The Top 10 Most Popular Sites With Best Free Stock Photos

Do you need the best free stock photos for your project? Where can you find them? Read this post and you will be able to download breathtaking photos from the top 10 amazing sites.

The Best Premium Stock Photo Site: Shutterstock

How Is The Free Stock Photo Website Essential?

For business, you might have used stock photos in making sales flyers, advertisements, brochures, posters, cards, videos, etc. for posting on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So, what are stock photos?

Stock photos are professional photographs of famous places, scenic spots, nature, events which people bought and sold on a royalty-free basis. The photographer has the copyright of these images and allows us to use them for various purposes.

Some stock photos are available to use for free. Others are not. This means you have to pay a fee for a license. Fortunately, there are more and more sites with free stock photos up to now, allowing you to get high-quality photos with no charge.

In this post, we’ll share with you 10 different websites for the best free stock photos.

Top 10 Sites With Best Free Stock Photos

For free stock photos, there still are different rights of use depending on the license. Many of these photos have no copyright restrictions. You can copy, modify, distribute and use for personal creations or commercial projects and more without permission. On the other hand, some photos will require attribution.

We will provide you with the usage requirements of each website.



Pexels is one of the most popular free stock photo sites with original works shared by many talented photographers. First of all, the site ensures that you avoid copyright problems. Photographers obviously know that all people will be able to use their images. Therefore, you can be free to download, edit, and use these photos for your needs.

Pexels does not request photo credits. Anyway, you should still add the credits as a way to thank the photographers. They always appreciate credit publicity.

It’s easy to find and download photos from Pexels with tags. You can not only get free beautiful photos but also free stock videos here. Image themes are diverse from landscapes to people.

There’s something important to notice in using stock photos on Pexels. The site requires you to comply with the stated guidelines. You are not allowed to resell all original photos of Pexels. That means if you edit or create additional value for photos, you have to purchase them. Note that do not use these photos in a way considered offensive.

In addition, you cannot use stock photos with identifiable people for product advertisements. Now, let’s explore the best free stock photos from Pexels collection.



Launched in 2013, Unsplash has become a source of amazing stock photos with over 1 million images. Until now, this site has had over 1 billion downloads.

Unsplash has a large number of free high-quality and high-resolution photos. The collection of this site includes different topics including nature, architecture, business & work, animals, fashion, travel, etc. Like Pexels, it’s convenient to enter the keyword to search for the right photo.

You will have perfect pictures taken by thousands of photographers worldwide. Furthermore, you can update the latest photos of vital events and movements from around the world.

There are some exceptions you should keep in mind when using free stock photos on Unsplash. These rules relate to images with recognizable people, trademarks, logos, private properties (address, license plate,…), etc. If you use Unsplash’s photos for commercial purposes, let’s edit them with creative methods before publishing.

All photos are available to use for free. However, if a photographer wants to delete his own photo, you need to respect his opinion . In the end, it is the owners who take the the photos, and they have all the rights over what to do with them.



This stock photo site is a suitable choice for bloggers and marketers. Its photos are mostly used for commercially oriented purposes. Pixabay, like Pexels, provides many creative videos.

For each image, there is always detailed information including the type of camera, resolution, taken date, etc. It also has an attached reminder of the Pixabay license.

An outstanding advantage of this site is that it covers free vector and illustration images. The user can choose these photos from the Pixabay database for promotional projects (posters, flyers, banners) and merchandising (physical and digital products). It’s not required to ask the photographers’ permission or give attribution to them.


With well-diversified catalogs, helps you to easily find out suitable images. offers beautiful, high-quality stock images to use for both personal and commercial projects. Feel free to download, copy, modify and distribute these photos without asking permission. In addition, you can create an account on the site to save all your favorite photos. This is convenient as you do not have to download them all at once.

How can you download the right image for your needs? The tag-based category system of StockSnap will help you with that. If you need images related to a certain season like summer, just simply click on the ‘Summer’ category. All images will be displayed on the web page.

Another way of finding your desired photos is to enter directly the keyword. For example, you want to use photos that evoke an emotion of love. Type ‘love’ into the search bar of the site and you will see a lot of heartfelt images of couples.



Jakub Kapusnak has released Foodiesfeed 3 years ago. If you have a big love with food or related projects, you should follow Foodiesfeed immediately. For more than 1400 free stock photos, the site allows you to freely download full-resolution without signing up.

