The 5 Bluetooth Myths You Should be Aware Of

With the creation of smartphones, Bluetooth has made a comeback. Now it’s used to connect all sorts of devices such as speakers, TV’s and laptops. The majority of the times when we want to transfer something, Bluetooth is always an option that crosses our minds.

Even though it’s a very popular option, there are still some myths out there, and many may be wondering if they are true or not. Let’s put those myths to rest and see which ones they are.

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Bluetooth Waste’s Your Device’s Battery

Bluetooth Myths 2

When smartphones first came out, the myth that keeping Bluetooth on would drain your device’s battery was true because it would constantly search for devices. Times have changed, and now that is a myth you can forget about.

Why? Well, because the new Bluetooth standards have Low Energy (LE) module that uses a different technology when looking for devices nearby. Now, when you connect a device to your tablet via Bluetooth, power will only be used when you are using the device and not when it’s idle.

Bluetooth Only Works Within a Short Distance

There are three kinds of Bluetooth. The devices that are considered Class three have a range of fewer than 10 meters, Class two have a range of about 10 meters and Class one have a range of about 100 meters. Devices with Class one Bluetooth are the ones with their power source such as computers.

The majority of the tablets and smartphones fall into either Class two or three, but if there isn’t anything getting in the way such as walls, the distance can go beyond the standard range. The room would have to be pretty big not to be able to connect the two devices.

Bluetooth is Bad for Your Health

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I’m sure you have heard this one before, right? You can sleep like a baby knowing that the maximum amount of output Bluetooth has is 100mW of power, but it doesn’t do that very often.

Typically, the Bluetooth devices you use daily emit the only 1mW of power. Compare that to the 1,000mW or even 2,000mW that your phone gives out when it’s using 3G or 4G. You’ll probably be more afraid of your phone than Bluetooth itself from now on.

It Interferes with Your Wi-Fi

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Don’t worry; your Wi-Fi won’t get in the way of your Bluetooth connection because it moves from one free frequency to another. So, if another wireless connection is trying to use the same frequency that your Bluetooth is using, your Bluetooth will move to another frequency so your connection stays nice and stable. Aren’t you happy that Bluetooth uses adaptive frequency hopping? I know I am.

Non-Discoverable Bluetooth is Safe

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Even if you use Bluetooth in non-discoverable mode, there is still a chance that hackers can find your Bluetooth Device Adress. Hackers usually seem to find a way in, but they can’t get into something that isn’t even on, so the best way to go would be ti turn it off.

The reason why many might not consider Bluetooth to be very secure is that of its default password that would either be 1234 or 0000 even in Non-Discoverable Mode. If you have never changed your Bluetooth password, now would be a good time to do that and please, don’t make it 5678.


There’s no doubt that Bluetooth is a popular option when it comes to transferring files and hopefully, as times goes by it will get more secure. How often do you use Bluetooth for your tech needs? Let me know in the comments.

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