ATV VS. UTV: Which One Outweighs The Other?

Both the ATV and UTV are high-quality four-wheel truck types. They are an ideal option for off-road enthusiasts with different designs and characteristics. Each vehicle has its unique strengths and is suitable for specific needs. For beginners, figuring out which is the better choice may be challenging. 

Don’t skip this post if you are seeking a good off-road truck and have narrowed your selections to ATV and UTV. I will give you more insights into these two vehicle types and provide an in-depth comparison. 

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An Overview Of The ATV

ATV Design
ATV Design

An ATV is also known as an all-terrain vehicle, featuring four low-pressure tires and a single seat position. As its name suggests, the ATV is suitable for many terrains with the handlebar used for steering.

Although there are some two-people ATVs on the market, most ATV models are designed for one single driver. The drivers must resort to a lot of body movements to steer and operate the vehicle effectively. 

An Overview Of The UTV

 UTV Truck Design
UTV Truck Design

The UTV is also a type of four-wheel truck used for off-road terrains, but this category comes with some significant differences. Unlike the ATVs, the UTVs truck features a more user-friendly operation, which is more like driving a car. 

The vehicle has bars or a cabin that surrounds the driver, providing protection if accidents happen. Contrary to the ATVs, most UTV models can accommodate two people with two seat positions. 

It comes with some additional features, which will be discussed further in the following section. They give users more convenience in the usage process. 

What Are The Differences Between ATVs and UTVs?




Seating positions

Usually on rider only

More than one rider; some models have up to 4 seats



Steering wheel 

Acceleration and power

A twist or thumb throttle 

Foot pedals



A surrounding cabin or bar


Maximum of 85 mphUsually faster

Maximum of 85mphUsually slower


Recreational and adventurous riding 

Transporting. recreational riding with the others


Doesn’t support safety gears

Seat belts and surrounding cabin or bars


Typically small

Typically larger


Typically more affordable

Typically more expensive

Design And Speed

Most UTV models are larger than the ATV as they feature additional storage space, cabin, and seat belts. In addition, the UTVs can accommodate at least 2 or 4 people, while the ATVs usually carry only one rider. 

In addition, due to the larger size and heavier weight, the UTVs are usually slower in speed. The two options may come with powerful motors, but the weight they carry will affect the speed. 

It is easier to drive the UTVs as they have the steering wheel and pedals to accelerate like a car. Meanwhile, you have to practice a lot to operate the ATV. 


 The ATVs Give A More Adventurous Riding Experience
The ATVs Give A More Adventurous Riding Experience

It is evident that you get more convenient and user-friendly features on a UTV. It has additional storage space, allowing riders to transport goods and items easily. 

Moreover, the UTVs can carry more than one person, so you can enjoy the long off-road ridings with your loved ones and friends. 

Meanwhile, the ATV gives greater speed and a more adventurous feeling. 

Safety Features

You will get more peace of mind when riding on a UTV. The manufacturers focus more on utility and user comfort when developing this category.

As a result, you get additional safety features like a cabin, seat belts, or surrounding bars. 

Most ATV models are open-topped, and it will be more dangerous for riders if accidents happen. However, more danger means a more adventurous feeling.

If you want more in-depth comparisons, consider watching the video below. 

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

To sum up, the UTVs are an ideal choice if you are an off-road beginner. It provides more comfort and safety features; this truck type is also easier to drive.

Meanwhile, the adventurous rider who has high driving skills can opt for the ATVs. They are more affordable and come at a higher speed. Depending on your skills and preferences, go for the most optimal category. Thank you for reading!

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