You can access Foodiesfeed in 12 different languages. They consist of English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic.

The site is the best source for food bloggers with highly visually appealing food images in high resolution. The fantastic images will be helpful to make your social media posts more attractive and stunning. All are completely free for personal and commercial use.

Like the Pixabay, you should stay updated for the latest uploaded stiffs on the site. You can search for the right photo in a lot of ways. There are popular tags for the user to refer to, including latest free photos, trending free photos, featured free photos, etc.

Scatter Jar

Scatter Jar

Scatter Jar is a free food stock photo website as well as Foodiesfeed. Most photos published on the site are available for free. The user can have unlimited photo downloads for any purposes, even business.

Unlike Foodiesfeed, you cannot find photos by typing the keyword or using the tag-base system. Instead, the site has a filter with specific topics including drinks, fruits, healthy food, veggies, etc. It is quite inconvenient, sometimes.

Scatter Jar has a special collection that is different from other stock photo websites. It is a huge graphic library with more than 1,600,000 assets.

The library is divided into portions: graphics, videos, audios, presentation templates, photos, fonts, and WordPress. To use stock photos from here, you must create an account and pay a fee for a license.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is known as a stock photo site with a collection of vintage images of the 19th century. They are mainly classic black and white photos and videos. You can follow New Old Stock twitter to update and download unique work. Moreover, the site facilitates users to explore history through lively and real photos.

All the images on New Old Stock are freely to use to attract social media followers on social networks. However, it’s hard to see new photos published on the site. That’s because the photographers already uploaded all they have. Nowadays, there are few people doing black and white photography.

You should pay attention to the restrictions of stock photos. Before using them for any purpose (commercial or non-commercial), check the institution’s rights statement. It is the link provided to the original Flickr posting.

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics is a great resource website with stock photos of various topics. Some photos have high resolution and others are in low resolution.

There are many ways for you to search for the desired photos. You can use the searching bar or the filter. Depending on your need, you will select criteria to find. They comprise of orientation (horizontal/vertical), color scheme, category (lifestyle, urban, technology,…), mode (all photos/photoshoots).

Kaboom Pics gives us a complementary palette of colors in the image. This is really a valuable thing for all designers. Additionally, some images are available in different sizes and divisions in accordance with sessions.

Apart from great albums filled with incredible photos, you can access a special blog. It is full of interesting stories related to adventures, travels, shooting tips and more.

The site does not allow you to redistribute its images. For some stock images, a license is not required. Nevertheless, there are some photos that require a license for commercial projects. Be attentive to the type of photo which you want to download and use.

Freestocks is a website offering royalty-free stock images for both personal and business projects. Its interface is relatively simple and easy to navigate.

The credit and location are written on all images. You just simply click on ‘Download’ displaying on each photo to get it. No signing up required.

The site is just comprised of 8 photo niches: animals, city & architecture, fashion, food & drinks, nature, objects & technology, and people. It’s quick to find out images through popular tags, categories, or search box.

As its name might suggest, all photos are completely free to use on this site. Note that you cannot redistribute these photos on other free stock photo sites without asking for permission. Selling any image of the website is not permitted, either.



Burst is the best resource of getting licensed professional images for free to all people, especially entrepreneurs. It is powered by Shopify. The site contains a huge number of photos of every specific topic, including jewelry, sunset, money, wedding, startup, etc. Burst constantly uploads the latest photos and adds new categories to reflect current trends in fields of e-commerce and retail. This is what sets Burst apart from the crowd.

Burst has a cool portion of business ideas, with helpful tips and high-resolution photos for starting your business. There are also a lot of in-depth case studies for you. They include supplier information, marketing tips, business insights, and free high-resolution photos. You can refer to these studies to perform your marketing campaigns.

Apart from general photos, there are party themes and travel business topics. Most entrepreneurs search for them. You are able to download photos without creating an account. However, you can provide your email address to access the latest work as soon as possible.


Using the best free stock photos is one of the most effective ways to perform your projects at a low cost.

Now, we have a large number of websites with those photos. They have become useful tools for all people, especially designers, bloggers, marketers. Pay attention to the specific rules at different stock photo sites. This helps you avoid copyright problems while using free stock photos for your business.

We hope that this post will be helpful with the sharing we’ve made above. Do you know the other amazing free stock photo sites? Get in touch and share with us.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end of this post. Have a nice day!

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