This cursor set includes .inf files to install them easily.

Mario Gant Cursors

Mouse Cursor

The developer of Mario Gant Cursors designs these cursors with Super Mario’s personality in mind. It’s a great collection of mouse pointers. There’s also an inf file for Windows PCs to install.

UNDERSized Cursors

Mouse Cursor

The UNDERSED Cursor is a collection of simple, tiny-sized cursors prepared especially for personal usage on a Windows PC. This file includes an inf to install your quick PC with mouse pointers.

Rainbow Cursors

Mouse Cursor

The colors of Rainbow Cursors are based on Mac cursors that change color frequently. If you enjoy changing your computer’s cursor, this set is for you. It also includes an inf file to simplify the installation process on a PC.

Metro X3 Cursor Set

Mouse Cursor

The Metro X3 Cursor Set is a collection of cursor colors. This set also includes the installation file for Windows PCs.

Mickey Mouse

Mouse Cursor

If you enjoy the Mickey Mouse cartoon, you’ll love these mouse pointers. These mouse pointers are suited to children’s minds and are specifically created for them.

macOS Sierra Retina cursors

Mouse Cursor

The macOS Sierra Retina cursors are for those who enjoy Apple’s new operating system look. This includes an installation file to put your cursor on a Windows PC in seconds. The following link will take you to a page where the new macOS Sierra Retina cursors may be downloaded.

Breeze Cursors

Coolest Cursor

Breeze Cursors is a small, elegant cursor set based on KDE cursors. Here’s how to get it up and running on your PC. Open the file, save it to your computer, extract it, and open it. Look for the text “(installer)” and right-click it to access the Install option. Right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize.” Then, to activate your new cursor, click “Personalize” in the menu. 

In the Parameters window, under “Theme,” select “Mouse Cursor,” and choose your Model from the drop-down list.

Star Wars Reloaded

Coolest Cursor

Star Wars is a 1977 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas. It is the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy and the beginning of the Star Wars franchise. If you’re a fan of it, you may now use these cool cursors from your end as a tribute to the Star Wars series.

Chrome Glass

Coolest Cursor

The Chrome Glass cursor is distinct from the other mouse cursors on this list. Unlike many other products, these cursors may be customized to display activity on a computer. To install this cursor set, you must run it in administrator mode. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Unzip the zip file. Click on’_install. In and then click on ‘Install.’
  • Go to the Control Panel and search ‘Mouse’ in the search bar. Select ‘Change how the mouse pointer looks’ from the drop-down menu on the top left corner.
  • Choose ‘Star Wars Reloaded’ under ‘Scheme.’ Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK.’


Coolest Cursor

macOS is a desktop operating system created by Apple Inc. It was first released in 2001. The newest version, macOS Monterey, was publicly released on October 25th, 2021.

The EvolutionOS is a set of mouse cursors inspired by the macOS ones. EvolutionOS is the ideal mouse cursor set if you’ve recently switched to Windows but want to keep the look and feel of a macOS system.


As you can see, there are plenty of cursor sets that can make your work easier. Whether you’re looking for colorful cursors or mouse pointers with a specific personality, the list below includes them all! 

All these packages come with installation files to help simplify the process on Windows PCs. Which set of mouse cursors do you think works best? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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You should look up posy cursors. It’s what i’m using atm, and it’s amazing.



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