Top 6 Best Backpack Brands for Everyday Use [Updated]

When scrolling through the list of backpack options, there are a few factors you should take into consideration. For those packing less items, a lightweight option will provide greater relief on the joints, shoulders, and back. Sturdy models are built with reinforced materials and can often withstand the test of time. When searching for a backpack for college, the budget is going to mesh with the durability concerns, calling for preference to take a priority spot in your search history.

The dimensions of the model also play a key role in lugging around all the items you will use on a daily basis. Answering these and other important questions can help narrow the scope of your search. Preparing your requirements prior to the search represents the proper starting point for this market item. Below is a detailed look at popular backpack brands and discussions that help tailor the reviews to the different types of backpacks needed across multiple usage types.

Brand Recognition

The JanSport

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While most backpack brands offer similar designs that suit you needs, only a few companies go above and beyond when it comes to warranting their products. In the backpack industry, Jan Sport is a popular name that offers a lifetime warranty with each of their models.

The JanSport design remains simplistic, offering multiple slot dividers within their models and side pockets that either zip or feature a bungeed attachment. Their designs aren’t flashy, but their products emit consistency in terms of holding up to heavy usage. Their price point settles near the median range for backpacks, which won’t break the bank.

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Each of their product releases carry a lifetime warranty, helping you gain a reliable source that can be utilized for years extending from grade school all the way through law school. This is a trusted brand for keeping a reliable model on your shoulders. The replacement process is rather quick to develop, which eliminates the time of use between dysfunctional backpack and brand-new model replacement.

Other high-end models also carry replacement warranties. Adidas, Columbia, and Samonsite will charge a higher price point for their models, but all offer warranties that protect against product defects. Whether this be an ineffective zipper or a missing component, all of these mentioned companies will send a replacement model free of charge.

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Adidas excels in marketing their products towards the sporting community, holding a higher precedence in storage of a wide range of items. While textbooks might not be on the top of their inclusion list, they reach models of consistency that can create proper holding for these items.

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Columbia is a brand that is marketed towards the outdoor community. Their products are reinforced and utilize top-of-the-line materials in their production facilities. Their price point extends to higher levels, but the consistency the user will notice with these products will remain sound over the course of extended usage.

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Samonsite is a major player in the luggage industry, so they know a thing or two about transporting goods to and from locations. Their backpack models mimic the material usage found in their luggage lines, which equates to a stronger build that will continue to hold over time. The price points this company sets rivals that of Columbia and is geared towards a high-end market.

Gearing Towards The College Community

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L.L. Bean and The North Face

While most of the best backpack brands gear their products towards the outdoor lifestyle, most understand the types of usage users are looking for. L.L. Bean and The North Face are two additional brands that create reaches towards higher levels of education. Their product lines expand to all reaches of the imagination, but they have also worked with universities to develop their products. Increasing the holding slots and reducing the stress placed on the back and body help place their products in a positive light. When it comes to purchasing a backpack for college, reliability while cost the user.

These brands have created mid-range options that reduce upon the bulky look and increase upon internal storage. No one wants to lug around a large monstrosity that covers the entire back, but they do want something that can hold enough items to get them through day to day requirements. Both of these brands have limited the total surface area of their backpacks and increased the internal pocket storage to help students gather all of their materials into a singular location.

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There is no real benefit to dipping to the low-end environment for backpack purchase as these items are often built with temporary materials that fail to get you through a calendar year of usage. There are many options at the mid-range level and plenty of brands that offer warranties to back their production models. A simple brand search can help locate a list of contributors to narrow your search. Narrowing your search by listing prior requirements will help ease the process for the user.

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