Top 8 Apps For Customizing Android Keyboard For Fast Texting

You have to admit that the stock keyboard on any Android device is dull. White and gray are not the prettiest colors out there and even look a little depressing. It would look so much better if it had either a design in the background or some color on the keys, don’t you think?

The good news is that Google Play is jam packed with a large variety of keyboard app that will spice things up a little. Some keyboard apps help you type faster will others allow you add emojis. I’m going to add a little of everything so that you can change your Android keyboard by using the best keyboard app for your Android device.

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Go Keyboard – Emoji Sticker

Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is one of the most popular Keyboard apps on Google Play. It has at least 100 million downloads and allows you to type faster by swiping between letters. It also has built in emojis, themes, and you can even add a custom sound to every key you press.

For example, if you press the Go icon you will access the app’s Settings. Here you can use its speech to text feature and also change the sound that is played every time you press a key. It also allows you to add plugins so you can do all sorts of things, even change how your voice sounds! To personalize the keyboard, even more, you will need to download additional apps, but it’s worth it.

My Photo Keyboard

change your Android keyboard

Other keyboard apps may have nice designs, but with My Photo Keyboard, you can add an image to your keyboard. The image you can add can be any picture you have in your device’s gallery. So, every time you’re going to type something you can see a picture of your kids or other family members.

You will be will be guided you through a series of brief steps to set the keyboard up, but it’s nothing that shouldn’t take about a minute. The app offers you many fonts to choose from, so you will certainly find one that you like.

The app also features a Dictionary, GIFs, and also lets you change the language of the keyboard. In Settings, you can personalize the keyboard even more. You can enable or disable things such as Auto-capitalization. Auto-correct, Popup on keypress, Vibrate on key press and more!


change your Android keyboard

Sometimes you just want a handy keyboard with no things such as GIFs. If you are just looking for a keyboard that will make you more productive, then SwiftKey is a great option.

This app is simple, but it delivers what it promises. You get a great keyboard that makes typing a lot easier. You can change the theme without downloading any additional apps, and you also have direct access to emojis. Even if you don’t use emojis very much, you have them there just in case.

The app also tells you your typing heatmap. What this does is that it shows you the part of the keyboard that you use the most. Other SwiftKey stats include Taps saved and how many words the app predicted for you. This app also offers you a large variety of other languages you can download.

Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard

Last, but not least, there is Flash Keyboard. Every developer tries to make their keyboard app different from the rest and this one is. Besides the typical GIFS, Voice to text and Swype features Flash Keyboard has a funny feature. You can create personalized stickers.

The app will ask you to take a picture of yourself and then it puts your face on all kinds of funny stickers. I have to admit that seeing my face on those stickers was hilarious! You can also download different skins for your keyboard, just in case you don’t like the standard black and white.

MultiLing Keyboard

change your Android keyboard

If you’re not a fan of swiping your finger back and forth to type and want to stick with something more traditional, try MultiLing Keyboard. It might not be like SwiftKey, but it does feature voice input, Word learning, Gesture shortcuts, split mode for tablets, Translator, Input with Unicode and various keyboard layouts.

You can choose between layouts such as Qwerty, Azerty, Dvorak, Compact, Etc. By long-pressing on the number key, the app gives you access to more options such as emojis, special characters and more!


Those days of having a boring keyboard are gone. With the 5 free apps that I have mentioned, you will have the keyboard you have always wanted. The only problem you’re going to face now is which one you are going to use. You can always install them all and just switch between them. Which keyboard app are you going to try first? Tell me in the comments.

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